This costs around about 30 panel, just under 30 pound and as always, i will stick a link in the video description in case. You want to go and check it out. So what we’re going to be doing, obviously we’re going to do the unboxing, because i like doing the unboxing and we’re going to give a little test. The only problem i have is, i can’t show you or let you hear the experience that i’m going to be hearing. You know surround sound, but i don’t know how to make it so that you can hear it. So i can only give you my experience, what i think about it and whether it actually works like i said it cost just under 30 pound and no, i didn’t buy it. Some vision sent it to me. So thanks very much for that some vision and as always, we will always do an honest review on my channel. So with that come over here and we’ll. Do the unboxing have a quick look around the box, see exactly what you’re getting for your money and then we’ll give you a little test right. Let’S have a quick look around the box, so it shows it can play on a pc, playstation xbox, one name of the company’s psych and it’s, a division of some vision, that’s. What it says like that, it says serif like in the matrix, if you’ve ever seen, the matrix, serif 7.1 surround sound pro gaming, headset blah blah blah a bit of information on the side usb and there’s.

A 3.5 millimeter auxiliary connection as well. Virtual 7.1 surround sound built in sound card. Amplifier might be nice enhanced bass. Hopefully i like a bit of bass, noise and echo cancellation, mic and name with the main company. Quick, look on the back cut pictures got a little controller with it as well and that’s about it, and then specifications blah blah blah i’m, not going to read all that to you, and that is it. So what we’re going to do is go, get my knife and cut them open right. So that is everything you get in the box. You get a online help thing chat, which is quite good. Online chat, free support, yeah, very good, very nice. We get a manual i’m guessing that’s, a manual user guide, yep, quick, look, yep very basic won’t need that, hopefully, anyway, you get a controller. So the controller is separate from the headphones, which is really good actually, because you can just use these as a normal headphones and you get a mic which is a bendy one, so that will plug into there again another good idea, because i’m thinking should the mic Break you can just hopefully get just a mic i’m, not saying that’s. What would happen, but hopefully does it go in anyway it does i’ve just saying which way is the tightest right the ridge got ta reach. There seems to be better like that, see that hold it in better, so let’s have a quick look around so what’s that soft leather in it it feels like soft liver, have a little smell, not much of a smell, but yeah feels very comfortable.

Don’T know what it’s going to be like after a long bit of gaming, something like that might be a bit sweaty. We will find out adjustable. Of course, oh johnny. Oh sorry, my bad, my bad, so oh yeah, quite a bit adjustment now got the name on now that’s, quite nice and let’s. Try that for comfort, a bit echoey i’ll give you that it’s definitely a bit echoey uh can hear the lead when i’m rubbing. It hope it won’t be rubbing and quite a nice length of cable as well yeah it’s, probably about two meters i’ll ever measure up, because you’ve got that length and also you’ve got that length as well and a little adapter. Yes. So what i’m going to do now is i’m going to measure up with the lead, see how long this is and see how long that is and then we’re going to give it a little test. So we have a couple of options for connectivity. You can obviously plug that straight into it like that which to me makes sense and then plug that straight into usb or that into there and use your onboard surround sound, yes, not sure which one to do i’m going to try it on there first. I think so with that, give me a couple of minutes and i will fill it all out. She’S all set up and ready to go, but before we do that there’s a couple of things i want to go through and one of them being this this little device here this is your 7.

1 surround sound this little baby. You need to use this, and it will only work on a pc will not work on an xbox or playstation according to the instructions, it only works on a pc. So if you want to hear the 7.1 surround sound, you need to make sure that you’ve got this plugged into your pc, because the headphones need to pass through into there. You can, however, unplug it, and you can plug that straight into your pc, your xbox, your playstation, your phone. If you’ve got a 3.5 jack connection, you can plug it into there and use that, like a normal, headphones yeah. Just take that off and away you go or the other option is, you can use this and again you can plug that straight into your pc, it’s, quite easy to do just plug it in like that and away you go and again you can plug that into Multi devices and that will just work like a normal headphone set with a microphone on it. So there are a couple of options for you to do. I just thought i needed to point that out to you, because i know what it’s like you’ll be saying: oh it’s, not working, why not working, i kind of you, know 7.1. You need to have this plugged in because all the technology is in here. Yes, the software and the hardware it’s all in now to get the virtual 3.0 3.5 to get the virtual 7.

1. So i need to point out what we’re going to do now is i’ve got a couple of demos lined up it’s difficult for me to make it so that you can hear it so i’m not going to do that because well i just can’t, do it! So what we’re going to do we’re going to do dolby digital 7.1 astronauts plus an atmos one, so that is overhead and everything. Now i probably won’t hear that one probably, but i thought it’d be nice to see or hear how it would sound. If i use atmos surround sound, not just 7.1 see if it does just work 7.1, it should work. Fine stereo should definitely work and even mono yeah, definitely and also we’re, going to do a little gaming, which is cs. So we are going to do a little bit of gaming and see if i can hear people coming up from behind me left and right. That sort of thing so with that let’s get on with it, shall we so here we go Music. This is dolby atmos. The world’s first object based cinematic audio with powerful moving audio that transcends from channels to moving around you with pinpoint accuracy whether the soundscape sits. The mood of a scene of nature’s fury well that’s, the first one out the way i’m, not playing all of it just part of it where’s your one foreign, all right. I set one out why, right so far, so good i’ll probably sound a little bit different, because when i put headphones on always sound a little bit different don’t, ask me why it’s like i’m talking through my nose so anyway, so far so good.

You could hear the surround sand, especially on the 7.1. The atmos i couldn’t hear overhead. I just it did sound like it’s coming from behind me or to the side of me. Didn’T hear nothing coming overhead, but i wasn’t expecting it to. I just thought i’d, give it a little try. You know it’s right. So what we’re going to do now, we’re going to do a little bit of gaming we’re going to do cs, go and don’t expect the graphics to be fantastic because i’ve got it set on low because it’s all about the sound quality, not the picture quality. So with that let’s get on with it, foreign uh, Laughter, that’s, better. I knew where they’re coming from right a couple of things to go through before i tell you what i think about the headset and one is the graphics yeah. When i was in game, the graphics are not fantastic. I didn’t adjust the graphics to improve them because it’s all about the audio it’s, not about the graphics, we’re doing an audio test. So i needed to concentrate on whether or not i could hear sound going around me or just going from left and right and yeah. They work pretty well, i could hear especially on the dolby. I could hear the left right going behind me. It sounded really good. The atmos was a little bit different couldn’t hear it going above me, but again the effects were still pretty good.

You could still hear it going left and right and behind you and i’m going like that thing that definitely works, so that definitely works also in the game. Csgo, the audio was very clear. You could hear people creeping around or running around. It is difficult when you’re in game like that, to find out whether or not they’re actually coming from behind you, because you’re concentrating on shooting people and can be a little bit confusing, especially with loads of people running about as well. So it does work but cs go. I do find it a little bit difficult to find out whether those behind me or not. You can definitely hear them from left and right, but not 100 sure that is coming behind me or in front of me, but they are pretty good sound quality i felt was very good actually for the amount of money it cost nice bit of base nice bit Of treble and yeah, i even tested the mic. What do you think about the mic? Let me know in the comments what you think you do need to go into your settings and adjust the volume up or down to get it right and that’s the same on any microphone. You have to always fine tune it most of the time you can’t just plug them in you just need to tweak them. I didn’t bother tweaking them. I left them alone, but i did adjust the volume in my editing software just to reduce the loudness because they were coming out a little bit loud, so i just turned them down a little bit.

While i was in gaming that so yeah microphone, i thought worked very nicely, always sound different when i p as soon as i put my headphones on, i talk differently. Don’T. Ask me why it’s just weird and yeah don’t forget, if you want surround sound, this does work, but it only works on a pc will not work on a tablet, a phone, an xbox or anything like that. I’Ve tested it also on my tablet, and i listened to some audio – why i had these on and yeah. They work very well. You can hear people talking nice and clearly with no distortion whatsoever. Nice and clearly, you can hear a bit of outside noise because i didn’t have this plugged in because this has got the filter in it as well to reduce noise and the controls on this. I thought were pretty good as well, the plus and the minus. They work really well even the mute button. They work extremely well got a nice little click to them, which i like. So you know you press them yeah. They work extremely well i’m, quite impressed for the amount of money you’re paying. Like i said 29.99. I think it was uh i didn’t actually buy them by the way. Like i said at the beginning, i got these sent to me, but yeah. They work extremely well very pleased with it. The only thing i couldn’t test well, i did test these by the way i plug these into my computer, and that means you’re bypassing that.

So if you’ve got software on your computer, that you want to use, you can just plug them to in and that will work, couldn’t test it on a phone, because i haven’t got a phone with a jackplug connection. So i couldn’t test it but, like i said, tried it on a tablet tried it on the pc and yeah. It works fine. I have no no qualms if you like, no qualms that this will work on your phone and with the the right connection, which is the one with three black rings. It should help you to work the microphone as well, so you should be able to plug this. Providing you’ve got jackpot connection 3.5 millimeter. You should be able to plug this in to your phone and be able to talk through there and listen for real, but, like i said, i haven’t got a jackplug connection on my phone, so i couldn’t actually test it. So uh with that, if you have any comments, post them below or any questions post them below, and i will try and answer them for you and yeah definitely gets more thumbs up like i said for the amount of money they are, they are very nice didn’t. Even make me ear, sweat, which i was quite surprised, because i thought yeah they’re well, ventilated and yeah make your ears a little bit warm, but they don’t make you sweat so yeah very pleased with that definitely gets my phones up like i said so with that.