This is a three by two screen so running on four by three resolution: you're gon na have borders here and on the right there, so everything's on low they're. Just doing the first level at the moment, which is quite intensive, so frame rates up here, it's still at 33, but I do expect that to really dip down here with the smoke and everything that's on the screen, it's quite hard for the little atom to render All of that, so you can see right there there's some definite dips there. This is probably one of the harder actual graphically intense levels to start at us with all the smoke it's quite taxing on the poor, little Intel, graphics there, it's holding up quite well normally on the bay trail tablets that it does really start to lag around here. With all that smoke, but it is starting to pick up now that framerate, so just a good sign here, you can see a bit of screen tearing just there I'm recording this at 60 frames per second, so you should be able to see all that screen. Tearing I'm playing via a wireless mouse and keyboard here Sufis are good. Remember. This is very intensive, seeing this pot of the stuff up again let's. Do it okay and a moment date already, but didn't do well at all can't, even see anything so here when, with all this hectic action, that's on the screen, let's go it's going alright and indoors.

Here you can see that frame rate is just doubled. It'S gone right up so that's, not too bad ready for there. You can see after that scene there with all the smoke and everything that it's really become quite playable. These are on the lowest settings. I do recommend you just keep it on the lower settings there, because otherwise it's just gon na fully start the lag. If you increase those settings – and I seem to be stuck for some reason – there we go did okay, so I think that's enough gameplay there with my poor gameplay people is sick and tired of seeing me just die all the time so I'm, not very good, but Yeah call of duty modern warfare: 2. There is running really well on the surface 3. Apart from that initial scene, there there was a bit of lag so when there's a lot of smoke on screen and things like that, it is definitely gon na lag. Something to consider, but you can't, although but I like gaming, this is an old game. I think the release date was what 2008 or something so it's quite a few years old now, but the game still looks decent. Thank you for watching. If you did like this video, please give me a like and do subscribe for more upcoming videos on templates from China and also I might now and then have a Surface 3 most of us three videos. Of course, I'll do some more gaming videos.