This is just a BOTS game and you can see the framerate is just up here in the top left hand corner there. The framerate seems to stay around 30 at the moment and I will just test dropping a resolution, but I'll just get up to some action here. The tutorial thing at the moment, rather than actually playing online game and then have to leave because I don't have time. Sometimes the game can be long and I don't actually play this game, but until a lot of actually going on and still around 30 frames per. Second and sit on the medium settings here, hopefully you can see that now, if I drop the resolution down to 720p I'll see what difference that makes whether that will boost the framerate or not. That has actually given that's quite an increase there. So that's not too bad, so still meeting them settings there. You can play it on the native resolution. This needs to be playable as medium settings at the moment and it's just just moving around the map. How fast that is, I mean it's, not choppy or anything. It'S fast it's definitely playable very playable. Now the version of the surface that I have here this is the 4 gigabyte vision. So has four gigabytes of RAM that'll probably make a difference, it might make it a bit smoother if you do get the 2 gigabyte version and you'll have to take that into account that it could be a little bit star that has less RAM.

So you see moving another map there, there's no problem, let's get back to my character, so very playable and you probably wan na play it on 720p. Such a nice and fast 60 frames per second in a moment here without a lot going on the screen. But when there's a lot going, the screens dropping down, if you do want to run our nature, then you have to put up with 30 frames per second it's a little bit slow. But it does look nice, so that's League of Legends and now look at dota. 2 I'll just show the settings I'll see this on so 1024 by 768, quite a low resolution to keep the framerate up there. Otherwise, I think that's gon na struggle a little bit on the tablet and everything else to sit on low, sorted shadow quality, low tips to quality. Is it at low as well? There is going to a game known as the bottom. I don't really know how to play this game at all, so I just quickly show you okay, so in the game, you can see the Facebook stickers up here in the top right hand corner it looks quite blocky and pixely because of the low resolution on the Surface screen here, but so far it's I mean that's. Definitely playable, frankversteegh and I'll see what happens but there's a bit of action on the screen. Of course, if you wanted to look sharp, you can increase the screen resolution, but I will definitely drop the frame rate down.

The battle begins so moving on the map, there is some star there. A little bit you can see. The frame rate does drop below 30 frames per second, so it's not entirely smooth. Look 19 frames per second, just then, okay, some action here. So you see how it is Tiffany little bit laggy all right. I think that's enough looking at the game there, so you can see that it's going to be playable, but there will be starter at times and I guess when you have a lot of on screen enemies and spells being cast and their fix and all that it's Going to have a big impact on the framerate, but at the moment it seems to hover around 30, where there's a lot of action on screen does tend to take its toll on the frame right there and moving around. I just try to move out real quick here, my finger touching on the screen. You can see it does dip down there, the framerate but yeah that's playable, but I do leave one. I have it, of course, for like 60 frames per second high resolution, but this is just an atom processor on the surface 3, with 4 gigabytes of RAM here so it's not doing too bad when you consider that alright, so that's, the video they're just shifting up Those two games there and quite popular online games. Thank you for watching the video.