So obviously, when the surface duo first was announced and that pricing became public 1400 us dollars, a lot of us might have gasped in in shock in in dismay and thought. You know: uh snapdragon, 85, six gigs of ram a single 11 megapixel camera. Is this thing worth fourteen hundred dollars and for the vast majority of people? If you ask me, you know when it was fourteen hundred dollars, should i buy this thing. I’D say probably not like if you’re a specific person, maybe it’s worth it to you. But fourteen hundred dollars was a lot to ask for this uh sort of experimental sort of device. Now i will caveat it this way for a lot of people. Once you held the thing in your hands and you opened it. A lot of people then thought: okay yeah. I know i get why it’s fourteen hundred dollars the thing feels absolutely incredible in the hand – and you know that does account for something but anywho a couple of days ago, i tweeted out this link to service duo for 699 and actually, if you go there And you add it to your cart: you’re, not just going to get a gsm surface duo, so that’s t mobile and a t you’re also going to get a free set of lg tone. Wireless earbuds for 6.99 it’s a hell of a deal. Then you start seeing on twitter a couple of days later this tweet by the verge, which takes you to this article, where they have another deal for a surface duo that will run on a t, verizon and t mobile for 690 with their the verge duo.

Promo. This is like half off retail price for surface duo, so i think a lot of people immediately start thinking things like. Oh guys, duo’s done so poorly that they are now selling the thing for half off it’s september. To you know middle of may and the price has gone slashed directly in half and while i don’t think for a split second, the surface duo like sold really well. I don’t think that this actually spells gloom and doom for the surface duo or what i think we should care more about. At this point, the surface duo ii or surface zeta. However, you want to call this thing, i think, and to illustrate this, i want to point out two things to you, one this. These two deals have made a lot of hay on the internet. A lot of people have been talking about this i’ve seen tweets from mkbhd and people like him, people with millions and millions of followers. So it got some attention. So people do still. You know, while there’s not a lot of talk about surface duo like people are making videos about it still, unless you happen to be this guy um, but people are still aware of it, and there still is some sort of tacit awareness and and interest in surface Duo so that’s good thing number one it’s, not as if it was just like surface duo. Oh yeah, i remember that people are still aware of the thing and people are tweeting like oh, i might actually buy one now for 6.

99 that might be cool to play with for a little while so that’s good good thing number two. I will illustrate to you through this tweet from max weinback. He said he just charged his up and he thought it’s really good hardware, but microsoft didn’t really understand the difference between a phone and a surface while making this device. Okay, let’s scroll down here to one daniel rubino’s response here. Obviously he is from when he speaks about things like this. You should listen because he knows what he’s talking about, and he knows people who know what they’re talking about so yeah let’s read what he says here. He said well that’s, true as surface do’s hardware was originally planned to be a pocketable surface computer running a flavor of windows that was cancelled and to save the hardware they revamped it with android version. Two is going to be more phone like with modern hardware, so not a snapdragon, 855 or 65, probably gon na get a triple a or something like that and things like nfc, etc. They literally slapped android on it within a year after many years, multiple years of development, behind it being a windows device with v2. They can now do the hardware as it as if it were to be a smartphone and i’ve talked about this multiple times in the past and i’m going to say it again. If you look at surface duo, it is painfully obvious. This was not looked at as a phone while it was being developed by microsoft.

The camera is a phenomenal example: that’s, not a camera that’s, a webcam, okay, that’s, what it is, and if you look at it and you look at it in those terms, right you’ve got your duo here, you’re going to use it to do a zoom meeting. Well, guess what you can either have your zoom meeting here and some a pdf there put it in book mode and point the camera at yourself and do your meeting put it in laptop mode and do your meeting whatever you want to do. It’S, a webcam and that’s what it’s meant for the fact that we take it and we spin it around and we try and take beautiful pictures of the world. I don’t think that microsoft really thought we would be doing a whole lot of that with this device, because i think that they thought you were going to have a phone too and then at some point they realized well, look whatever they’re going to put on windows! 10X or whatever it was going to be just wasn’t, going to work so really late in the game. They said let’s throw android on it, but i don’t think that they fully realize that if it runs android people are going to assume it’s a phone, and it is a phone at that point. But now they know these things right. So now they know what the expectation is so as they’re making number two they’ve known since development of two pretty much started that it needed to be a phone competitor, so nfc tap to pay we’re gon na get that we’re gon na get better cameras.

Probably multiple cameras, right, probably more than one uh crappy webcam – that we’re gon na try and find ways to excuse and to say that it’s, an okay camera when it’s, clearly not a very good camera, as i’ve said before sufficient for social media and nothing more you’re. Going to get better hardware and all the things that people said, my god, how could microsoft forget these things on surface? Do it well that stuff’s probably going to get fixed now as daniel says here, though, whether the software experience improves is another matter and strong agree on that one? The software has been troubling and worrisome for me from the beginning, and it continues to be troubling and worrisome for me today. So why drop the price this low, if it doesn’t mean doom and gloom? Well, what it means is that surface duo 2 is coming relatively soon and they know that when do o2 surface zeta when it’s announced – and we all see – and we see the specs and see the improvements, no one is going to want to go out and buy This thing again that’s just going to be the end right, it’s going to be in for it, and we all know that it happens happens to every new phone. You know when the s21 ultra is announced. The s20 suddenly he’s gon na get a price cut, because why would you buy the old one and it’s gon na be even worse for this? Because i think the gap is going to be gargantuan in terms of on paper appearance, surface duo came out in september.

It’S may we’ve only got a few months until fall until zeta is likely to be on store shelves so it’s now or never. They need to. If they’re going to sell any more of these things, they need to do this kind of thing. They need to cut the price and get some of these things sold. This isn’t crazy. This isn’t that weird keep in mind they’re still launching this device in new markets, which means that they’re building out distribution channels in that way. So again, no reason to think that you know oh it’s it’s, all it’s done they’re not going to release the sequel. No they’re doing this because the sequel is coming and the sequel is going to be a lot better than this one, so guys stay tuned for more surface duo coverage. Just like this, as we do get closer and closer to the surface, duo 2’s announcement – and you better believe i will cover the living. You know what out of that device check for the links to these two deals in the comments down below be sure to buy the right one. If you’re going to do it, don’t buy one that’s, not gon na work on your network, pay attention to gsm and all that good stuff, and until next time, stay nerdy.