Oh, you got comfortable with the stage here are some moving platforms. Wait you slip through those levels with ease, try, electricity, this game never really feels unfair, only challenging and like any great game. In the platforming genre, with assault each stage and level builds upon the last. This game will teach you to make better choices, either through victory or many many failures. I mean i only raged quit once and that was during the demo. This game was up there with the celeste and super meat boys of the world, it’s a brutal precision platformer that will test your skills as a gamer trust me when i say this, your fingers will get quite the workout you play as sunblaze daughter to a famous Superhero, who becomes trapped in this digital playground accidentally but don’t, worry he’ll, keep you sane and smiling, if not cringing, with several puns and dad jokes, my favorite here you’ll need to use what he taught you and develop the skills within yourself to escape this place and Once again be reunited with your cheesy father, like i mentioned earlier, the levels are unique. They can be as simple as watch out for that fast, moving spike filled platform or avoid those electric fields time it correctly, with the lasers, take out the enemies and dash, just in the nick of time, to finish the level now. Do it again, each set of stages has its own theme and backing soundtrack i’m fond of stage three myself.

So, no matter how many times you die, you can always rock out to some great music to the sound of your body being absolutely obliterated. I completed a few levels here and there i was at a point where i felt the well i’ll call it. The platform flow just jumped, move, duct and dash my way through strategizing. As i went along, i felt like a boss. Then i got zapped and if you require more of a challenge, slash punishment like celeste with the strawberries, you can go ahead and try your hand at collecting all the green cubes in each level i mean only someone absolutely insane would attempt something like me, i i’m Going to attempt it one day, i’ll attempt that the controls are very simple and very responsive. Oh and i may be very late to the party, but i kind of discovered the super jump midway between the second set of levels makes things way easier and you die less so plus in the game. There’S, a simple jump, but double jump for those tougher areas and obstacles and the super jump by pressing jump and dash together i mean with these type of games. The last thing we need to worry about is what to press when and how often to try and avoid the pit of spikes right below your feet. You’Ll burn you’ll be shocked, you’ll be sly, spiked and crushed there’s, all kinds of creative ways to rack up a depth count in sunblaze.

The only question is where my personal favorite obstacles are. The heated blocks. I don’t know why i think it’s, because they force you to think a lot quicker than you usually do. You can literally be contemplating the meaning of life on these things. Well, if it’s for the life of a fly, the moving blocks with or without spikes are standard. The electric fields will test your mind and the very underrated servers dude, a precise double jump on the platform kissed by the feet, only to bounce off the server to the next platform lovely. This is the kind of platforming. I really appreciate beautiful that’s. All i can say about the graphics that sunblaze boasts they’re beautiful and what can a monster would not equate a talking, helpful unicorn to beauty. Shame on you. The design of the characters reminds me of chibi cartoon characters in a dangerous ever changing world and speaking of chibi and q what’s, with making the spikes and other obstacles so damned adorable. I kind of felt bad when i fell into them, like i damn near apologized. The color scheme can be vibrant and playful like when the daddy uses all those corny one liners, hilariously incorrectly and without warning, become dark and mysterious. I really enjoyed how the devs played with this in each of the levels. I never knew where the story was headed. This also gave each level and cutscene so much more life. If this game didn’t have dialogue, i truly believe players would know exactly what was happening with just the color scheme and graphics alone.

Yeah. I know i’ve mentioned this before, but god the soundtrack is so amazing. I feel like every level is a bop look. No one enjoys trying that crazy puzzle jump dive time it right, so you don’t get crushed again level only to get crushed again, but with the right tune, soothing your eardrums. It feels as if the rage on your 200th attempt fades away with the melody. I love a great soundtrack, and this this one is amazing. Don’T ever change games from earth well create more crazy levels with amazing bops in the background and then never change. Thank you. So, if you’re, looking for a challenging game with amazing visuals, incredible soundtrack and great humor sun blaze is definitely worth a look. Also huge shout out to the devs games from earth for gifting me a key to the demo and the full game. The demo grabbed my attention and the full game, never let it go even after 600 plus deaths and, of course, a huge shout out to the indie game community for supporting an amazing title guys, keep it up.