Now I ordered this from a retail chain here in Spain and it's supposed to come with the keyboard, but unfortunately they've just shipped me out the tablet itself. I don't know what's going on now, better call them up and tell them that the keyboard isn't missing and yeah this taking a while to them. He send it out as well. This was released here in Europe on the 7th all the seal open here, and if the packaging is exactly like, my surface 3 Pro Wars – and the reason I got this tablet here is to compare this with the chinese tablets that will hopefully be shipping out with The you teary trail atom ship, so I can compare it to the bay trail and see what differences there are. So we have in the box here. It should be the power supply right here and this time around, you can actually charge it by a USB see if you have like a telephone mobile charger around, and you can use that as the charger itself and you can see here. We have a USB micro USB connection for charging, so I know magnetic clip on charger like this surface 3 pro head, it comes with a little adapter here. That is a huge doll adapter, so you were being adaptive for me because I'm in Spain. I also see if the premium that you pay for the surface design I mean a Microsoft tablet is – is worth it really because this day look here is the 4 gigabyte version with the 128 gigabyte II MMC drive and it cost me 719 euros, which is approximately 750, u.

s., so not a cheap at all for an atom tablet, and we have here does the instruction manuals and whatnot, and there is nothing else in the box. Video that's that's it until it itself is just wrapped up in some plastic here to protect it from any scratches during transit and I'll, just get it out of all of that now. So there we have Nutella Surface three. The weight is quite good. There I'll just check this now on my scales, so the tablet weighs six hundred and twenty five grams there, and, as I mentioned, unfortunately, I don't have the keyboard, so I can't weigh them both together. The keyboard is an optional accessory, which you pretty much need for this tablet, because it's essential. Really. You know that keyboard there to type on it's, really nice and it does protect the screen but that's an extra 149 euros. And if you want the pin, I don't actually use the pin that much I've never really used it on my surface repro, so it didn't bother ordering that that's an extra 50 euros all up. You know you're looking at quite a bit of money there for a atom tablet, so here over the front, we have a microphone front facing 3.5 webcam Windows Home button there. On the back, we have the same docking connector like the surface 3 Pro iPad. You can't actually use those keyboards on a but will be slightly larger, and then we have the famous kickstand here on the back.

It has three positions since the first one, their first position, second and then the third one, so it doesn't have that free range like the sofa 3 Pro head and under here we do have a micro, SD card slot right here. That'S your 3.5 milimeter hit by Jack and the microUSB for charging, and apparently this can be used for data as well, which I will check that out with one of the adapters of god. That goes from micro, USB to USB 3 sorry, 2, USB it's all size. Usb non USB 3, I think that's a USB 2 port and we have USB 3 care and DisplayPort mini DisplayPort and on the back there's, a camera that is actually better than the surface repros. This is 8 megapixels instead of 5 and it's autofocus camera, which is really good, something that I wish that this surface 3 pro had. So you should be able to take reasonably good photos for that, so be good for students that want to take photos of tips and things like that, because it can actually focus. We just power this up now and hopefully, it's got a little bit of charge. Do subscribe for some more videos on the surface here I will be comparing this to the atoms it 3775, which is one of the faster atom Bay Trail CPUs I'll. Compare that and see the difference between the cherry trail and the bait relative it's, a it's, a huge difference or not.

Apparently the CPU whines there not much of a difference. There it's only the graphics that just has a more graphics power and I will do some multitasking to clear on the surface and see how that stacks up run. My usual benchmarks, which are then used to compare the later Chinese tablets, which hopefully we'll be shipping out with this tablet. Sorry shipping out on the Chinese tablets. Ok, so on set that up and have some later videos up and coming off the surface 3 and also compare that to another tablet with the atom the last generation atom. Thank you watching this video. I hope you liked it and do subscribe for more upcoming videos.