I have the two gigabyte surface, as you can see here is on the left, and this is the four gigabyte version here. What I thought is hooked up a fan. Now you put a hood on this surface three pro that you can hook up a little fan like this, and you can help boost the performance of the tablet and, as we know, that these surface three they're, both passively cooled, not actively cooled. There'S no fan in the middle they're just running using the actual alpha shell off the tablet to cool the CPU down, and it will Adam stock that's in there and system on a chip there. So one of them has got big fan here, aiming at the back of it to see if that's gon na make a big difference or not on the surface, three it's, just a little taste it's, not something you're gon na be running every day, but it I Thought it will be interesting at least to try out and see what kind of difference it would make if that item was actually actively cooled, if it was, how would it run? Would it be a lot faster anyway? Both of these systems are running the same exact sitting, so I'll just show you that here so both 1280 x 720 resolution there. Hopefully you can see that both of them on the same settings here, if you saw my other video, the four gigabyte is marginally faster. This by a few frames per second, so that's going to have a slight advantage there, because it has double the RAM so I'm, just gon na go back here and try and run the benchmark at the exact same time the Fitz benchmark.

Of course. Okay, here goes: nothing here, will try and select it and then run that at the same exact time, I think got it right there. I think that's gon na launch, hopefully yeah seems to be about the same time – it's not gon na matter anyway, because it is the fixed benchmark, I'm just going to pause the video here and then continue it once we have the results so we're not sitting through The whole thing here: okay, so the benchmark is just finishing up here and we can see that well, there's, still a 2.1 second frames per second difference there. The lead goes to cause the four gigabyte model. As expected, what I'm going to do is let it run again and come back. I'Ll just pause the video and continue it once it's been running a while, but maybe after it's looked a few times it's starting to get quite hot. The tablet will see if that little fan is going to be helping out or not so the benchmarks on a second loop, and I can clearly see even just now that there's no advantage yet coming through there on the two gigabyte model there, with the fan blasting On it, it's not a very fast rpm, for neither so whether that's making a difference. Maybe I need a faster foul on the back. There it's gon na have any quote impact on the better life, of course, to running that fan there, but you can see even it's looking at it now there is this still a lead going to the four gigabyte model there.

If I touch the backs of them, it does feel a lot cooler actually and I will check the temperatures and see the difference they're using HW info, so the second loop here's, the results, the frame rate has dropped down a little bit on the four gigabyte model. Probably because of the heat that's going to build up I'll, let it go a third time around let's pause, the video again so we're not sitting through the whole benchmark. Okay, so the third loop of the resin name of five benchmark is now finishing up. Let'S see what the gap is here now so 21 now there's only about 1.4 price per second differences, so you can see that that fan seems to be helping a little bit there. Now I will actually exit out of this. Have a look if I can get into the desktop here and see it. Temperatures so I'm, just gon na quit – and I have running here. Hw info with the temperatures I'll be interesting to see, which tell up here there's a pursuit gigabyte model with the fan on the back of it, and we got up to a maximum temperature of 84 degrees. You can see just here the fanless possibly called completely stopped. As you would normally have, it got up to also 84 degrees, so it well there we go really it's made no difference there whatsoever and the minimum temperature is 30 and the minimums 32 on the other two gigabyte.

So it looks like their trick with the surface pro 3 of using one of these little fans here. Hooked up doesn't do anything for the tablet, apart from maybe keep myself cool here. That is about it. So at least I've killed one myth that this is gon na help the atom powered service 3 and clearly not really, although even look at benchmark seems it might have been happening. Don'T think it really is so well. That is that thank you for watching and do subscribe to my channel have more up and coming videos on various other tablets. Thank you for watching bye.