, that kind of emulate the old windows phone, aesthetic, the live, tiles and so forth and so on, and they do a pretty good job Square Home Launcher 10, I think, are the two most popular ones, but I noticed something on the Internet. The other day I cant actually tell you where I saw this. I was scrolling endlessly through Reddit or Twitter, or something like this, but it inspired me to take a look at something Im here to tell you that, maybe just maybe the best phone to emulate the Windows Phone experience in terms of getting an experience at all surviving. A truly Transcendent multitasking experience might not be Microsofts own Hardware. In fact, it might be the hardware made by Samsung – and this is because the hardware made by Samsung is just slightly more normal than surface Duos. Dual screen uh weirdness. So basically, what Ive done is Ive installed Square home on my Galaxy Z, fold 4 and were going to take a look at this really quickly because I think youre going to be pleasantly surprised as to how well this actually does work. I know it really surprised me, because youre thinking with the device like this with a third party launcher the biggest Pitfall that you tend to fall into is that you have two screens. So what tends to happen? Is you get your launcher set up perfectly on your cover display? Then you open it up and its way too small for the tablet display.

So then you get get it set up perfectly for your tablet display. But then, when you close it things get weird on the cover display, but with square home and a couple of small settings changes. That is simply not a problem. Lets unlock this thing and youll see what it looks like on the cover display, and yes, this is very, very narrow, but it is what it is because you can see here. My live. Tiles are in place so lets launch an application, because I think youre going to be happy with these animations as well. Look how nice that looks. That really does remind me of the windows animations, those live tile animations. It looks really quite good. Now lets open it up and whats going to happen here, guys, look at that see how it reshuffled itself, and now you have this big, beautiful Windows. Tiled experience same thing here lets open up an app look: how nice and pretty those animations are really really nice to look at now I mentioned that you need to adjust the setting. If you go into your home settings here. The first thing you have to turn off is tablet mode. Now that is a little counter intuitive, but it is what you want to do on your Z4 tablet mode made things really weird turn that off now. The next thing I would tell you is that when I set my thing up, I set up my interface here right on the tablet screen and then, when I closed it, things were really odd and just strange looking.

So I rearranged them on here, and the beautiful thing about this was that when I rearranged them on my on my cover display and then opened it back up, my tablet display that layout stayed exactly the same. So whatever you do on this is not going to affect it on that interior screen. They do have independence from one another, which is absolutely fantastic. Now, of course, you can install the same launcher on your surface duo or Duo 2 and Ive not taken any real time to customizing this. But this is the same one square home. On my Surface Duo, 2 and look, there may be some settings. I can find to tweak here to fix this, but as of now and Ive looked around a little bit, this just doesnt seem usable to me Im, not sure whats going on here, but Ill kind of show you what I mean lets launch YouTube music over there And for one thing you see it launched it on the other screen, which is not what I wanted it to do. Of course, over here this screen went black for a moment and now has come back. Lets launch an app over here again were black over here. It eventually does come back. That is a little bit weird um. It doesnt seem to really work all that well on Duo 2, and I would actually advise that if you want to get something like this on your duo or your Duo too, you should install launcher 10 instead because its going to give you something fairly similar where, In this instance, I have my tiles on the left side and my list of all apps on the other.

If I go into phone mode here, what you will get is a full screen of tiles and then your all apps on another screen and it actually does support both screens fairly well Ill. Show you what I mean lets launch um YouTube over here on the right screen and thats going to launch fine lets, launch the Play Store on the other and thats going to launch fine. Now we have to remember that duo gets a little weird with third party launchers when it comes to a screen. Apps are launched on so the last place the Play Store was launched was on the left screen, so lets go and find the Play Store on the all apps list and see. Does it launch it over here as it should or does it launch where it lasts? What well it launched it as it should, so that is very, very good. Now there are still some weird problems with this launcher. That kind of get in the way. For me lets say I have an application launched, lets just go back and grab the play store again because thats, nice and simple and now lets say I want to launch an app that isnt on this screen, where you think you could scroll down and click on. All apps that does nothing so Im gon na, have to actually move this app to the other screen and then find the one that I want to launch now. That is not a deal breaker, but it is a little bit annoying.

I think, overall, from a visual standpoint, I think you can make this look very, very good. You can run a custom, icon, tweak some settings and do what you need to do, and I think that this does look very good. But I will say that, in terms of just usability Square home on the z fold, 4 does seem to just work a bit better. It is a bit smoother. The animations are a bit nicer and when you move to the cover display things just sort of transition in an even nicer smoother way than you maybe get on the surface Duo too, I think both, though, are actually surprisingly strong. Now I do want to point out that the two options that Ive just talked about Square home and launcher 10 both do have some sort of paid aspect to them to get some additional features, theyre free to download. So you can test them out and I believe Square home has a trial on some of their settings. It gets like a 14 day trial. So if you want to check that out, be sure and be aware that some of these things may require a payment later on, but the basic functionality I think, is uh free and, of course, were only looking at a few dollars. I think five dollars in the case of square home for uh. You know the actual paid part of it really really interesting. Ive been messing around both of these for a few days and honestly, I think that they both have their pluses and minuses, but with the weirdness of the dual screen not being totally accounted for on lunch or Tim, I kind of lean towards the z fold.

Four, in regard to being a clone of the Windows phone user interface – guys, let me know what you think in the comments down below I wasnt, even a Windows phone user. So what do I know? Probably nothing sound off in the comments down below hit that subscribe. Button so you dont miss out on more content, just like this, and until next time guys stay nerdy.