I don't play this game at all, it's, just a request to try it out and see how it would run on the surface three and this version here I have has four gigabytes of RAM, so it may be slightly smoother, maybe slightly higher frame rate, because you Do have that available RAM being much higher double that of the two gigabyte version. It may not make that much of a difference. I'Ll show you my settings now here. So I have everything set to below 1024 by 768. Here everything else is low. You could probably tweak a few more things here, like the view distance to increase the framerate there's, really not much more, I could change you could lower the resolution as well, but I've kept it at 1024 by 768 because going lower than that down to a nano Times 600 tends to look quite blurry due to these gaming on the screen. It really does blur quite a bit because it's scaling everything up there and it doesn't look as nice, so just moving around and looking around with a camera and everything like that you're looking around 40 frames per second. Obviously, when there's a lot more action going on on screen, if you're, fighting lots of monsters or whatnot with other characters and things and there's spells going off that's going to definitely drop that framerate down quite a bit there, so it wouldn't be as fast indoors. I just went into a cave before a dungeon and it was a lot faster and less framerate.

So overall I can safely say that I think this game is quite playable on the last settings here. I'Ll just show you what happens when I do go into environment here that is closed off, so the cave here into this grave. You can see now the framerate is going right up there to 60 and even over a little bit of lighting going on here and whatnot, but it's definitely much easier indoors. So the real issue is going to be just when you always. He fighting lots of monsters and things that could get down there so down to about 40 there just looking around. Oh all things, pretty quick loading times are quite slow. I then show you the loading times in the video, because just jump straight into game, because otherwise I've been a lot of time just sitting there. Looking at the loading screen, it does take a few minutes to load up. It is quite slow. The internal emmc drive here on the surface 3 it's, definitely not the fastest, so it's still around 14 frames per second here, a few things on screen, but yeah rotating around looking around coming right out and it doesn't seem to be an issue. We'Ve been caught up a few characters there. So then it's world of warcraft running on the surface three, with the four gigabytes of RAM. Thank you for watching the video do subscribe to my channel.