Now this is a retro emulation, console, slash pc that you can pick up on aliexpress. They also have it up on amazon and recently on my channel. We took a look at the other version of this, which is the higher end version known as the super console pc. Now this one here did perform pretty well, but when it comes to like ps2 it kind of falls on its face. Overall, i do like the design, but in this video we’re going to be taking a look at the light version. The super console pc light comes with the pc itself, pre loaded with over 60 000 games and a controller here. This is the usb version, i’m, not exactly sure, if they’re going to be offering a wireless version, but it does come with a controller very similar. To this i did see that they’re also offering a black version of this controller here, but it’s a usb controller overall. It doesn’t feel bad at all. I mean it should be on par with some of the other usb controllers that you can pick up on amazon and other sites like that. So basically, this kit contains the controller which we just took a look at and the pc running bottosera and windows it’s a dual boot system, and this is actually using an off the shelf b link gk55. We do have a 128 gigabyte ssd to hold our operating systems and they’ve also installed a 2 terabyte hard drive inside of this thing to hold all of our games, so the pc itself is definitely tiny on the front.

We have some usb 3.0 ports around back. We have some more ports, dual hdmi dual ethernet, one is gigabit. One is 2.5. We have eight gigabytes of ddr4 ram and a quad core intel, celeron cpu, along with that 128 gigabyte ssd and a 2 terabyte drive. Now they advertise this as being able to play n64 dreamcast psp, gamecube, wii and ps2 we’ll have to definitely take a harder look at that ps2 emulation on this thing, but as the specs go for the cpu, we have the j4125. This is a quad core intel. Celeron cpu up to 2.7 gigahertz, the gpu is the built in intel uhd 600 up to 750 megahertz 8 gigabytes of ddr4 ram running at 2400 megahertz. We also have that 128 ssd and 2 terabyte hard drive. Like i mentioned. This has over 60 000 games right out of the box, and the operating system this is running is a dual boot setup. You can boot into windows, 10 or bottos, air and that’s. What we’re going to be taking a look at in this video? Also in the box you’re going to receive your power supply, there’s, a six foot, hdmi, cable and a mounting bracket. So you can mount this mini pc on the back of your monitor or tv, or you could just mount it to a wall or the bottom of a desk. But now i want to see how this thing performs. So let’s go ahead and boot it up.

For the first time and get into some testing all right so for this first part here i’m just going to be filming the screen, but i will plug this into my game capture to make it easier on me, i’ll be using that included usb controller. It really doesn’t feel that bad, but it would have been nice to see some wireless controllers included with this whole kit. They claim there’s over 100 systems and 63 000 games on this. Two terabyte drive going into all games. It’S not set up to show me the number of games on here, but we’ll scroll through the list. There are a ton of different systems here. As you can see, the front list here is actually broken up in the consoles. I think there’s some collections and uh publishers here but uh. We do have some game boy game boy, advance n64, wii, psp, genesis, neo geo, there’s, some cave stuff on here. You name it it’s, probably on here, except for the higher end stuff like xbox wii. U and ps3 i’m liking the interface here or the theme, but this can be changed out. You can download more and this one only has two installed. We have the original carbon theme for emulation station. So if you just want to go simple, you can go with this or you can connect to an online source, be ethernet or wi fi and download more i’m just going to stick with the stock included theme here, because it does look pretty good, so let’s go Ahead and open up psp and in here you’ll see we have our games, there’s, no videos, but we do have some box art and screenshots and real quick.

Let me try to see if we got that video section in here. I think it’s just going to be stuck with those screenshots and box art, which is totally fine. I mean if you want to play the game just get into it, but uh. I got a lot of stuff to test here. We’Re going to go super simple. First, up we’ll go with a cave game and unfortunately there’s only one here, but this is a really good game. Oh yeah and the bezels are already enabled, so most of these games should be at their native aspect. Ratio of 4×3 for the older stuff just does make it look a lot better and you don’t have those black borders on the side, at least for a lot of this stuff. If it’s running in retro arch like this one here is using the fba neo4, we will have bezels on the side, but for the higher end stuff, like wii, gamecube and ps2, they use standalone emulators. So these bezels won’t work with that. But on a system like this you’re going to be good to go with the lower end stuff, nes snes, pc engine cps, one two, three neo geo, there’s gon na be a ton of stuff that will run at full speed just using retro arch with one of Its cores, but i wan na get into some higher end emulation. I really wan na see how this thing handles dreamcast, psp, gamecube, ps2 and even psp.

So what i’m going to do now is go ahead and plug this into my game capture, so we can get a better look at it and uh we’ll get right into some testing with some higher end stuff, so first up ps1 going into this one. I knew we wouldn’t have any issues if you want to do some of the harder to run ones like bloody, roar and even tekken 3 it’s, going to run at full speed with each one of these games i’m going to be testing. I will have the name of the game on screen and i’ll have the fps up in the top right hand corner as long as the emulator allows me to, but here we have some ps1 with colin mcrae rally 2.0 and it’s running fantastic next on the list. We have some n64 and surprisingly enough, they’re, not using any cores in retroarch with this. This is move in 64. it’s, a standalone version down in the lower left hand corner it. Doesn’T give you the fps, but it kind of gives you the percentage of the speed and goldeneye 007 is running great here. Dreamcast performs really well. This is using the flycast core inside of retroarch personally i’m, a big fan of redream, but when it comes to a system like this flycast works great on these x86 cpus. I do want to test one more dreamcast and then we’ll move over to something a little higher, so checking out some psp using the standalone version of ppsspp we’re upscaled to 3x resolution.

With this one and it’s running great. But one thing that i have noticed is the harder to run games aren’t even installed on this system, like ghost of sparta chains of olympus and midnight club. But there are a ton of games that this will be fully playable with at 3x and 2x resolution. With this one here pro street, i did have to drop it down to 2x, but it’s better than running at the native res and it’s running at full speed, Music checking out some gamecube using the standalone version of dolphin. This is a harder one to emulate, but when it comes down to it, this isn’t gon na do every single, gamecube and wii game at full speed. This is automotive kind of one of my go: to’s it’s a harder one to run and, as you can see, it’s doing a really great job handling it we’re at 58 to 60 fps. I do see it dipped down every once in a while, but if that frame counter wasn’t on, i wouldn’t even notice it. So one thing that i’m kind of catching wind of when it comes to these games here for the higher end systems like gamecube and ps2. A lot of them are the european versions, which means they’re, pal and they’ll, only run at 50 hertz. Now a lot of these games can be switched as soon as you start it up from 50 hertz to 60 hertz, but i do notice.

A lot of this stuff is european and with a game like metroid prime, this is a european version and even then we do get some dips down to around 45. So when it comes to gamecube, there will be some games that’ll struggle on this system, another one they claim this thing can do is ps2, and surprisingly enough, this is crash bandicoot, even though it’s an easier one to run and it’s the european version it’s running it At full speed, we’re at 50, hertz here, 50 fps i’m – actually pretty surprised that it’s able to pull this off. But i do have a feeling that the harder to emulate ps2 games will struggle on this well, actually, i’m, pretty sure they will i’ve tested the j4125. In the past, in several different mini pcs and i’ve never had good luck with ps2 and it really shows once you move over to the harder to emulate, games, here’s, bloody, roar, 3, the european version we should be at 50fps and i’ve actually gone to the settings And turned on a couple more hacks to see if we could get it to run a little better, but we can’t pull a constant 50 out of this one. So in the end, this thing actually does a pretty decent job. When it comes to psp dreamcast, you want to do some n64 and some lower end stuff you’re not going to have any trouble. There are thousands and thousands of retro games that’ll run at full speed on this.

I personally wouldn’t look at picking one of these up, specifically for gamecube, wii and ps2, even though we can get some great performance in some of those ps2 games and gamecube games it’s, just not going to play the full library, or at least all of the games That are compatible with said emulator. We just need a little more power from the cpu and gpu to play all of those games at full speed. As soon as i saw this thing up for sale, i knew i had to get my hands on one just to see how it would perform and it did way better than i thought it would. But i wouldn’t go out and buy one of these specifically for wii, gamecube and ps2. Anything under that is going to run perfectly fine and you can do the whole library – and i think the main draw to something like this, because we are seeing more of these kind of pre built systems. Ready for emulation is they’re ready for emulation. I mean they’re ready to go. It’S a plug and play system comes with everything you need to get up and running, but that’s gon na wrap it up for this. Video really appreciate you watching i’m gon na spend a few more days with this thing and see really what it can do.