The surface book was microsoft’s first attempt at a laptop before the athlete named service laptop came to market and it packs a detachable screen, just like its cousin, the surface pro, and that clipboard port tablet portion continues to separate after six years, proving that the hardware that Separates it, the accordion hinge is still reliable and can be used in various postures such as this one that likes to use inking. It was so refreshing to have a laptop after using a 201 for so long, even though it is a little bit top heavy. It still feels premium with a solid magnesium design that has minimal scratches on the keyboard, but several scratches on the clipboard big set speaking of keyboards. We also have a generally nice keyboard that is still very tactile and also good. It can get a bit loud, but it’s still one of the best keyboards on any laptop today and the trackpad. The trackpad is still big still responsive and the gestures on windows 10 are still running great and, although there’s a side note, i did experience random freezes that separating the clipboard and putting it back on it would solve the freezes but other times it would just freeze The entire device – and i either had to wait for a reboot or just sit there waiting. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen often, and it actually might be a driver issue, so it most likely won’t happen to you or your device.

However, it’s still something i want to report inside the base is a surface connect, port, two usb, a ports, a micro sd card slot and a mini display port. I love that micro sd card slot because it allows me to import quick videos from my camera, but that main display port is kind of outdated it’s. The sort of thing that worked in 2015, but not in 2021 and that base also makes the device kind of thick. With surprisingly almost laptops, you have a thin display thicker base here. The display and the base are kind of the actual, actually the same width. The same thickness, so it makes the device kind of thick and it leaves a gap that lets dust and grind into the ridge of the hinge so make sure you clean the ridges in the gap anywhere you can. I don’t really feel like i separate the clipboard very often, but i do usually detach it when i want to quickly share something with someone or ink away from the desk. But for me it’s just not enough to justify the clipboard and the baggage that comes with it, but the surface novelty is part of that aesthetic, surface, aesthetic and making it unique in a way that i actually rather fancy so i’m glad it’s there and besides there Are actually some hidden benefits? I had never thought of, such as battery life, the clipboard by itself. It gets about one to two hours and absolutely it needs the base to survive.

However, with the base it grabs six hours and on one of those six hour days, i actually had 34 left when i had to go ahead and do something else, and i even noticed that it transfers power. So the base transfers power to a clipboard set, the clipboard doesn’t die, and this is considering that i have 47 tabs open right now: i’m, not a normal user. But if you have a lighter workflow, i think you can squeeze even more out of this device. However, it’s it’s still nowhere near modern battery life that you may have come to expect, so i still bring my charger everywhere and i still charge throughout the day. Keep that in mind your mileage will vary. The screen is also pretty great, coming in at 13.5 inches with a 3×2 aspect ratio and 267 pixels per inch. Those thick bezels are kind of a compromise, but i like them, and they give you a nice grip when in clipboard mode do with that info. But you will. We also have a nice windows, hello, camera – that is a little bit less reliable, i’m, not sure why than the one on my surface pro 4, but it’s still, nevertheless, very much usable and generally nice um. We also have a hd webcam. That looks great for zoom calls and, of course, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Weird positioning, though uh inking on this display is pretty fast and quick, with 1024 levels of pressure, sensitivity that can lag under heavy load but with the magnets on the side and two inky postures you’re still in for a plethora of inking, the lights with this device.

Provided you grab a surface pen like i already had now. Obviously, surface hardware is survived because it was premium in 20 and it still feels pretty premium in 2021 and, on the other hand, specs and the processor inside continue to be some of the most important parts of buying hardware in the performance. I had a six. I have a sixth generation dual core core i7 cpu, with eight gigabytes of ram 256 gigabytes of storage and an nvidia gpu interface. So quick, explain on the gpu, microsoft and nvidia never actually said what was the gpu in the base. But some sleuthing at internet shows up that the gpu in the base is actually basically nvidia – 940m, not exactly the best gpu of 2015 and not even close to the mobile gpus. That nvidia is releasing right now, but i still did testing on both gpu and cpu. With just a lot it’s just a lot of things, and even though i don’t have time to go in depth, but if you just want to see that in depth, video, maybe 20 likes wouldn’t nudge me to make it here’s some stuff through it a 10 minute. 30 10 ap export in film express took about 30 minutes and it was hardware accelerated by the gpu and actually a great way to tell if the gpu is being used. Is this nice little indicator on the taskbar so on the taskbar? If it’s? If you see this little indicator, the gpu is in use, you have to close offending app to go and detach the clipboard, so transcoding batch footage to norman abc in handbrake.

It took about four minutes and i really saw how the cpu hits turbo and got the job done, but it got kind of hot and just to put my point here – some bad noise and real fan: girls, people so uh back to performance, we’re playing games – and I was constantly able to hit 45 60 fps in minecraft java edition, with the help optifine user and in my daily workflow and productivity it still handled everything i threw at it with pretty much really ease, and surprisingly, the bottleneck for performance wasn’t, the processor it wasn’t. The gpu it was ram and when i use a ton of edge tabs, just a ton of apps all the time and ram constantly is loading them back up it’s making things slower. So i do recommend even on modern laptops, get more ram if you’re a heavy multitasker like i am don’t, make the mistake. I made grab a 16 gigabytes. You won’t regret it and sound rounding we’re gon na round off this review. Now this device isn’t perfect, no device is perfect and it has many fringe flaws and i didn’t mention like when it gets. Hot zoom calls the wi, fi and bluetooth performance. It gets worse for someone and but that’s, considering that wi fi improves the performance from the start was not really that good and that’s the marvel avastar wi fi, bluetooth chip that it strikes again and rest assured. This was fixed in later models using an intel, wifi and bluetooth chip, but nevertheless it’s still a problem on this model.

But still i love this device and, seeing it be still be valuable, still be useful in 2021, makes me confident in giving it a good review and it’s a novelty to detach the premium hardware and that surface feel that makes it worth the money in 2021. If you can grab a great deal on this laptop like i did on a used or new surface book 2015, you should have a great laptop on your hands like i do right now, and especially if you grab that gpu. So thank you for watching um. Thank you for subscribing and i’ll, see you in the next video farewell hello, everyone! This is ben tech code, and do you want to support the channel and the blog? Well now you can. This is the buy me a coffee page over at buy me a coffee, dot, com, slash ben tech code. There you can sign for my membership and support me on a monthly basis, or you can just buy me. A coffee, real, quick, real, simple, real, easy go to buy me a coffee, dot com, slash ben tech code for more information and to see how you can support your favorite content. Creators.