So without wasting more time. Let’S start doing some gaming microsoft’s surface book line has grown over the years and the third generation is here. We have the 15 inch variant in the house. I want to thank microsoft for sending the device over now the 15 surface book and the 13 inch surface book look really similar to last year’s variants. Honestly design wise hasn’t changed much, but you can expect that when it’s really changed with from microsoft but i’ll still say, it’s still a good looking device. Now. Pricing for the surface book line starts at 15.99 with a 13.5 inch variant, while the 15 inch variant starts at 22.99. The unit we have from microsoft here is priced at 2799 and it comes with the 10th gen core i7, which is a quad core processor uh. We also have 32 gigabytes of ram, but it starts at 16.. Now, storage is 512 gigabytes, and this also comes with a gtx 1660 ti with six gigabytes of ddr5 ram. So you’ve got all that packed into this device and we’ve talked about design. What do you have for ports, connectivity all that fun stuff so, on the left hand, side on the base? You do have two usb 3.1 uh ports usb a and then we also have an sd card slot on that side, which is nice so it’s great to have that, on the right hand, side we have the proprietary port for charging, which uses a 127 watt charger.

I do like that: they’ve kept it even though some people don’t like it, but you know, every laptop company has a different port to try except apple, which is actually cool. They have usb type c for charging, while there’s also usb type c uh gen, 2. 3.1. As well for connectivity, so you have that on the base, the display is a 4k display, it’s, a lovely looking display, you’ve got speakers all around there’s, a headphone jack on the right hand, side a powernut iron volume button and it’s got two cameras: it’s called windows, Hello, i love windows, although it’s so easy to just walk up your device is unlocked. I like it it’s great. I wish every laptop had it it’s much easier than fingerprint sensor anything it just it just works. So i like that feature built in now that keyboard is cool. I got ta say before we even get into any gaming, especially even while you’re trying to use it the game. The keyboard is great, for typing is probably one of the best keyboards i’ve used. When i started typing on it, i was like wow wow. This is pretty good, it feels comfortable, it’s easy to use and it works really well. The trackpad is also really smooth. The keyboard is backlit as well. So, of course, you ride in at night. That will also work, but i wish this device was actually matte black, because i would love to see this in the matte black variant, especially just with the keyboard lighting and all that fun stuff.

Now the surface book is a twin one device, not just a two. As a flip up it’s, a detachable display tell me any other laptop where you can basically detach it walk away. Take it start. Reading browsing the web. You know 10 finger touch all that fun stuff or using the surface pen which is not provided with this device. I kind of found that as a bomb, especially for what you’re paying for and the price levels here, is that it should have been bundled in it just wasn’t and that’s, something that i was a little bit disappointed but surface pen. We know how good it is. We’Ve used it in the past, and that would be something you could use quite easily here, but also just reviewing content and watching on that screen. Speaking of content, we care about games, so we talked about all the specs everything that’s in there. How is gaming performance and what does it bring to the table, especially if you’re buying something like a surface book you’re thinking about it for work, because also microsoft tells a pretty massive battery life of 17.5 hours. We’Ll talk about the battery life uh in this video. As well but um, how is gaming performance? We’Ve got a 1660 ti we’re gon na check out games like call of duty, warzone, uh, grand theft, auto 5 um apex season, five as well uh street h4, which is a great game to play and halo anniversary edition.

Just a quick caveat, though uh the drivers are not the most up to date, g force, drivers, it’s just one off uh. I got that information while trying to play call of duty war zones. So just put that in mind when you’re seeing performance and all that stuff from this device, so let’s go ahead and see some of the games: Music, holy cow, so there’s, a chuck there’s, a chopper there’s, a chopper. We stick to the plan: we’re home free, pretty cool. They ain’t made this car, yet nice choice: body shield here shield cell here: Music, Music, Music, Music, this flinching bastard my girl’s a little big for that courtyard sergeant. I see a good lz on the other side of these buildings meet you there over there locate and secure next objective terminates a contract it’s over. So in all honesty, though, this thing can actually gain it’s not meant to be a gaming device, but it does do gaming pretty well and if you’re going to pick up the surface book 3, especially for work and for creative tools, whether you’re editing your drawing. This will do the job for you quite well as a gamer. Now i will find this out. First of all, it runs really loud uh. The fans do spin up while you’re playing uh uh games, so it’s best thing to play with a headset, although even playing without a headset. I was it kind of drowns out at some point: uh performance wise, roughly around 60 frames per second for all games.

Of course, certain games dipped uh, but again again, drivers are not up to date fully so that’s just something to bear in mind now in terms of temperatures, it does run warm uh both display and the base again think about it. This way or the the base has the uh gtx and, of course the display has your intel chipset in there so that’s. Something to take note now. Some of you ask: can you also game just with the tablet in tablet motor load and, yes, you can there’s certain games, you can play the easier games, but games like street of rage will run quite well. Remember. It still has an intel iris pro gpu in there, so that should be able to play certain games for you and 3d rage 4 handles that really. Well, i love that game. You should definitely go ahead and check it out now, there’s so much more to this device than just gaming or just doing creative work like, as i mentioned, it’s got two cameras that recorded 1080p. The camera is, of course, used for windows or low, and i want you to just take a look and see how well the cameras and the microphones work, especially for video conferencing, because we’re doing that quite a lot right now. So let’s take a look. So this is what the front facing camera of the surface book 3 looks like, especially if you’re using this for video chats. I think it does a good job in representing myself background and doesn’t feel like a traditional webcam, because it shoots at 1080p uh.

You do have a rear camera as well, which we can take a look at quickly, which looks a little bit like this, also using the microphones off the surface book 3. To give you an idea of what it sounds like using this for webcam calls since we’re going to be doing a lot of that nowadays, that was actually pretty cool, great camera performance both front and back. I like that, and we also heard audio quality from the speakers. Now i would say for me: the speakers are not super loud, but they’re loud enough. Remember they’re around the display and not by the base of this device, because of course, when you put it in tablet mode uh, it goes uh right there for you to listen uh, and i think you know when you’re watching content you’re watching videos uh, whether it’s In tablet, mode or intent, mode or whatever mode, you want to put it in uh, you get some really good sound, but it also gets some really good performance from this device. Now this device is not for everyone. I have to put that caveat here now. As i mentioned, you can improve your graphics to something like a fossil quattro uh, if, especially, if you’re doing more uh, graphical design, work and things like that um, but it’s probably not needed now. Some of you say yes, they’re different laptops in different price ranges and that’s very true um. You know we’ve seen some great great stuff from asus we’ve seen the new dell xbs’s.

I would say this fits into the the creative who wants a little bit more performance and a lot of battery life and speaking of that battery life in some of my light gaming playing street of rage and then using the laptop on a regular basis. I got about 12 hours of battery life – maybe 12 12.5 in total, which is not up to the 17.5 of course, but that was of course, with me gaming as well. Now i will point out that you guys should definitely check out my buddy um. You know the unlocker uh he is gon na have his of course, his battery life test, where you guys will see how it performs in his day in the life, so check out that video uh to see what he’s actually getting for streaming it streaming. Video on this device, uh straight all the way. So where does the surface book 3 land? I think this is a unique device that is built for creating i like its functionality. I, like the performance that i got um i do wish it was a little lighter, and i also wish it came with the s pen as well, especially just thinking of the creative nature that this device brings to the table in terms of gaming. You can definitely game with this if you’re picking it up, the 1660 ti definitely works well and if you’re packing either 60 or 32 gigabytes of ram, you should be good, should be good and you shouldn’t have to worry.

If you’re worried about price, then it might not be for you, but i think this falls into certain segments. I, like the power performance. I would like to see an amd variant in the future um, because we’ve seen some really cool things from amd, and i also like to see something – maybe a little thinner and i’ll change to that design, as well with some more uh usb type c boards. So there are things to improve, but the things that work out well we’ll have to see what microsoft delivers in the future. But if you think about picking up the device, we’ll leave a link for you down below uh. Let me know your thoughts on the surface book. Three.