A lot of people huh, probably the first time i’ve, been part of a majority Music it’s, a birthday for dreaming, so microsoft is back with yet another ad after the microsoft surface, pro 7, the better choice ad which compared the microsoft service pro 7 to the macbook Pro now we have this. A lot of people wanted me to compare the microsoft surface pro 7 to the ipad pro. So here we go. The surface pro has a built in kickstand now with the ipad pro. This is the surface type cover it clicks and attaches. I love that click. This is the ipad keyboard it’s a lot heavier with the surface. You have all kinds of ports: ipad has one you want to be this guy ipad, pro’s, just a tap surface is a full computer and a tablet, and now the price Music. The surface pro has a built in kickstand now with the ipad pro. Oh, no, so the ipad pro does have a stand. It’S in the keyboard i’m, either going to be holding it or i’m going to be having it on a flat server. So i can draw right: why would i need a kickstand for to draw? I only think i can think of is for typing when necessary. Then it might even be a downside on the surface it’s, just a big fat ugly rectangle on the back. That makes me sick. This is a surface type cover it clicks and attaches.

I love that click, the click that is made when the tablet and the keyboard come together makes no difference. What so ever this is the ipad keyboard? It’S a lot heavier wait, hold everything now. Do you use the keyboard alone? No, you don’t. According to tech, spot and input. The ipad pro with its keyboard weighs about 1.4 pounds. However, the surface with its type cover that weighs about 1.7. Let me just do some fast math here, uh but i’m. Pretty sure 1.7 is more than 1.4 yep it’s a small margin. The surface type cover is like just a little baby blanket that goes over the screen, whereas the ipad pro’s case is rubber. That goes around the entire thing. To protect it, it would make sense that the keyboard is a little bit heavier with the surface. You have all kinds of ports: ipad has one you want to be this guy, so, first of all, that’s, not all kinds of ports, that’s, a usb, a usbc and a microsd. There are way more ports that i would want. If i was going to say all kinds of ports and the ipad does not just have one port, it has two usbcs with the keyboard. The downside to that is, you only have the extra one when you have the keyboard on and also you know, some people still have usba things, but usbcs are way faster and more versatile than usb a’s. They also allow for a thinner device.

Ipad pro’s, just the tablet surface, is a full computer and a tablet. Now we come to the only stable argument in the entire ad and it takes up 5 seconds of a 30 second ad boy. That says, a lot windows is great for high performance, big brick laptops and even bigger, even more high performance desktops. What it’s not great for is normal people doing normal things. Windows can run all the third party apps and programs you can think of. But what can it do? It’S, not simple enough for a normal person to be able to become a power user with the mac that’s possible. You know a little bit about computers. You can get somewhere pretty easily it’s simple and easy to integrate with the rest of the apple products. Windows is why i hate computers yeah, i hate computers, believe it or not, and now the price all right. So, for starters, here we have a platinum intel, core i3 processor, with 4 gb of ram and 128 gb of storage type cover 429, as you can see up here, eight hundred seventy nine dollars in anything. So eight eighty, like i said but hang on let’s, throw in the surface pen like it was shown in the ad let’s go back up here and think about this. Four gigs of ram is not going to get you anything, especially for running the heavy operating system. That windows is to run heavy third party apps, like even just sketchup or video editing, softwares you’re, going to need at least 8 gb, preferably 16.

, even though we only have 256 gb of storage and look we’re already up at sixteen hundred dollars. It’S clear that to make the surface run with the power that they claimed that it has in the ad we got ta pay a lot more than the ad claims here, with eight gigs of ram. We have still about almost a thousand dollars in here when we up the storage a little bit over a thousand so for the ipad pro. We can choose the 12.9 inch display, which is just about the same size display as the surface. You add the magic keyboard which is 350 onto this, and you get the ad to get the price in the ad. The ipad has liquid routine and display technology and a true tone display, which adjusts the balance and brightness of your display to your surroundings. Surface doesn’t ipad pro has a lightning fast, smartphone chip that can run all the apps that are built for ipad really well. Surface has an intel core chip which is versatile and can run a lot of apps for pc, but it’s also kind of slow, and this is a argument that was not mentioned at all in this better choice ad. We have here ultra wide professional cameras with 12 megapixel capacity. On the surface. We have five megapixel capacity. Another thing we should consider here is the ipad air it’s slightly smaller, but let’s just stack this up here, hmm so we’re, looking at a very similar model to the ipad pro, in fact, it’s almost the same, except for the pro cameras and now the price Music.

So what are you thinking now getting the ipad pro you saved almost 300 dollars, you saved almost 600, getting the ipad air. What the service is trying to be is three things: portable, powerful and affordable. Unfortunately, it has been unable to make all those things it’s not affordable. If you want the powerful, because if you want a powerful, you got ta go up to way over a thousand dollars. Plus you have to pay for the office 365 subscription, which is like 70 bucks a month, the ipad pro it is somewhat affordable. It is powerful and it’s portable. What it doesn’t have is the software compatibility of the surface. The surface runs windows, which is not a tablet intuitive software it’s very hard to use on a touch screen. Believe me, i’ve tried, ultimately, if you’re looking for more of a tablet, you go to the ipad pro. If you’re looking for more of a pc, you go to the surface this, the ad should spend way more time on this than the silly arguments that it spent time on both apple and microsoft can say all they wanted, but their products are two of ones yo. Mr creative you’re so lame man, you are so square, but ultimately the ipad is still a tablet and the service is still a pc thanks.