Basically, as I send up, laugh for some of my mates. Ive got a collection of sim racing and Motorsport friends. Weve all got group chatting and whenever someones depressed, usually its a call out from them to say, send me some chicken and then I saw this game and I was like Ill send you some super chicken jumper, but I absolutely would not now that Ive played this Game, because this game is poorly designed and its all down to the fact that the procedural generation has complete disregard for whether or not a game is actually completable or not. Whenever you start a level and Super Chicken jumper you play as a titular character. Who is going to be requested by an anime president, through some mildly, amusing, cut scenes to go off and James bondick, killing villaris Williams, um and mechs and weird strange creatures? Basically youll be doing this for an auto run Style game. But you can still move left and right across the screen to kind of petition yourself as you move around um and you have to jump over objects and then you do get the option to start attacking objects and enemies as you go through the game as well. Its not unlocked straight away, but it comes a few levels in there are six worlds to uncover and there are various different stages through each, but each one is slightly procedurally generated but theres a complete lack of disregard to whether or not anything is completable or not.

And this is down to the fact that you have a variety of different uh weapons that you can choose to use and some of them work better than others, but the enemies that come towards you come in batches that dont necessarily line up nicely with each other. So you can only like shoot or boom around one of them and then youll end up, because youve had to jump to do that landing on the next one and it doesnt matter. If you do a little hop with a short press of the jump button or a press and hold youll end up because of the fuzzy Collision detection, just being told youve hit it anyway. What will also happen is that because theres, a distinct cooldown between being able to shoot or Chuck a boomerang or stab a knife or whatever it is that youre doing often uh enemies will kind of come in like in a two at a time, and then one Just behind it and then, depending on where youre hitting something youll either catch the second one or you wont, be able to reload in time to hit that second, one coming in thus causing a game over. If you do manage to get over those quite often theres loads of wood or snowballs or ice blocks, that are in the way that you then cant help but land on, because youve had to jump to avoid a wall of enemies coming towards you and in other Levels, it works perfectly fine and you have like a little bit of fluid rhythmic platforming to do in, like short, like five second bursts before it all starts to like un pack itself and fall apart with all of these unbalanced waves.

This to me just gives a total disregard to the player their time, the effort and its a real shame, because these types of games can be quite rewarding and quite um hypnotic almost when they feel fluid and well balanced, but its like theyve issued purposely built levels That make sense for this procedural generation that just lazily Chucks bits of levels together, but theyve not really checked whether or not anythings possible or solvable, and so it doesnt feel like a good skill or that youve been skilled as a player to complete it and get Through the level, because half the time you cant anyway, and then you just have to make sure you dont muck it up when the opportunity arises for you to do so. Nowhere is this more clear than in the endless mode where I was looking at the online leaderboards. Like 14 people have been able to get Beyond like six seconds and you just kind of think. What are we all doing here and its a prime example again of just a complete disregard of um, good level, design versus a look procedural, endless replayability, but actually its an empty husk of a shell that no one would really want to play. So my advice to you is to avoid Super Chicken, jumper Im afraid I really did not enjoy my time with it and slugged through to get the Platinum eventually. It took me about 90 minutes, and while some of that was down to the fact that I disengaged and become quite lazy at playing it because I just didnt feel engaged in the game at all, it was largely because I felt that it was insulting my intelligence By not really lining up any of its procedural generation in a way that meant I could clear levels efficiently effectively and with skill Music.

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