It just would not be playable at all it's, a 1280 by 720 p there, so it is running in HD. You can see. The frame rate is up here running at 30 frames per second, so it's box. One owners will be right at home there with the frames per second and ps4 gamers, but turn on us PC gamers. So you can see quite fireball, even if it's not a super high frame right there, it's not running too bad at all, ran right over that grenade. So that's a modern warfare. 3 there you can see a very playable on the surface 3. This is the 4 gigabyte model. I don't know how this will run on the 2 gigabyte model. I don't have that unit probably be around about the same frame rate, maybe a little less. I think two or three frames less because it doesn't have all that brain to use for the textures, because the Intel HD graphics does allocate round there to the system. Ram variable RAM usage there, so group label ones well, they're just going to test a little bit of Diablo Reaper of souls here. This is running on a lot of settings. 805. 600. I will just show you the options and my video settings here: I'm running so texture, quality, shaders off everything's on the lower here and even the low effects is ticked there. So you can't really go any lower than this. You, and is your friends right up here on the top right hand, corner so it's hopping around a lower twenty mark there, with some stutters down to sixteen I'll just jumped into a game.

Well, the framerate really suffered. Heather went right down I'm playing this off a USB 3 hard drive which might be slowing it down a little bit. It comes to loading anything like the textures and the sounds, and whatnot resources from the hard drive, but it's a lot of action up here. You can see their frame rate this really way too low there at points, because it's a skiing out to a 10 year or 13, so that's quite low. Take me to bed here at the mana, considering there are quite a few out of spells in affixing we're, not all green, and I hear maybe not okay, it seems that initial lay there just must have been the sounds and textures and all the resources they're loading In so that causes this idea, but it does actually seem play ball here moment. I generally wouldn't want to play hardcore mode on this kind of configuration here, because if it tip you could get a big lag spike like that, it will just kill you straight away. So the game over dead character, so that's died, move through there on the surface, with four gigabytes of RAM sever. Three, the atom Zed 8700 now does little test of FIFA 14 here running on 1024 by 768 resolution and low settings not very low, but just the low settings there. I turned off vsync, I polish none of that on so they could be able to tearing on the screen.

Let'S just go into a quick game here. I don't play this game much at all, so I don't even know. I really I mean they: how to to play probably let's see how it goes on the surface 3, with 4 gigabytes of RAM, okay, whiskey straight into a game here you see the frame rates right up here in the top right hand corner so far, so good Very playable on this resolution. I did actually try the native resolution and I don't have any laughs of that at all. It was just too slow. It was running at 20 frames per second. This is definitely much more playable. 60 frames per second good, very good, just playing on the Xbox 360 controller I have plugged into the USB 2 port and while it's the charging port as well. Okay, so then that's enough of my bad skills. There I'm, not very good at the game. You can see yeah that it's definitely playable. Fifa 14 runs great I'm sure that FIFA 15 would run pretty much the same. I don't think the engine has changed that much as long as you keep that resolution down. This game will be very playable. On the surface 3, so now onto a bit of path of Exile, here is having a look at it at 1024 by 768 and again, if your character 3 on the screen to kill. So you can see how that runs. I'Ll show you my exact settings in just a second here: are these settings I'm running here so we have shadow quality off and analyzing off medium texture, quality, trying to look at filtering and post processing and screen shape.

They are both off there. So frame rate is dropping down on canvas in action on the screen and if you had a lot of other players on the screen with you I'd imagine, we drop down even further there, but so far it does seem quite playful care. You could lower the resolution down to 800 x 600, which would definitely boost up the frame rate if it did start to get quite slow and yet action on the screen to see it drop down to 38 just there. But overall, definitely this game is playable without a doubt: they're definitely playable, ok, so this is a little bit of another look of super through gaming there just to try a few other titles out did like the video. Please give me a like and just to reminder that this is all recorded on the 4 gigabyte surface for version, so it's got the 4 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabyte SSD sorry et MMC Drive, so that does make a big difference. I think we've got more round for the enter a CH 2 graphics to play with there a lot more I can allocate so that will probably make things a little smoother than the 2 gigabyte version.