This is apples, studio display which was released yesterday and in this video i want to show you how it works with ipad os. Thank you for watching our tablet be sure to like this video subscribe and comment. Hashtag. I tablet to enter the airtag giveaway when apple released the studio display. I immediately bought one because i wanted to see what its like to use the ipad with the studio display, and i wanted to see if there was a way for me to simplify my setup. At the moment. I use the imac as my home computer and then i have a macbook air for work and obviously the ipad is just floating around somewhere in between and i feel thats a bit of a waste of the ipad because its such an expensive machine and it can Do so much, but its just basically sitting next to my mac, instead of being used so im kind of wondering whether or not i should go back to my old way of working with the ipad, which is basically combining it with a display like this and running It over the usbc cable, which obviously then charges the ipad while i use it instead of having an imac and an ipad, and i feel as though this display, which was so expensive, which was nearly the same price. As my imac i mean i cant really justify keeping both of them because number one they dont look the same like after so many months of using the imac with white bezels and now going back to black bezels.

I can see how much ive missed the black bezels, even though these look amazing in my home theres, just something about the black which looks a lot more professional and it matches the ipad and also i dont want to manage multiple computers at work. It manages my macbook air and basically use my ipad pro more instead of switching between imac ipad pro and, of course, the m1 macbook air for work. When i went through the web page for the studio display. This line really jumped out to me, which is made for mac os and after a day of playing around with it. I can definitely tell you that this display with mac os works fantastically well, but now that ive had some time to play with it with ipad os. I can tell you that this is also a great display for ipad os. Obviously we cant fill the edges of the display yet because ipad os is not optimized for external displays and but if you go into settings and youre going to display – and it goes to the bottom, you can see that you do get some studio display settings which Basically, at the top is only one setting which is standard, dynamic, dynamic range you can allow display mode changes which is basically when this um is on the display mode will change the maps match the dynamic range of the frame rate of what youre watching on the Ipad, so im not sure if this is a good idea, but it also says that it may result in flickering or long periods of black whenever content changes.

So im not sure if thats something you should keep on but its nice, that you have the option for that and then you can also control the brightness of the display from ipad os and also set auto brightness on and off so thats a pretty cool feature. I dont really like this, i like to keep the display as bright as possible, but its nice, that you have all these options to play with, and obviously this display, which was made for mac os, is obviously optimized for ipad oso as well. So if you look at the interface, its basically just blown up ipad os, the ipad still after all, these years cannot use the full external monitor, which means you end up with these black bars on either side. There are obviously some apps that can take advantage of the external display, basically filling the entire external display. So if you take netflix, for instance, the interface is still pillar box like this, but the black bars, but as soon as you start playing, it fills the entire display and, funnily enough, it says on the ipad that its playing to a tv. So, even though this was made by apple for some reason, it still thinks that its playing to a tv instead of an external monitor, so the buttons on the ipad control the volume down here and the sound on this display is absolutely incredible. Its obviously very difficult to show you in a video, but its really really sharp and clear and very bassy, so im definitely going to move the desk homepage mini to my bedroom, because this display is just so good that i dont need the homepod in my office Anymore, but before i show you more of the studio display im going to show you, this amazing gift from x, ray art, x, ray art, creates art out of gadgets and, if i take it out of the box, this is what it looks like you can see.

This is the original iphone which has been disassembled and framed in this beautiful black wooden frame, the product ships in quite a sturdy box, with lots of foam and padding. This thing just looks amazing, if you want to put it in your studio or in your office or if you want to give it as a gift for somebody who really likes gadgets or apple products, because not only is it a piece of history or not only Is it a gadget that you probably owned or loved at some point, but you get to see the internals of the device in a way that we rarely get to see in our day to day life? So not only do i love this as a gift, but i think that this is the kind of thing that i would just buy for myself, just because it looks so cool with all of x, ray arts uh products, the device that is disassembled and framed, gets Labeled, in the top left hand corner with the marketings logo, underneath that and to the right of that is the date it was released and the data was discontinued and in the corner at the bottom. They have the quote from steve jobs with his signature, and you can see this was obviously a used device which i really like, because it looks like a piece of history. Thats been framed because obviously thats exactly what it is in 2007, when this device was released.

There was nothing like it on the market, and you know the rest is history and its really cool to see how primitive the first iphones internals were compared to what we have today and its a really cool experience to be able to look at the internals of The device and see something like the home button and all the pieces that went behind it as well as things like the volume rocker which you can see is that piece over there like it, looks so primitive and it doesnt look very high tech, but obviously, because Of the way apple markets, everything and because of the way they assemble it in their industrial design. Something like that looks like this turns into a cultural phenomenon. So this is a really really cool product and if you are interested in getting one for yourself or if you want to give it as a gift to somebody, for i dont know a special occasion or something like that. Ill leave a link in the description down below also, if you have old devices um lying around the house, instead of throwing it away away or selling them on ebay, why dont you turn them into art x, ray art also sells kits that allows you to create Your very own version of this, so if you want to do one for your apple watch, for instance, then they will send you the kit, as well as instructions on how to disassemble it, and you can create your very own art like this.

So thank you very much to x rays for supporting the channel, and i hope that you guys will also support them. So lets talk about ipad os and what ipad os 16 could look like this year. I think that now, that apple has the studio display. They have no more excuses to not allow us to use more of the display or to extend the display for things like safari mail, all kinds of different apps sure they can just keep this looking like that. But i think, as soon as you go into apps, they should allow us to use the full external display instead of having these black bars on either side. I think that the studio display is the ultimate upsell device, which means that now that they have the speed of the display after so many years of not having it so many people are looking at their setups and changing it up, which is basically whats happening. To me at the moment, i have this beautiful imac over here and now that ive got the studio display. I just have more options, which means i can use my ipad more like a desktop and also i dont need to worry about managing my work, mac and my home mac and keeping those files synced in between. I can basically just bring my work mac home and i can work on a display which is sharper and larger than my imac, and i think that there are a lot of ipad users out there who do not want to have a macbook a desktop, an imac Or other devices they want one device, because the ipad is the most versatile of all of apples devices you can draw on it.

You can touch it. You can run a fairly decent operating system on it. You can do a whole bunch of things on it, but you cant really do a ton of real work just yet, just because theres so many limitations. And i think that if apple was to extend certain apps or just give us a little bit more freedom. Or maybe even windowed apps when we add a an external display like this, that could really turn ipad os into something really really interesting and new, and i wouldnt be surprised that apple turns this into a studio display exclusive, where basically, external, monitor support is basically only Available to ipad pro users who own this screen, because that display is so powerful and the chip inside it is so powerful that its almost too powerful for what it is, and i wouldnt be surprised if apple finds a way to basically allow us to use the Ipad with this display – and i dont know – maybe they can even figure out a way to hand off some of the operations on the ipad to the external display and basically make this device work in unison, so that we can have a more powerful experience, because i Think that so many people want to do more with their ipads, because at the moment file management is so bad. We have no windowed apps, its multitasking is still a bit of a mess. I mean these three three dots at the top here.

The terrible thing that happens is that when you want to bring bring down notifications – and you swipe down from here, you end up going into multitasking mode, which obviously is very annoying. So i dont, i think, that theres so many places in the operating system, where apple, can make a lot of changes here to make it a smoother experience and make it slightly more like the mac, without destroying the simplicity of ipad os. And i feel as though this monitor over here could be the key to that another technology which i think is going to advance quite a lot in ipad. Os 16 is universal control. At the moment, you can use the ipad with a mac or a mac with a mac, and i wouldnt be surprised that this year they introduced windowed apps for the ipad, which allows you to drag the window from the ipad to the imac or to the mac, Which means that then, instead of working in a touch first environment, you can work in a keyboard and mouse first environment, because now that the m1 is inside things like the imac, the macbook air and the ipad pro and the ipad air, we can run the same. Software across the entire ecosystem, which means that if you put these two things side by side, you can take a window from one to the other work on it there and put it back, and i think that could be really really exciting future.

Until then, i dont really want to manage multiple machines if somebody wants to buy an imac im selling this one and im going to go for the ipad, only lifestyle for the next, while because i know theres so many limitations but again, like i said its, the Most versatile mac, its really fun, to use its very frustrating to use, especially once you, when you want to do a whole bunch of real work, but thats, basically just where we are with the ipad at the moment, and i feel as though, if ipad os 16 Is a big big disappointment this year and there are no big improvements like windowing, more advanced apps, but some kind of better multitasking, better file management and more pro apps. I think that its probably time to give up on the ipad and move to the macbook, because i love the ipad very much but im getting very, very tired of waiting for apple to do something more with it, because at the moment, its a really beautiful, capable Fun operating system, but its just not good enough for pro users and the pro and the name for ipad pro means absolutely nothing, because even with an m1 chip inside pro just means nice hardware and thats, not a really good story for apple to tell anymore. In 2022, so what do you think? Let me know in the comments down below i read all the comments and youll probably see me reply to a few of them.

So let me know if you think, im right, would you buy the studio display and do you think that the setup is kind of overkill, because i kind of like it? Thank you for watching our tablet be sure to like this video subscribe and comment hashtag.