What i’m thinking this is right here. The steelseries prime wireless let’s go and find out why. I think this is an apology letter to fans out there why this is definitely a must have mouse coming in at 129.99, usd the steelseries prime wireless comes with a flexible charging cable, which is a usbc. You have a usb dongle as well as a 2.4 usb receiver it’s a right handed ergo mouse that honestly harkens back to the old days of steel series – and i am all for it folks gone – is a fancy excessive rgb, the overly designed cuts and line work Of the body from the outside, it honestly looks like a really boring looking mouse with no frills or anything to really catch your eye, but it is definitely packed full of high end specs and details measuring in at 125 by 59 by 42. I would definitely consider this what would amount to be an offspring of the g pro wireless and the zowie ec1? So it’s got this like contoured side right here, where your thumb is going to rest it’s, not an actual thumb rest, but it feels extremely comfortable and the side. Buttons are definitely an improvement over the rival 3 wireless or the air x3 wireless they’re, not as sharp with that angular cut right down the center, although i will say i do wish these buttons were a little bit bigger, but they give you ample room right in That contour side there to rest your thumb without bumping into the buttons.

On the right hand, side, the slope drops pretty drastically almost bending to the side and top with one swooping curve, it’s really comfortable on my ring and pinky finger as there is no sidewall to it at all, and in most cases when there is a sidewall that’s. Forcing my position one way or the other and that’s not going to be the case with the prime wireless mouse one and two have finger grooves, but nothing extreme like seen just previously on the extrify mz 1. The hump is in the middle and kind of shifted to the left, a little bit with a nice safe back end allowing you to use claw fingertip or a palm grip and it’s really comfortable. In my stance of like a relaxed claw with the hand size of 19 by 10., the shape and size makes up its 80 gram weight. The mouse does feel rather front heavy to me and maybe that’s due to steel series, prestige, om switches. These are magnetic switches, rated at 100 million clicks. These are actually not anything new as much as steelseries marketing claims it to be it’s been around for a few years, and you can actually pick up a mouse right now on amazon as cheap as 35 dollars with similar switches, but the same mechanic either way, though, The switches of this type are not only more durable than traditional switches, but also more durable than optical switches. The use of a much larger and thicker spring helps prevent any likelihood of any failure.

It’S not without defaults, though, since i believe that there are more components involved, that’s what’s, contributing to the overall added weight to this mouse. They are super crispy though, and they might be a tad too loud for my liking. The side buttons are going to be using your traditional switches. They feel great and they’re super responsive. The scroll wheel is textured with a nice grippy layer to it, with a nice thin subtle line of rgb and that’s. All the rgb you’re gon na find on this mouse. There are defined steps to it and the actuation is a little more heavy than what i’m used to, or my preference but let’s go ahead and give you a sound test on everything. Now the prime wireless it built like a brick there’s, no flexing no creaking. Nothing like that at all, so huge props to steel series for creating another super durable mouse. There is gon na be minimal play in mouse one and two. But honestly, i consider that an acceptable tolerance and there’s no issues involved with it. The surface is fantastic and extremely comfortable it’s. This textured matte coating that really prevents an excessive buildup of fingerprints, and it keeps my palms from sweating underneath are big improvements here. As steel series listened after, the air x3 fiasco the feet on the prime wireless on a 100 virgin grade ptfe, while they’re not tapered, the edges are rounded and it glides exceptionally well and they’re, not too thin either.

I didn’t notice any drag or scratching from the body hitting any surface that i played with your dpi button and power. Slider is going to be cozied up right next to that true move air sensor, which is going to be a proprietary sensor in partnership with pixar it’s, a sensor that’s built with battery life in mind, so it’s definitely ideal for wireless mice, with their quantum 2.0 wireless You’Re going to get right around 100 hours of play time, there is no battery indicator anywhere, except for when the rgb changes on your scroll wheel. Fortunately, this does rock a usbc connection, and with that connection, you are granted the ability to charge this within 15 minutes and get 40 additional hours of battery life. The sensor, though i never had any issues with surface reading, tracking or stuttering with that true move air. Frankly, i’ve always enjoyed steel series and pixar and what they’ve done together and that continues here. The one thing i will say, though, if you’re a crazy weirdo uh, the sensor is going to be located. I would say the lower center part of the mouse is not going to be completely centered, but i don’t personally have any noticeable impact when i’m playing any game. If the sensor is directly centered or centered, frontward or centered backward now, when you plug in your mouse don’t make the same mistake. I did and you just load up your steel series engine, and this is what i believe, the first product that actually requires your latest software, the steel series gt once you do, though, you’ll be able to adjust the dpi, the battery life, saving options, pulling rate angle, Snapping and that one rgb zone, sadly, though, steel series has not given us the option to adjust the liftoff distance, i feel as though the prime wireless liftoff distance is a little higher than one millimeter.

So i was really hoping to be able to tinker with that within the settings, so hopefully that’s something we can see later on down the road that steel series will update. So, while just moments ago, i would say what a week and a half ago or two uh, i really just kind of crapped all over the rival 5.. I did not like it at all. It just seemed like a very cheap mouse that steel series is kind of peddling out and they’ve really kind of redeemed themselves, with the prime and oddly enough they’ve been sitting on this for a while, because i remember seeing leaks of this almost a year ago. So i definitely do think that steel series does have a winner with the prime wireless now keep in mind. I never did use the other wired versions of these now they’re going to have the same shape, but they are going to be a little bit different as far as the actual sensor being used and, of course, the weight. But my overall experience with the prime wireless was absolutely fantastic. I loved it to death. It really made me kind of question my love for that rockette cone pro air, because this just felt extremely comfortable as well, and i don’t know if that honeymoon phase is just still kicking strong with this. But this is just a really exciting mouse. Despite its boring appearance, that does it for me, though, i am j, for i do appreciate you watching the video, if you did like it, please throw a like and, of course, hit that subscription button.