I was sent a screen tablet by xp pen to try out so this isnt, exactly a review its just me trying out a product i was sent. I can actually say that it is really nice, this isnt really a review, but i will tell you that this screen tablet was a really nice drawing experience. It is such a nice sleek design that i i really really like it. It has. It comes in all different colors as well. I got the green one honestly. I think more companies should offer technology in different colors because it just looks so good. The green is really really lovely and the fact that its such a lightweight design, the model that im im trying out is the artist 12 pen display its the second generation. It was so easy to set up as well. Unfortunately, i didnt have a very good art program to draw with, although i say that art studio pro is fairly good and it is a good price as well so, but i did struggle with the program a bit. I would really like to try clip studio paint sometime, but i want to try that when it goes on sale because right now its a little bit out of my price range, but the screen tablet itself absolutely lovely fantastic. As i said before, its got a really nice sleek lightweight design. I really like that about this tablet and also the fact that you can get a connection cord where you just need one chord.

You dont need to set up the hdmi wire and all that there is just a connector that is just like three in one which they sell, which is really good. Oh yeah. They also wanted me to mention with this new tablet. The pen has a new smart chip, which is really interesting. That provides a more natural way of drawing, and it does really feel like that when i use it, it does feel very comfortable to draw with. It also has a fully laminated screen, which comes with nearly no parallax again. I think that kind of contributes to the really nice way that this tablet draws when i use it, the surface of the tablet is really nice too. It has a really nice matte texture that is really comfortable to draw on its, not glossy or you dont your hand, doesnt slide around on the tablet and honestly, the colors were really good on it too. Just a really nice experience, Music im not really used to drawing on like a tablet like this that connects to my laptop im more used to the ipad. So it was a bit of a learning curve, all the buttons on the sides as well perform different actions. So there is the zoom key zoom in zoom out and do really really good stuff, and just the whole design of it is so well done. I would say i really enjoyed drawing on it and honestly. This is why this little this little video about it is so short because again when something is good, theres, not much to say its a really nice product, i think it is around 220 pounds which doesnt seem too bad for a screen tablet.

I know they can go way higher, but i i dont quite know if that would be a good price for someone beginning or im, not sure i think thats something you would have to research on your own. So about the artwork. I could say a little bit about it. I did struggle again. I didnt really know what to draw, because i wouldnt exactly say: im in an art block ive just been struggling to finish artwork and draw anything. So i kind of decided on something simple. This character is the character from my little um introduction animation. She is called rowan and i was just in the mood to draw something really autumnal and, like autumn themed yeah. I do actually love the colors on this. I wish i could have made something a bit more complex but ill, save it for another time. So yeah rowan is a character. I have some plans for her and some other characters. Whether or not youll see anything, soon, im not sure, but i do have a patreon now and ive been really excited to talk about that its. Where ive been showing a lot of my artwork and sketches that i dont show anywhere else. You also get access to videos earlier animations that i didnt finish, and you get to see some of the visual novels that im working on that i am super excited to do. Patreons also get a little shout out at the end of the video and say.

Thank you for supporting me, because their support really helps me out its been a lot easier to kind of work on my passion projects. You know having this little bit of backup money that helps me out a lot because i have not been doing well lately with making money, but it is whatever i do make brushes now. So i make brushes procreate. I will have links in description. Please look at the description, theres, some interesting stuff for you to have a look at, and i think that is actually the end of the video. I will hopefully be making a video, soon kind of telling you what i hope to do with this channel. So this is the finished picture. Im really happy with the bouquet of maple leaves and rowan berries. I really like how that came out so heres some little looks at it and again a big thank you to my patreons. They have really helped me out this month. So, thank you so much for subscribing. You can obviously find more on my patreon. There will be a link in the description, and that is the end. The video thank you so much for watching and hopefully i will see you sometime soon.