The other day i got an email from. Is it hoot woot? You guys tell me how to say it. Whatever the website is, send me an email. They were having a flash sale for the infamous surface duo now um. If you’ve been following my channel, you know that i i got the surface duo right around release. Time um ended up basically returning it because it had so many uh software issues, but the phone itself was just really exciting. The software um kind of held it back, but the hardware was really really nice. The build quality um some of the specs were a little meh for uh, 2020 uh, and actually i guess they were. The specs were really from like a 2019 device with an an older snapdragon and a camera that was uh. You know decent um, but the flash sale if and hit me up in the comments, if you guys were able to take advantage of it for 409. I want to say that was the total price um just showed up today. I was expecting it next week, but lo and behold it shows up today, Music and let’s just make sure that it – oh yes, it’s brand new. So a brand new surface duo um – and i remember when i first bought this thing – it was around 1500. I want to say um so to now get it months and months later, with supposed um software upgrades at a 400 price range.

Like i don’t, know that’s. I guess it really depends on how you look at it so compared to the original price. This is an absolute steal. Now today is uh. What is it july? 9Th there are rumors of a surface duo, 2 um by october. I don’t know how true that is, but did did i pull the trigger too soon on jumping back on board with the surface duo should i have waited to see if there would be a duo too? I guess i kind of uh got excited jumped on it. Um thinking that, for that price, this thing is a steal and i guess i’m leaning towards even if a service duo 2 does drop. Is microsoft going to give you a great trade in value for this guy here right? So if i knew that ahead of time so say, for example, they give you, like a. I don’t – know a 600 trade in credit because i’ve seen where they’ve given like a 700 credit depending on what phone you’re trading in on this device. So why would they not give a decent amount of uh trading credit for their own device jumping into a new service? Duo too, i don’t know you guys hit me up in the comments. What do you think about that concept um, but my only uh issue and the reason why i haven’t cracked this thing open while i’m talking to you guys is i realized after i ordered it like oops uh.

This was the att locked version, but um. I know there’s a couple of methods i can think of to try to get it unlocked and use it on. My t mobile account um just with the imei number. If not then uh i may be selling this device because i don’t have att service anymore um. So it would have been great to have the unlocked version right away, but hopefully i can get this thing unlocked, but i want you guys to hit me up in the comments. Did you take advantage of that sale? I think. As far as i know, 400. 409 is the lowest i’ve seen this device for 128 gig um. I know a lot of people have been picking this up and basically doing a round two for this device, because we, just if you love technology, how could you not love the idea of a device like this that’s super thin, super portable being able to multitask um And have the capabilities of a phone, so this is definitely, in my opinion, a companion device right. So this is not gon na be on my main sim. My main sim is always gon na be an iphone because uh everybody in my small circle has an iphone, but as somebody that just loves technology, i mean i really want to make room for this thing. Um in my repertoire of devices so hit me up in the comments. What do you think are you picking one up? Are you holding out for surface duo 2? Are you waiting to get a galaxy fold, 3 i’m kind of excited about that um it’s really going to depend on if it’s got some sort of ip rating and pin s pen support? But this thing here we know for sure has surface, pin, support there’s.

Nowhere to attach it unless you get the surface, the thin pin and it kind of magnetizes to the top of this thing, um but yeah. Let me know your thoughts until the next video. Maybe if i can get this unlocked, i will do a part two for the duo, but not the duo too, playing on words there.