You know world famous, mario 64, speedrunner and 1960th on the mario 64 16 star. Leaderboard, listen! My point is i like mario 64., you know what i don’t like super mario 3d. All stars well it’s, not that i don’t, like the game it’s that it’s lazy and has a ton of wasted potential. So let’s begin. I still remember the day super mario 3d. All stars was revealed. I was at a cottage with no wi fi and was scrolling through twitter on data, when i saw that scott, the waz tweeted out a picture from one of his old videos in that video, he predicted a game for the switch called super mario 3d. All stars nintendo direct, which i watched and let me tell you i was so hyped for this game. Finally, all these games in widescreen, 60, fps and sunshine is finally playable on something other than a gamecube. Now one thing you should know about me is that i’m big on emulation. I could play all these games for free online. However, i was so excited to see these revamped and polished versions, but then the game came out and i still haven’t bought it now. You might be saying kion you can’t review a game. You haven’t bought. Well, you haven’t died. Yet do you want to die? Probably in all seriousness, i haven’t purchased the game simply because i can’t support this. Take that multi billion dollar corporation. All of this review is coming from what i’ve seen online and what i personally see as the wasted potential of this product and the oddly anti consumer approach they took.

However, before we get started, let me just say one thing: if you bought super mario 3d, all stars that’s, fine don’t, let me spoil the game for you. This video is going to be pretty negative. So let me also say that i do like nintendo, sometimes and all three of these games a lot it’s just that this could have been handled so much better, so let’s start from what’s actually in the collection. Besides the games Music, nothing, okay, maybe not nothing, but it might as well be. We get the slideshow presentation of a title screen and a little bit of information on the games. Okay, doing pretty good. We have the soundtracks for all three games: okay, we’re, doing better we’re, doing better that’s it yep that’s, it no concept, arts, no trailers, interviews behind the scenes and nothing else. Now the soundtracks are good, but playing music on the switch is disliked by everybody with ears. Also, you can find these soundtracks on youtube and mario 64 has a spotify account. So what is the point? Nintendo? Let me use another collection as an example. The mega man legacy collection, six games concept, art music trailers and the best part it’s. Only 15 19 canadian don’t forget that 3d. All stars is 60. 80. Canadian. The high price is baffling to me. Making this game 35 dollars would have been good for marketing and would have gotten way more people to buy the game. But we’ll talk about that later.

For now, let’s go through each game and see what nintendo did or didn’t add. This game is honestly the most disappointing. By far to me, i was expecting 1080p widescreen 60fps and maybe more polishing and optimization here and there. What i got was 720p 30fps, no widescreen and no optimization at all it’s honestly, a real myth for me, mario 64, has so much potential, but it can sometimes feel held back by things like the camera. Speaking of the camera, the controls were originally inverted and couldn’t. Be changed, and only now months later is nintendo actually releasing this feature that should have been in the base game, and maybe this is the speed runner in me talking, but in my opinion the biggest missed opportunity is the lack of bljs. This game could have been a whole new category of speedrunning and could have introduced a whole new generation to running the game, but they decided to patch out the bljs. Overall. This game is by far the most disappointing in the package. The only change is some textures and the ui being smoother, but that’s honestly it – and i know you all – want me to say it so i will so long. Gay bowser is indeed gone. Super mario sunshine was so close to perfection. I love this game so much. I love blood, the shines, the theme of it and all the levels. Although there are some lows like the sand, bird and the chucksters, i still love this game.

Nintendo did pretty good 1080p widescreen still stuck at a 30 fps which sucks but it’s, not that bad. There are two main problems with this game: the emulation and the flood controls. Let’S start with the emulation. The emulation in this game is so bad that if you open up the map menu the frame rate chops to like five, let me repeat that in a mainline nintendo game, the frame rate dips. If you open the map, there are some other problems, but honestly they’re, not that serious. The biggest issue, though, is the lack of gamecube controller support. You can use a gamecube controller for this game, it’s just that you won’t get those analog triggers. Why not? What was stopping nintendo from doing this? Besides laziness, this was so close to perfection, but this one thing really irks me. I really dislike the clicky buttons of the joy con and for any game. I can. I try to use gamecube controllers, so this one specifically irks me besides those two things: nintendo did a pretty good job with the wide screen in the 1080p, so close so close, you would expect that since galaxy’s the newest game, it would be the best right. Well right, when galaxy was revealed, people were wondering how you would control the pointer. Would it be with the gyro with the stick? How would we do it in handheld mode? Well, nintendo answered you use the right joy con to control the pointer and in handheld mode you use your finger.

Listen. This may seem. Okay, until you realize that joycons drift people have already complained about their joy, con drift and the game being hard to control, and on top of that, if you’re left handed screw you, since you can only hold the right joy con with your right hand, i guess You’Re gon na have to play the game with your right hand, why not allow an option to control a pointer with the right stick. That would be a great accessibility option, but nintendo just chose not to add it in. Besides that, the game was basically exactly the same: widescreen 60fps 1080p, but that’s. What the original game was so that isn’t too important. Overall, this game is the most understandable issue. It would be hard to use the pointer on the switch, especially in handheld mode, everything. Okay, not everything, but a lot is missing in a game dedicated to celebrating 3d mario, they don’t even have all the 3d mario games, no 3d land, no 64 ts and the biggest one, no galaxy 2.. I can understand 3d land and 64ds. 64Ds was a port of 64, which is already a part of the collection and 3d land was more made to show off the 3ds capabilities. But why no galaxy 2 they already included galaxy one. What in god’s name was preventing them from adding galaxy 2.? The pointer functionality is right there. I really think nintendo might just sell galaxy 2 separately, and another thing this collection means is that we most likely aren’t getting any more consoles for switch online and we definitely aren’t going to get virtual console on switch well.

One thing i’ve been avoiding talking about is the odd business practices. Nintendo has been doing so time to talk about that what’s wrong with you. I don’t know what is going on with nintendo recently, but they’ve been really anti consumer. It all started with them announcing 3d. All stars wouldn’t be available after march of next year. Now i can understand for a physical copy. They don’t want to have to keep selling this collector’s item and they don’t want the original games to have no more value, but why, in the name of walter, is it digital, limited time release? What is stopping them from selling this digitally? This is purely so that people will go. Oh, i can’t get it after march, so i might as well get it now and it honestly works i’ve caught myself wanting to buy this game because i don’t want to miss out all this leads to. Is people selling the game for hundreds of dollars on ebay, this isn’t a good thing nintendo. I really hope they never pull anything like this again. I can accept the lackluster product, but this is too much hey. It’S me after recording this audio. So what happened in between me recording this audio and editing the video is nintendo pulled their the biggest smash, bros melee tournament, and it was online and they pulled out of it. They they took told them to take it down. No more smash, bros, melee and um people are saying like why why, if you’re gon na take it down, then why not make one your own and it’s not even illegal? They don’t even have the rights to do this, but no one’s gon na go soon.

Nintendo! No way you would win that so nintendo did it again. I i really thought they were going to get better, but 2020 has just been it’s just proven that nintendo has high quality games, but isn’t a high quality company. You can’t, if you, this, is a 19 year old game. People are just trying to have fun playing it. I don’t know what nintendo has against this they’re, not making their own version of melee online. So what do they lose from this anyways hashtag free melee, see what you can do to help and back to the video real quick. This final rating i’m giving is on the collection itself, not the games. I would rate the games inside of the collection, fours and fives out of five, but this rating is based purely off of the collection’s. Worse all right here we go. This is a lackluster collection that i can’t recommend to anyone. I’Ll leave links down below for anyone who wants to get into emulation 1.5 out of 5 just emulate or buy the original games. Also, sorry for not uploading, so long um i’ve been dealing with covid19 yeah. I actually got covet um. So sorry for that um i’m. Now streaming on, twitch i’ve mentioned this multiple times go check it out in the description we’re going to be doing a mario 64 stream banjo kazooie, all the different games – um, oh hope you drop by it’s gon na be a really fun time all right time.