Maybe that might help and everything else is low, so everything's hit to low low as possible. Really let's put it. What you want to keep it on definitely running a more modern game like this, you can see there's a few framerate dips, they're running a little bit low. Did I roll it's, a quick playable, but did does dip down here somewhere a key moments in it's, not too bad? You have to remember that this is a just, a small, little Atom CPU. This is Steve the new a cherry Traill, so it does perform much better graphics, wise than the old bay trails things like smoke and fires into Leggett. Quite a bit. It was frame rate dipstick, but overall it doesn't seem too bad. It seems quite playable. I'Ll be testing out a lot more games on the surface. Three, if you are interested, do subscribe to my channel and they will be under the surface three playlists. This is the four gigabyte RAM and 128 is the MMC version, so performance, probably a lot a little bit better than the to do. Gigabyte RAM version would probably be a little bit more choppy, neither on the stretch. Well, so a lot of stutter just there. It does definitely dip down very low at some points in the game but I'm able to play it as you can see available. Okay, so it's handling this open environment here quite well. There, the frame rate seems pretty stable.

Looking around. It is dipping down there. Okay, so that's Tomb Raider on the surface three, if you did like this video, please give me a thumbs up. That would be very nice of you and they do subscribe if you're interested in seeing more videos on the surface 3 gaming – and I have other tablets as well in China – that I review and also record other videos on.