This is troy from, and in this video i will show you how to supercharge an amazon fire tablet by removing lock screen ads. Installing google play store, changing the launcher and disabling amazon updates. Plus, i will get rid of all the amazon bloatware running on it now, if youre going to purchase one of these, make sure that you get one with the lock screen ads on it, as it will cost less, and this video shows how to get rid of Them for free these amazon fire tablets are fairly good devices and they probably sell them at a break even price point. As they know they will get the sales down the road for everything they push at you through their ad optimized user interface. In this example, im using the new 2021 amazon fire hd 10 tablet, but the same process should work on all amazon fire tablets going back to the models released in 2014.. In this tutorial, i will be going back and forth from my amazon fire tablet screen and windows pc desktop. Yes, you do need a pc to do this and if you dont have one you can do this on a friends, computer or dual boot windows on your mac or linux machine now. The first thing im going to do is turn on usb debugging on my amazon fire tablet and to do that, im going to go into settings, hit device options about fire tablet and im going to tap on serial number about seven times, youll see at the bottom.

It says that i am now a developer now, if i click the back button, youll see that a new tab has appeared towards the bottom developer options im going to click that now. The first thing i want to do in developer options is turn it on click. Ok now im going to scroll down under debugging, and i want to turn on usb debugging and then click. Ok, ok! Now, im going to hit the home button on my tablet now im going to plug my amazon fire tablet into my pc by way of the usb cord that comes with the device. This is the same cord used for the charger im, just removing the charger adapter. Now you will see on my tablet. It says fire is connected to a low power charger thats because im not using the included adapter. It is charging just not as good im going to click the ok button. Next on my windows, pc im, going to download the latest version of fire toolbox, and you can find the link for that in the video description below im going to scroll down. Until i see the download section on this page and i want to download the dot exe installer youll see, we are on version 20. As of this recording, obviously thats going to keep going up as they keep releasing updates, but you do want to get the most recent update available. Im going to click installer bottom left hand, corner youre, going to see that it has finished downloading im going to go ahead and click.

This click open. Now, if you get this here, click more info and then click run anyway. Im going to click install for me and then install and now im going to launch it. We are done with the website im going to get rid of that and youll see this window bottom right corner. It says toolbox setup. It wants us to set a theme, ill click, the ok button and im just going to stick with the default theme here. Ill click set theme: the theme has been applied. Click! Ok! Now, when you see this on my tablet, i get an allow usb debugging prompt. I want to click the check box that says always allow from this computer and then click, ok and then on my pc screen youre, going to see that the warning went away. That indicated, i had to allow the adb debugging prompt. Now i am getting a framework error, im going to click the quit button and now im going to relaunch fire toolbox and now it looks like everything has loaded properly. So when youre going through this, if you see any errors at all, just go ahead and exit out of the fire tool box and then relaunch it and now youre going to see all of the different options that this toolbox can perform. As of this release, there are two pages and you can get to the second page bottom right: corner click, the little dot and thatll.

Take you to the second page now were not going to cover every single one of these options within this tool box. My main goal right now is removing lock screen ads. Installing google play store, changing the launcher, disabling amazon updates and getting rid of the amazon bloatware all right before we get started with the toolbox. Its important for me to point out that you dont have to go through every single process that i go through in this tutorial. You can pick and choose what youd like to do. Maybe you like the current setup of your amazon fire tablet and you only want to remove the lock screen ads. You can do just that or maybe you want to install google play, store and thats it. You can do that as well, so you can pick and choose these various options and perform whatever you want to on your own device, now im personally going to get rid of all references of amazon and turn this into a full, fledged android tablet. Now the first thing i want to do is disable updates to do that. Im going to go to the second page, click modify system settings and the only setting im going to change in this area is ota updates. I want to turn this off over the air updates click the ok button, and now they have been disabled all right now, im going to go back to the first page, now im going to go into lock, screen management, and what i want to do now is Remove the lock screen ads so im going to click this option here, and you will see the description it talks about what this will do and then the benefits of doing it, im going to click, execute tool and now im going to click the yes button and Youll see the confirmation window here, the lock screen ads have been removed.

Im going to click. The ok button go back. Okay, next im going to go into manage amazon, apps im going to click the drop down menu and im going to do a complete to bloat thats, going to remove all unnecessary amazon applications and services from my device and youll see when i click complete to bloat. It will describe exactly what its going to do and the packages that will be disabled now. On your end, you might not want to disable some of these packages, and in that case you can try just a standard to bloat and youll, see here. If i click manual, then i can come through here and choose what id like to get rid of, and then click disable selected im going to do this, the easy way and again im doing a complete to bloat im going to click, execute and youll see on The tablet its getting rid of all the various packages and files that i no longer need and then on my pc, it says: congratulations, it looks like all packages were successfully disabled im, going to click the ok button and now im going to go into google services And the benefit of this is installing the google play store, plus many other services that work on android tablets and again, if youre, not sure. If you want to do this, be sure to read the description and the benefits on this page im going to click, execute tool and now im going to click the ok button and you will see on my tablet.

The google play store has now been installed and now youll see the message on my pc screen. Wait before you sign in to your google account its recommended that you give the play store at least 10 minutes before signing in im, going to click the ok button and then heres. Another message: please ensure you do not update any amazon system related apps through the play store, as they may be incompatible with the device, click, ok, ok, we have google play and all the google services installed and im going to move to google assistant and its important To point out that this will replace alexa with google assistant im going to click execute tool, guys ive been on this running task for over 10 minutes now i dont think it should take this long. I dont remember it doing this on the previous devices that ive supercharged so im going to go ahead and exit the application and were going to go ahead and launch that again execute tool. And now it looks like it is working. So when going through this tool, if you ever see it hanging on a screen for multiple minutes, i suggest just going back and relaunching the tool you were using and now youre going to see on my tablet as well that it has installed everything as far as Google assistant is concerned, youll see it added three shortcuts at the bottom, the google shortcut voice, search and google assistant shortcut.

So now we have google assistant installed all right. The next thing i want to do is install a different launcher again, like i mentioned earlier, everything that amazon does they do it for sales youll see here going through these different screens, that much of it pertains to making sales on various media items. So im going to click, custom launcher and now its asking, which launcher i want to install now, im a fan of nova launcher so thats the one im going to choose it automatically checks, disable fire launcher, and then we can also enable widgets – and i do want To do that and now im going to click yes, fire toolbox, it says that should do it. Widget support has been enabled, please attempt to add a widget now to verify functionality if you still cannot add widgets after this process, please contact the developer. Okay, im going to click. The ok button hit the home button on my tablet and now its going to take us through the pre setup process for the nova launcher. Choose your initial layout im going to click start fresh! Next! Choose your theme im going to keep it on light for now and remember you can go into nova launcher and adjust all these settings at a later time. Click next choose your drawer style. Those are the applications on the bottom of the tablet that you use on a frequent basis, im going to use doc icon just because thats what ive always used, and i like that, the most im going to click apply.

And now you will see that we have the new layout. You have three different windows that you can swipe to on the main screen on the left screen youll see nova settings, and this is where you can come in and change all the different settings to your liking. Now, im not going to go through these in this video. That would be a great topic for another tutorial, but just know that you can customize the heck out of this launcher and thats one of the reasons its so popular, and this is how you get to that area. Alright, next im going to change the keyboard and input. Now, if we dont do this, we still have the amazon keyboard that comes by default on the device. I want to change that im going to click, execute for custom keyboard, hit the down arrow and again you have different options here that you can try and always remember for these settings. You can come back to your pc connect. Your tablet come back into fire toolbox and change these settings for now, im just going to choose google keyboard and now im going to click. Yes, and it says its disabling. The fire keyboard, which is good and now google keyboard, is the default input, method and youll see here on the screen. It launches google keyboard settings, so you can come in here and change what youd like at this time im going to leave everything as default.

Youre going to notice on the bottom left corner of the tablet: theres a little button. If you tap it, it doesnt do anything we want to get rid of that. So, im going to go into modify system, settings system, ui and youre, going to see an option towards the bottom called device, dashboard icon and its currently set as visible im going to turn this off and watch what happens on the tablet. When i do that, it removes that icon, so we dont see it at all all right to verify that the tablet is working properly. Im going to install a few applications im going to launch google play and now im going to sign. In with my google username and password, and now we have the google play store on our fire tablet now the one thing that this definitely needs right off, the bat is a browser. So im going to install chrome, alright chrome has installed im not going to open it im going to go back to the home screen im going to click the button in the center, which will take me to the page that shows all the applications on the device. Youll see google chrome at the top im going to press on that and then just drag it over to the home screen and let go of it and drop it into place so moving applications around does work. The way it should im going to move this down to the task bar im going to go ahead and launch it, click accept and continue.

I dont want to sync anything im going to hit. No thanks go to the troy point website and the browser is working. The way that it should all right, the last thing that im going to do is sideload the popular application called downloader onto the tablet. Many of you follow our tutorials on the troypoint website and downloader is the gateway to get all the third party applications that arent available through the google play store. Now the shortcut to side load downloader is forward, slash dl, so im just going to go ahead and type that into the address bar here at the top im going to hit the enter button on the keyboard. All right it says: chrome needs, storage, access to download files, im going to click continue and then click allow and on the bottom, youre going to see that i can click the ok button for the downloader app im going to click, ok and now, im going to Click open and now i need to turn on unknown sources for chrome, so im going to hit settings turn on unknown sources, click the back button and now im going to click, install application installed, im going to click open and we want to allow downloader as well Or else it wont, work im going to click, allow click, ok, and now we have the downloader application where we can easily input a url to install various streaming apps and tools. Now getting back to the fire tool box on my windows, pc.

The last thing that i want to mention is, if you click the settings icon youre, going to notice that theres various things you can do here as well, and i suggest that check for updates is marked that way when you launch this toolbox in the future. If there is an update available its going to prompt you to install it, you can also get to the manual update by going to about and then click check for, update a huge thanks goes out to data stream 33 for the ongoing development of the fire toolbox. You can find a donate button on his xda developers, page, which i link to in the video description below donations, ensure future development and kindly remember that you save fifteen dollars in lock, screen removal due to this tool. If you like this video, you will also enjoy our tutorial on how to supercharge your amazon, fire tv. Stick fire tv cube or fire tv television be sure to check out that guide by following the link in the video description below, please be sure to hit the thumbs up. Button subscribe to my youtube channel and click the bell icon to be notified.