Now, on my channel ive done a few of these builds with the 5600g and the 5700g, but the one new 5000 series apu i havent – used and has been requested. A lot on my channel is the 5300g and i was finally able to get my hands on one now. Im actually super excited about this little apu, its, not the most powerful one. We only have four cores eight threads up to 4.2 gigahertz, but i think we can get some decent performance out of it. Now, when it comes to the case, i wanted to go as small as possible, but i didnt want to have to worry about a pico psu, so i opted for the in wind chopin. These only come in black, but i did custom paint it white and i had footage of it, but unfortunately i deleted it. This is a great case and it comes with 150 watt psu its a mini itx case and perfect for a build like this. As for the motherboard, i went with an asrock b550 mini itx, ac, one of the cheaper ones that you can find on newegg and amazon. As for cooling, i went with the noctua nhl9a its the black version. I have a one terabyte inland nvme ssd and when it comes to ram, i wanted to go as fast as possible. So i opted for 16 gigabytes of ddr4 running at 4, 400 megahertz and obviously the heart of the system is going to be powered by the ryzen 5300 g, so putting together a small form factor build like this is actually pretty easy.

When you pick the correct parts, first thing i wanted to do is throw my uh storage in here went with that inland one terabyte nvme its gon na mount right here on the board, and we have a heatsink ready to go once i had that in place. So its time for the cooler and this noctua nhl9a actually comes with a back plate, so you do need to remove the back plate. That comes on the motherboard. But this is one of my favorite. Coolers for small form factor builds its got 100 ram clearance and you shouldnt have any trouble with it at all, and it actually looks really good on this asrock board kind of got a gray and black theme going here now its time to put my ram in Here 16 gigabytes of ddr4 running at 4, 400 megahertz. This is a bit expensive, but keep in mind with these apus the faster the ram, the better performance youre gon na get out of it. So now that i have everything in place on the motherboard its time to throw it in this case here this is the chopin, but keep in mind you cant get these from the factory in white. I was really hoping that one day they would release them. So what i did was just take the black one. You can pick up for around 100 bucks and paint it white. It is a bit of a tight fit, but this should fit in here perfectly, and this does come with a pre installed: 150 watt power supply, which is going to be plenty for this 5300g.

Even if we do a little bit of overclocking, which were definitely gon na, do it can take a while to get this cable management. Looking pretty good in here, because its such a tight fit but uh just take your time with it. You might want to use a couple, zip ties, but when its all said and done, you can have something that kind of looks like this. If i took a little more time, i probably could have done a little better job with the cable management up front, but overall, i think it looks good everything blends in and it fits in here really nicely so. Like i mentioned, i will be overclocking this system. Ive already run through everything i needed to do. Ive done some testing here and i kind of wanted to get it at that sweet spot, given that were in such a small form factor build with a smaller cooler. But what we have here is the ryzen 5300g. Four course: eight threads base clock of four gigahertz with a boost up to 4.2 ive overclocked, all four cores to 4.3 gigahertz, the built in radeon 6 graphics, normally run at 1700 megahertz, but ive overclocked this to 2200 megahertz and ive left that ram basically stock right Out of the box at 4, 400 megahertz – i did want to go a bit higher on that cpu. But since we have such a small form factor case, i think uh 4.

3 is going to be just fine all right. So here it is ive installed. Windows. 10. Pro i got a bunch of stuff to test here. As you can see, we have that 5300 g, overclocked to 4.3 gigahertz, uh 16 gigabytes of ddr4 at 4, 400 megahertz and the built in radeon, 6 graphics, ive also overclocked these. So if i head over here just start a render test, sensors were at 2200 megahertz and as for heat, this is actually doing a pretty good job. I ran cinebench r23 and that takes 10 minutes to run the multi core test. At the end of that, we only reached a max temperature on the cpu of 81 degrees celsius, its a little hotter than id like, but were in such a small case. I think its gon na work out just fine under everyday use in normal loads. I havent seen this go over 65 degrees celsius and, while gaming for extended periods of time, this noctua cooler can definitely keep this 5300g cool even with that cpu and gpu overclocked. So the first thing i always like to do with these small form factor builds is run some benchmarks, so lets go ahead and move over there. Now. First on the list, we have geekbench 5 single core 1271 multi 4501. Keep in mind with that multi core score. We only have 4 cores and 8 threads here moving over to some gpu benchmarks. First up we have 3d mark night raid with a total score of 16 243 fire strike 4042 and finally time spy with a 1482.

. Now those are just benchmarks. I always like to get those out of the way first now its time to move over to some real world gaming and emulation. First on the list, forza ryzen, 4, 1080p low medium mix. We got an average of 64 fps. Now we can bump this up by taking everything down the low or very low, but i think its pretty smooth like this, and it looks great next up – gta 5 1080p normal high mix. Now, when i talk about normal and high, basically, the only thing set to high here is the texture quality. But by the end of this run we had an average of 73 fps, its looking pretty good. In my opinion, heres control was uh. Thinking wed get a bit more out of it, but i had to drop this down to 900p low and we just cant hit 60 at 900p. Even at 720, were around 55 average, but here at 900p we got an average of 43fps. Witcher 3 is another one. I had to drop that resolution down to 900p with i got an average of 51 fps low settings at 720p. This will do an average of 63. doom eternal performed better than i thought it would. But we are at 900p low settings 100 resolution scale. We got an average of 66 fps and finally, for the pc gaming side of things. We have overwatch 1080p high settings. We got an average of 71 out of this.

I know its an older game, its very well optimized its been on the market for a while and runs really well on low end hardware. Moving over to some emulation, very impressed with the ps3 performance were using rp cs3 vulcan back in skate 3, which is one of the harder ones to emulate its not the hardest. But it does give these ap use a run for its money, especially these quad core variants, but with this one here and that overclock were able to get a constant 60fps out of this game, pretty impressive, seeing how well ps3 ran on this little system. I was sure we wouldnt have any trouble with ps2, but unfortunately we just cant do 4k with gran turismo 4. with other games or easier to emulate games. You can go up to 4k with a system like this, but this is a harder one to run and im at 1440p, but its running super smooth and finally simu the wii. U emulator with breath of the wild vulcan back in async shaders. We are at 1080p. I did upscale it a bit. I was hoping we could hit 60, but you might just want to lock this at 30 were getting average of around 41 fps and running. This at 30 is still great at 1080p. If you wanted to drop it down to 720p, you could hit 60, but i would rather run it at 30 at a higher resolution. One thing i always worry about with these smaller form factor builds, is power, consumption and not really the price of the power, but if that psu is going to hold up or not and keep in mind with this, all of my tests were run with the overclock.

On that gpu and cpu at idle 32 watts, this can be brought down a lot by keeping it at the stock clocks, average gaming, 114 watts and the maximum that i could get this to pull from the wall. Using a kilowatt meter was 138 watts. Remember were working with a 150 watt power supply, so were right there on the edge, but this is going to be fine and again, i do have to stress this. The overclock definitely pulls a lot more power than this things stock. So, overall, i think this little 5300 build turned out really good were getting great thermals, even with that overclock in the cpu and gpu power draw is much higher than i would like it to be, but uh, like i mentioned. If you didnt have this overclocked, it would be much much lower. Now some emulators you didnt see running in this. Video are psp dreamcast, gamecube and wii. They will run at full speed on this. If were getting full speed out of skate 3 using the rpcs 3 emulator for ps3, then well be good to go with those lower end systems. Now this is far from a high end gaming pc, but it will get you by at 900p or 720p on some of the harder to run games and esports. Titles are gon na perform just fine on this machine, but thats gon na wrap it up. For this, one really appreciate you watching if youre interested in building something like this, i will leave a few links in the description.

Uh most of the stuff will be gotten from amazon and ebay, but if theres anything else, you want to see running on this system or if you have any questions.