Recording video with a front facing camera. 1080P quality is okay. It doesn't have any electronic image stabilization and the audio bit right here is 96 kilobits per second. It sounds a little scratchy now you can probably hear some buzzing in the background that's just some cicadas. So what i'm going to do now is swap over to gcam. So there will be a lot of comparisons, it's all about stock camera versus gcam google's camera port to see which one here is the best at what so i'll be checking out the main camera video ultrawide portrait selfies all going to be covered in this video, and This is now gcam and what we're looking at is very similar kind of results here, but it doesn't seem to have the exposure that's better. The exposure now seems to be a little bit better. What about audio quality, which one do you think was best the first video clip i showed you was the stock camera. This now is gcam. Let me know down in the comments here which one for the front facing vlog quality is the best here. So this right here is 4k with the stock application here, and we have reasonably good stabilization when i pan around you do see a few jutters coming through and i'm just going to jog ahead a little and now i'll swap over to the gcam and see if The video quality is better, certainly has better audio quality, as you'll hear higher bit rate, so this is g cam, it's, 192 kilobits per second, the audio quality here versus the 96.

We have with xiaomi's and it doesn't seem to have so much of that panning jutter. When i pan around now, there is a bit of wind noise coming through, because it's a little bit windy here and just jogging ahead, which one do you think has the best stabilization best. Overall, video quality, i think, is actually probably the g cam here just seems so much smoother with the pants Music Music all right. So that was just a very quick look there. You can see that gcam does give us a very different style of photo. It depends really on what kind of scenario it is, but i noticed with bright colors, especially flowers, that it did so much better capturing all those details. It didn't clip like the stock camera app does that was clipping quite a bit there, the bright hibiscus red flower, the ultra wide captures more detail with gcam a wider field of view, but it has a little bit of distortion like a fist, fish eyed lens effect. Coming through there now for night shots um, i don't that was close. Actually, it didn't come out as quite as good as i thought, with gcam i mean it is maybe better in some shots, but maybe not. It was very, very close there now with the video as well. I think audio quality with the 4k look better stability on the 4k, maybe a little bit better as well with gcam, but certainly when i was panning around.

There was less of that jutter coming through when you pan, with the 4k using gcam. You can set a higher bit rate as well, and the higher audio bitrate, i think, made it sound a little bit better there. So overall it's worthwhile testing it out, but i want to do. We want to actually warn people as well that gcam the current ports that are out we need a little bit more time. This is such a new camera system, that's coming out on this new phone, of course, as well. Sorry uh that the dcam is a little bit unstable there. It crashes a lot uh when you go to two times. Digital zoom is in fact that's the ultrawide and when you click on the ultra wide and gcam that's, actually the macro camera there so there's a lot that needs to be tweaked uh front facing video quality is very glitchy as well. So just maybe wait a little bit for a much better port, but this is just a preview really of what we can expect using a gcam port here with the poco x3 and fc.