I do videos and tech, adventures, stories, tips and tricks in this video i’m, not going to talk and dive into benchmarks on apple m1 chip. This video is going to talk about the real life experience from a lifetime windows user perspective, and what do you care of if you want to choose any laptop independently of any benchmarks and foolish numbers before m1 chips? Apple was known for apple tax, which means overpricing stuff, while you can get them cheaper for the same specs. However, no one can ignore the build quality, the optimization, the support that you can get from apple, the new soc chip from apple, the m1 it’s, based on arm architecture, which is the first generation of apple road map of two years transition replacing the intel cpus. But how legit is this hype and how are the apple claims in real life let’s see? In short, the new soc from apple is a system of chip which means similar to the architecture on our cell phones. That means all the computer components. Cpu gpu ssd rams are closely interconnected in one shift, so, instead of an electric signal needs to pass the whole board to reach its destination, leading to slower communication and higher heat emission. The communication now is much faster with lower power consumption to give better performance, more efficient performance compared to intel chips. So enough said about the boring technical side and let’s dive into the reality. How much i liked and dislike the use of my m1 macbook air? I have always been a windows user.

I bought my last windows laptop in 2019. It was yoga 730, with full specs light thin everything i need full loaded. It was around 1600 euros. You can see the specs on the left hand, side of my screen, i don’t know left hand side. I used that laptop for both engineering and gaming purposes and the m1 that i own now will be shown on the right side of my screen because of the disappointments i got back then in the real life experience, even with the specs that i mentioned for my Windows laptop, i don’t, believe now the numbers show in any laptop advertisement. I know now what i need the next laptop for my use cases for that. I start looking for something smaller, better battery performance, with no need to sacrifice the battery over performance and no need to do any tricks to get the same performance plugged or unplugged from the wall, and anything on top of this will be an additional feature for me. Now i was always hearing about the performance of macbook batteries and how good they are due to optimization, but i found out that macbooks was still relatively expensive and i have to pay apple text if i want comparable specs as a new windows laptop. Let me tell you a secret, i feel. Even then, if i bought an intel macbook, i would also feel disappointed due to the intel chip. Don’T tell anyone and whoop the m1 chip came out.

I was fascinated with every piece of information i was hearing back. Then. I was searching for every content, but taking everything with full grain of salt because i don’t believe advertisement numbers. However, more and more people was crazy about it. The hype was increasing more and more, and then i was curious to test this machine why people are so crazy about it. So what’s the difference between my windows, laptops experience and the m1 macbook experience let’s find out in my windows, laptops thermal wears so bad. Do you know why? Because intel is so hot i’m kidding because they are not. They are bad disturning, my seven processor, to perform like i5 due to thermal limitations, which means wasting so much power and wasting much battery to get the intended performance that you will never reach. Then you are losing money first tip for that don’t upgrade for higher cpu. If the body can’t handle that this also applied for the old intel macbooks. However, my m1 macbook air was barely warm in any use case, keeping in mind that no single fan included inside it. The m1 chip can smoke most of the laptop cpus with less than 15 watt of power consumption rather than 40 watts, and more to give the same performance in the new windows. Laptops in my windows laptop the battery drains so fast, even while sleeping like it’s. Okay, to get seven hours of real battery experience rather than advertised 11 hours, but not like four hours, and you have to do a lot of tweaks like undervolting, cpu and other profiles that you have to do, which is not suitable for an average user like you Are forced to sacrifice either your performance or your battery and you have to choose one of them fun fact.

I literally made a worksheet for the scenarios and use cases for my windows laptop to maximize that performance or the battery depends on the use case. However, the battery in the m1 is amazing is one of the kind i can easily last 11 hours without single charge, for example. I start writing this script at 100 percent and after three hours, it’s now, 83 that’s, crazy with web browsing and other stuff and the drain, while sleeping, is almost nothing another thing even on the high performance mode on windows laptop, you can get the full performance. However, in macbooks you can get the full performance plugged and unplugged, which is awesome. I don’t lose any performance if i unplug my macbook from the wall, this makes me do anything on the go. I always felt i can fly anywhere because of the fans that runs at full speeds in my windows. Laptop. Is that a jet, an airplane or a laptop and what’s annoying? That fans was screaming, especially if you are working in library, for example. However, from the other side, micro is completely silent. I’M. Really sad that i finished study, i want to test the joy of using a silent laptop inside the library from gaming side windows lab to smoke any macbook, but you have to be careful about the thermal performance of your laptop, which can bottleneck the performance. However, the integrated gpu and the m1 is really good compared to the one in the intel chips and can handle easily some games, but for sure not the heavy ones.

Keyboard is so good on the macbook. I really prefer it better than any other laptop. I have tests like the latitude, lenovo, thinkpad, lenovo, yoga or toshiba, but yeah. This is also a matter of taste. The mac has qhd display, which is really good. Really. Crisp apple has a p3 display for macbook air, which means a wider range of color displayed, and this is good for video and photo editing. The trackpad was surprisingly good in my old windows laptop, however it’s not close to the one i get in the macbook. The first time i use a trackpad without the need to use any mouse speakers in both was loud and good. However, and the mac was a bit crispier so what’s about the windows versus mac or s, software experience, the mac os was so smooth water experience. If we can say that i was worried about the transition, how i can handle that, but everything seems okay until now for sure i still prefer some stuff on the windows that’s why? I will run both of those operating systems. I don’t have any preferences, but i can guarantee that i will take this mac anywhere it’s. My new friend with no worries. Oh man, i’m iphone boying. Maybe i don’t know, but this is crazy. This is the first generation and only running on 15 watt of power consumption that’s incredible after three months and four to five months of searching for how good this or how bad this machine is.

I can recommend this base model macbook air, starting at 1, 000 for almost 90 percent of users, especially if your software that you are running is updated for the arm based version. This laptop has the best value or the best bunk for your box, keeping in mind the software that are runs on x86 architecture. They can still keep running on your m1 by the rosetta translation. Sometimes you can get better performance than intel. I don’t know how to be honest: there are still plenty room of enhancement. However, i can assure that this chip is going to take us to the new computation levels. The second generation of amp chips, m1x or m2, is gon na be released soon in summer, with a new design for the laptops. So if you are seeking for better performance and new design, i would definitely wait until summer to get that. You will never regret that trust me. Thankfully, i didn’t try an intel version of macbooks, otherwise i would be in place not trying any macbook anymore so guys. This is my honest review or experience about this machine and what to care about when you want to choose a or buy a new laptop don’t, get foolish with marketing and numbers and choose what you want for your needs. Guys don’t forget to subscribe for more interesting content comments, your thoughts about the m1 machines or, if you want any comparison between my m1 and my custom, pc or if you want similar content about personal experience of something i have tried before.