As you can see, it's basically a PowerPoint slideshow of the game, so real choppy, I mean like a credits to Microsoft and Intel that it can actually run the game. Some a lot of settings which would just show you now so go into the game settings test. Very seeing's, okay, so graphics, it's on 800 x 600. You can just see right here and that is everything's on low. So we have the ratio – audio, Auto sorry screen refresh rate vertical sync off off off off off everything soft. So basically, the last possible settings for it see here that all that's off the advanced graphics there and it is really quite a slideshow, as you can see, see if I can HC withstand the police for a little while apply some weapons here. Oh, what button is it browse? The Wiggins all right finally found it guess I can get okay, so let's see how I go just trying to start over two cows here, wow it's crawling down to even just the load in frames per second they're, nine whoo, so slow I'm having trouble controlling it. Maybe it's getting a little bit hot, maybe struggling there, I don't know, but the yeah it's, wolf probable right out wow that's, like it's, almost giving me like motion sickness watching this trying to play five frames per second I'm, going to have a huge headache. After this. Okay, let's see if I can get some weapons out here here we go place on your way, see if we can get down the tooth frames per second really cause we're out of a town looked under that eight frames per second.

There see how low I can get it slide show DJ five did okay, so that is the set of three with the atom trying to play a little bit of Grand Theft, Auto five, and you can see that yeah it's not really playable at all that it's. Just a way way too slow and I wouldn't bother. It took a long time to install. Maybe you can tweak the settings a little bit more, maybe some special script. You can run to lower graphics quality, but really now you're. Looking at you know, kilometers taken to load now you're looking at an unplayable game there. So if you like this video, please do give me a like and do subscribe. If you want to see more compelling videos of these surface three, so more gaming, videos and I'll also be reviewing and hands on with Chinese tablets as well, with corian CPUs and I'm slightly more powerful than this atom that's in the super 3.