Today we will compare how handwriting conversion works on both the Supernote and reMarkable 2. In this comparison. Well, look at the following: criteria. Speed of converting handwriting. The quality of the conversion., How the converted handwriting is formatted., How both devices implement handwriting conversion with the notebooks. and additional features associated with the conversions.? First, we will look at the speed of conversion. For this test. I have written the same text on both devices. With the Supernote on the left and reMarkable 2 on the right.. Now lets convert the handwriting on both devices. Regarding speed. The Supernote is considerably faster than than the reMarkable 2.. Now that the handwriting has been converted, we will look at the quality of the conversion.. Both devices were able to convert the text correctly, except for the word versus which converted to the word us instead., All uppercase and numbers were recognized correctly as well. When it comes to the formatting. The reMarkable 2 does an excellent job.. The Supernote, on the other hand, does ok but needs improvement on the layout.. The next comparison is where both devices differ and thats the implementation.. When handwriting is converted on the reMarkable, it creates a page in the notebook. While on the Supernote, the converted text can be accessed from inside the notebook. To demonstrate. We will continue to write and see what happens on subsequent conversions., As you can see on the Supernote. The additional text was seemlessly added to the recognition results page.

, While on the reMarkable it added another new page in the notebook. Keeping the original converted page as well.. For me, this doesnt provide a seemless experience. If every time you convert text more pages are added and nothing is being amended.. Finally, well write one more time to see the consistency in converting. Lets convert one more time as see the results. Again, both devices did an excellent job, recognizing the handwriting. As before the Supernote continues to add the convereted text to the results page of the notebook, while The reMarkable continues to add a page.. An additional feature. Thats great to see is the ability to edit converted text on the reMarkable 2.. This is an excellent feature to have, and one that is missing on the Supernote. Now that we have compared both devices lets see how each faired regarding the comparison, criteria., The Supernote, excelled at the speed of conversion and implementation., While the reMarkable excelled at formatting and the Additional feature of being able to edit converted text. Both devices tied for quality of the conversion with minimal to no errors.. Since the quality of the converted handwriting is similar, it truly depends on how you use the device., For example, on the reMarkable 2. I would hold off on converting handwriting until Im finished with a page. As to not create multiple pages after each conversion.. It should be noted that both devices had recent software updates addressing handwriting conversion, which means more improvements are sure to come.

. Well, that wraps up our video.. Thank you for watching. Dont forget to click like and subscribe.. This has been RTE.