There is not one single game breaking that’s it. I can’t use the duo anymore problem that death by a thousand cuts that love hate relationship is so strong and it is beginning to wear me down Music it’s honestly hard to believe that it has been six months since the surface duo launched in north america. Six months of me daily driving the surface duo, the entire time. With exception to that week, i had to send it off for repairs and get a new one. I’Ve already obviously done my initial review and i did a three month review update where i looked at my first review and talked about if my opinions, my thoughts had changed, how they had evolved over time and honestly from month, one to month three my opinion really Hadn’T shifted all that greatly. It kind of felt like i was not necessarily repeating myself, but i i didn’t, really change a lot of thoughts in that first three month period and if i had have done a five month, review update rather than a six month review. Update probably wouldn’t have a whole lot to say that was different from that three month review, but luckily we’re doing a six month review and as it turns out the last month has been enlightening and has changed some of my opinions so we’re going to dive into This here, right now and we’re, going to start with hardware of the surface duo, as i have said in my other videos and of my other reviews, i think that the hardware of surface duo is from the physical uh tactile perspective.

From the visual perspective, i think it looks great it looked great. It continues to look great. Other people are bothered by the bezels. I am not bothered by the bezels, i think there’s something about them that i like. Actually, i think i like them from the standpoint of having something to hold on to when you’re, when you’re folding it back and forth, and not wanting to touch your screens. I still love the way that the thing looks. I think it looks really good. It’S really nice and thin. I think it looks great. However, how has it held up over the six months? Well, that’s, a different story. We have a few problems to talk about here. Problem number one is my charging port is cracked and it is likely going to fully break at some point in the near future. It will still be able to be charged, but this little piece of plastic on the side is getting a little bit looser here in the last day or so not great. This is a pretty common problem. Problem number two and i’ve talked about this in the videos you can see it behind the skin. If the light hits it just right, you can see that there is a line that begins there and follows all the way up to there and then it’s, because the glass under the skin is cracked. This thing was dropped and fell a whole huge distance of about that far and it landed kind of on that corner and it broke it shattered.

I have broken physically broken two phones, one was a samsung galaxy s3 that was the last samsung phone that i had daily driven. I used it for two years before it. Finally, when it fell, it hit the ground and the screen stopped working. The other one is the surface duo when it happened. I think month, four month, five, something like that, and it fell from a very small height and the glass has shattered. I could i could bring in here a big basket, full of phones, all of which are in perfect working order. Very few scratches. No, no breaking of back glass. Things like that. I’Ve take very good care of my phones. None of them have broken, but the surface duo. The storage of my 128 gigs i’m using 47 and a half i’m, not touching my storage, so surface duo looks great like i said. I love the way that it looks, but it is a very fragile phone now. I know a lot of you guys are probably saying shane. Why don’t you have the bumpers on? Well, the bumpers are something i’ll talk about in the software section of this video, because i can’t use the bumpers and use this phone, because the bumpers freak the phone out and make me go crazy. The plastic around the perimeter is too fragile. The back glass is too fragile, but yeah from the hardware perspective i mean look snapdragon 855 six gigs of ram.

These are the things that people were upset about six months ago. They’Re probably still upset about them. I think the phone is plenty fast enough. A55 is fine. Six gigs of ram is fine in a lot of ways. The hardware is still excellent, however, it is probably the most fragile phone i have ever owned. So what about the experience of doing two things at once, experience of actually using surface duo for its intended purpose, two things at once. How is that it’s still awesome? I’Ve said it once i’ll say it again: wind surface duo is working correctly. There is not a device on the market that can compete with what it can do. There are phones and devices that can do two things at once: fine, but they do it in software on surface duo. If i want to open up twitter and then open up my email that’s, how i do that it’s as simple as that i don’t have to long press swipe up and hold press a button drag a thing. No, i just i just launched the apps that i want to use and there they are it’s still the only thing that does this and it’s still the absolute best at two apps at once in terms of apps that will properly span, which is to say apps That when you drag them to the middle, they will take up the full screen and they will adjust and have different content on both sides.

That’S, just not something that anybody is updating their app to support. Very few apps have updated their apps to support that feature and honestly i don’t care it doesn’t mean anything to me because for me the point of surface duo is not having the same app open on two screens. The point is having two apps open on two screens: tick tock. Strangely enough was updated to support this feature and you can do that and that’s great and i can scroll through tick, tock and click on a video and there it’s going to play and if that’s, something that you want to do. I’M. Sorry there’s not a lot of apps they’re going to do that kind of thing, but personally i don’t care that’s, not why i carry duo. In fact, that is really the selling feature of surface duo above everything else. It is the ability to launch an app, then launch another app, whether it is the idea of having youtube open on one screen and having reddit open on the other or twitter open on the other you’re watching a video you’re scrolling through social media. At the same time, you can flip this app over to there and then launch it on the other one. Whatever you want to do. The absolute buttery smooth ease of that is the selling feature of surface duo. Everything else is slightly irrelevant when it comes to duo for some people, so let’s dip back over to that hardware.

Section again and let’s talk about something that is hardware and software, and that is the camera. Has the camera improved? Has it changed what’s going on with the camera since launch? Well, it has improved in terms of quality ever so slightly, but in terms of usability it is still bad. The camera is hard to use and it doesn’t take good pictures, and i know that you know i hear all the time. I’Ve gotten good pictures with my duo and i i fully accept that you can take pictures that are passable for social media. But for me, someone who is a photography, nerd, someone who loves taking good pictures, not just for instagram, where it gets crushed into garbage, but for me to look at this is not a good enough camera. For me, it is about as good as a mid range camera was seven or eight years ago. The pictures are grainy, they’re, noisy and they’re a little flat in terms of their color reproduction it’s, just not a good camera, and then you factor into it. The fact that it is relying on the gyroscope for so much and it becomes incredibly frustrating the best way to launch the camera. If you want to take a picture out into the world is to close your duo and you want to make sure it’s closed in fomo, but you want to make sure that that camera is facing out into the world. So you want to flip it around.

Hopefully that’s there now you’ve got your camera facing out your screen facing in and you can either launch the camera through the launcher or you can double tap the power button like so, and there is your camera and, like i’ve, said in many videos, while it’s working That’S pretty good because it’s a really really big, viewfinder and that’s fun to use and it’s really nice, but the problem comes when you go to flip it around to do something with it. It just flips screens see if i can get it back around without flipping. You got to be very deliberate with it: okay, we’re, okay, so what’ll happen to you is you’re going to go. Take a picture you’re going to turn to go, do something whatever and the thing is going to flip screens and you didn’t want it to or you’re going to want to flip screens and then it’s not going to, and it seems to be incredibly inconsistent. There are times that i i’ve filmed a video where i’ve done this and it has worked see there. It didn’t flip didn’t, flip didn’t flip that time it did flip. I can sit here and film this 10 different times and get 10 different kinds of reactions. Out of the duo when it comes to moving around, i swear to god, you can be looking through the viewfinder you’re going to take a picture and it just flips to the other screen for some reason.

So you have to accept that there are additional steps to launching the camera. You can’t just launch your camera. You have to open it close it back around then launch your camera, while all the while making sure you’re not rotating your arm too much because it might freak out and flip screens the pictures aren’t going to be very good at all passable on social media. In broad daylight and in no sort of low light, anything even indoors is a real problem, because you’re going to just lose focus if it’s anything that’s like a moving target forget about it, you’re not gon na get the shot. These are a lot of compromises and a lot of things you have to do just to use the camera on surface duo. That was true day one it’s true six months later, not much has changed on that front. If the phone you carry in your pocket is meant to be there to capture memories as they happen quickly to pull it out and save that memory and the only device you want to carry is the surface, do it or you can only carry one device? Sorry, the surface duo is very likely not a good fit for you, but what about just the general software experience the general day to day of using surface duo? I regret to inform you guys that in the last month really since the february update launched, my experience has degraded fairly considerably.

I am experiencing things like this, where i’m trying to use my phone and the gesture area just doesn’t work at all, i can still interact with the phone. I can open up other apps, but i can’t close anything. I can swipe to the side and go back, but the up gesture does not work and then randomly about four or five seconds later. It will just start working again totally as normal i’m experiencing issues where the keyboard just won’t launch. I can sit there hitting that text bubble. All i want and it just won’t work until randomly. It starts working again issues where my launcher is doing the weirdest strangest craziest things totally reorganizing halfway slit over my wallpaper disappears the launchers half blank and half of my quick access panel to the side. Is there i’ve tweeted, so many launcher glitches at this point that it’s not even funny here’s a weird one, that’s still driving me crazy. I can launch my web browser and it goes to the other screen automatically launch it slide it to the other screen. I can then launch it on the other screen and it’ll slide out to the other screen, sometimes and what’s. So weird about all this stuff is it’s inconsistent. Sometimes i open up my web browser and nothing weird happens. Sometimes, most of the time my launcher looks fine. Most of the time i unlock my phone and it will let me type in my keyboard or swipe up to go home, but sometimes it won’t.

Sometimes it goes totally haywire in ways that are brand new to me. Ways that i had not seen since the february update, in fact the other day i was sitting here at my computer with my surface duo in this little stand right in front of my screen. I looked down and my dude was just rebooting, no clue why that was the first time i i’d seen that, and now it has done it like three times this month or in the last month since that update so i’ve talked about this a bit in other Videos, but when i use the bumpers on surface duo, one of the side effects of having them on is that when you go to phone mode, it doesn’t quite allow it to close all the way. It leaves you with a gap about that large and when i have a gap that large on my phone, what winds up happening is when i unlock the device i will more often than not, and of course, if i try to film this it’s likely to not Do it, but a lot of the time? What will happen is i’ll wind up with a situation where i unlocked the phone and instead of having one screen on and the other one off like it is now it will unlock and both screens will just be on and both will be looking for. Button presses and so forth, i’m, not sure that i can get it to replicate that experience right now, because of course it knows it’s being filmed so it doesn’t want to do this, but this was so prevalent and so consistent that i effectively could not unlock my Phone in phone mode because both screens would come on and the phone would i’d be sitting here.

Trying to do something wondering why nothing’s working it’s, because i’m touching stuff on the back screen launching apps doing all sorts of things on the other screen, because both screens are not supposed to be on. But they were so. Bumpers came off, which then eventually led to the phone being even more vulnerable. It gets dropped. It gets cracked. What are you gon na? Do i honestly do not know what is going on with this device, but in the last month the software experience the experience that it is to use the duo has gotten considerably worse, and that is extraordinarily frustrating for me. For me, battery life has remained pretty solid. I can get through a full day just fine. I average between four and five hours of screen on time, i’m, usually unplugged about seven a.m and i’m plugged back in about 10 p.m, and that has remained about the same in that six month span. We’Ve seen a price drop from 14.99 down to one thousand dollars course: i’m speaking about in the united states i’m, not talking about in other regions, canada, the uk, etc, where the price is exceedingly over the top. Should you buy the surface duo now, six months after launch, i would say almost certainly: no, there will be an announcement relatively soon for surface 202 surface zeta, and i presume that a lot of the problems with duo the bad camera no 5g, which bothers some more Than others, i personally don’t care, no nfc, which is something i’d like to have no wireless charging, which is something i’d like to have.

These things will be addressed on surface zeta if i’m looking to buy a dual screen device. If i can wait, i would wait. The question i have is: how will surface zeta be in terms of software, because duo six months later in some ways is way better? The issues in the beginning about inconsistent gestures, in the sense that you would swipe up to go home and it just wouldn’t work when it’s responding to your touch. It works totally. Fine you’ll see me here swipe up to go home over and over and i’m, not failing to to get it to to do that. Like i was early on, i would accidentally throw apps to the other screen. I would accidentally just go up and then go back down things: wouldn’t go home. A lot of things are better when it’s not glitching out in the ways that i’ve described, it’s really really solid. If you can ignore the terrible camera, no nfc, no wireless charging, but the problem is, it is so often glitchy and buggy still six months in and for me it might be more glitchy and more buggy today than it was two three four months ago. Really, the whole story of the surface duo can probably be summarized thusly. If your main priority is the ability to have best in class multitasking two apps at once, and you can overlook a buggy and inconsistent experience and a terrible camera. You don’t need wireless charging, nfc or 5g surface duo is fantastic, but it is up to you how you weigh out those priorities.

I still enjoy my surface duo for the most part, but i have been more frustrated lately than i ever have been with this device. The frequency with which i’m having to repeat things i’m, having to lock unlock my phone, see that it’s not responding lock it unlock it and then do my task is frustrating because this is a device that’s supposed to be about getting things done. My experience is that, as of late, there are occasions where it absolutely gets in my way of getting things done, despite having the best multitasking experience on any sort of mobile device. Again, this is explicitly my subjective experience, but in the last month it has been a death by a thousand cuts sort of situation. There is not one single game breaking that’s it. I can’t use the duo anymore problem and that’s kind of the thing with duo, because there is one thing about duo that sets it apart and makes it something that i don’t want to fold up, turn off and put away with my other phones, and it is Having two screens i want to keep using duo, but that death by a thousand cuts that love hate relationship is so strong and it is beginning to wear me down the camera being bad. Doesn’T kill me it’s, frustrating, unlocking my phone and not being able to go home. Doesn’T kill me, but it’s frustrating hitting the text bubble, not being able to get my keyboard to show up, doesn’t, kill me but it’s, frustrating on and on and on and on and eventually the one giant thing that is so important to me about duo.

The two screens represented by a mountain now all these small stones of issues are piling up until it’s, damn near as tall as that mountain. That is the dual screen use case so guys that is my surface duo six month review. I hope that it is useful to some of you guys out there watching i’d love to know what you guys think if you’ve had this thing for this long six months, and what has your experience been like? Please drop that in the comments down below stay tuned for more coverage of surface duo, as i continue to learn and grow with surface duo, as more updates do come out. Of course, i will be covering them here, as they happen, so keep an eye out for all that good stuff and until next time stay dirty.