You can see. I have everything set here to the last possible quality and the resolution is a very low 640 by 480, now that's going to scale up on the screen, as you can see, hopefully in the video that it looks a little bit blurry because of that really low Resolution, but the aim – and the goal here is to try and keep those frame rates up to make a game at least playable, which is what you want so I'm, just gon na jump into a little game here and I'm. Just gon na warn you that my skills in this kind of game, and not very good at all but it's just to get an idea of what the frame rate is and if it's playable or not not that I'm a pro game or anything like that. I'M. Not trying to shopping skills to making giving worth of spawned as a sniper there's a lot going on on this map. Here you can see the frame rates they're just up here and the top right hand corner there. So keep it on there and see how I go if I can at least try not to get killed straight away. So you can see the well I'm able to move around, and I even do things so far, but you can see that the the framerate is suffering there. Ideally, you want to keep it over through all the time you have to remember. This is a tablet running in Hana, CPU and it's family there's no fan should have died there and I'm did didn't expect to last long anyway, jumping in there to tunnel there.

I just if I can be an engineer or someone to try and give myself the slightest bit of chance here, quite a dark map as well, so it doesn't make it that easy for me to show you much of the map. Unfortunately, if I can make it outside without donating anything, I've got you possible, though, even with the heavy smoke on there. That seems to handle that okay, I think in my house I'm here for a bit. If you do not die, it seems already shooting anything. So you know I'm able to actually play the game a little bit here, but it is it's very choppy, it's, not ideal, all right, so I think that's a enough gameplay there from me at least you don't wan na see much more it's, not very good. At this I will try and her book is another maps later on. Maybe if I have enough time with another video, but thank you for watching and if you do like this kind of thing in this video do subscribe, I will have Martin coming videos with. Maybe the surface 3 and other tablets as well from China, Corinne tablets 2. So if you're interested in there do subscribe and hopefully I'll catch you in my next video.