However, I do feel that its time for an upgrade, because micro USB charging is very inconvenient in 2023, and this headset isnt super durable and since I do solo queue Apex. This headset has seen its fair share of abuse and Im, not proud of it. But today were going to check out the steel series arctis Nova, 7 or wireless headset. These are much more durable, they have more features, and this headset is great for both gaming and you can also use them as a normal pair of headphones with your phone. Now. Just keep in mind, this review is coming from the perspective of someone who mostly games on console, Xbox and Playstation. If you want to get the most out of this headset, then you might want to use them for PC gaming. Regarding pricing, the steel series arctis Nova 7 – has a retail price of a 180 dollars, but there are three versions of this headset. Now the PC and Playstation versions are basically identical, but with the Xbox version, youll be able to use this headset with your Xbox, but youll also be able to use it with any PC, a PlayStation switch tablet or phone. So personally, I would spring for the Xbox version just so that you can have maximum compatibility. If you want to pick this headset up, itll be linked down below or you can always press on the YouTube shopping button. And if you want to further support the channel check out the merch shelf down below Ive, made some shirts and hoodies that look and feel great, and if youve been watching me for a while, you know I can be very particular so Ill only set my name On something that Im really proud of now, first lets talk about the headset itself.

The headset itself has hard plastic, ear, cups and plastic arms, which are a little hard to pull out over the headband weve got a large steel headband, which has a hit of Soft Touch. Silicone underneath weve got a suspension style headband, which is great for Comfort, because hot spots are not an issue whatsoever and the earpods themselves are fabric. So these ear pads stay cool and breathable even after multiple hours of gaming and these fabric, earpads are a great option, especially for gaming. Through those hot summer nights fit wise. This headset is very comfortable. You can wear them for hours on end without any issues whatsoever. However, I do have some critiques. My main critique is that this headset is a little on the heavier side. The Nova 7s weigh in at 325 grams. So with this headset, you never really forget that youre wearing it with like lets, say the arctis one and for comparisons sake, premium ANC, headphones weigh in at an average of 270 to 280 grams. But the important thing is that the suspension headband on this headset does a really good job of evenly dispersing the weight of this headset. But the other critique that I have about this headset is how the ear cups rest on your ears. Now I like the range of motion that these ear Cups have. It helps this headset rest, more naturally on your head, but I cant help but feel that these ear cups May dont apply an even amount of pressure.

All around your ear, theres a little more pressure on the top than on of the Bottom. Now this isnt a deal breaker and eventually you do forget about it, but its something that I feel needs improving. But, besides that, the ear pads on the set set are very spacious and theyre going to have no problem accommodating most ear types, and even if you have a very large ears or ears that stick out a lot, I think these ear pads are going to fit. You just fine, but overall this is a very comfortable headset that you can wear for multiple hours on end, but, like I mentioned earlier, this is also a really good headset to use as a normal pair of headphones, and I say this because this headset has a Really relaxed design to it, it doesnt have a super loud or over the top gamer design to it and its not covered in RGB, and I also really like the fully retractable microphone, because when this microphone is put away, it basically disappears, but finally theres the durability Aspect of the set Sim, the Nova 7s – have really solid construction because because theyre using heavy metals for the headband – and they have heavy Plastics on the ear cups and on the legs of the headband. So I do feel that this headset is going to be able to withstand a good amount of abuse. And personally, I feel that when youre looking at a gaming headset, you do want to look at durability and abuse, because, unfortunately, things do happen, while youre gaming, but now lets talk about tech specs regarding battery life.

If the Nova 7s havent advertised battery life of 38 hours and if you were to charge them up for 15 minutes from a dead battery, theyre going to get you six hours of use which isnt half bad now when it comes to charging the touchdown, it charges Via a USB C Port, which is very convenient if youre, a current gen console user and its also very convenient if youre, a PC Gamer. But if you want to, you can always just use this headset with a wired connection, because it still has a 3.5 millimeter audio jack, and this is actually very handy because lets say, for example, your headset dies on you in the middle of a game, and you Just dont have time to go and charger headset. You can always just plug them into your controller and use them with a wired connection and use them passively. Itll. Be enough for you to finish off the game, and maybe you can put this headset to charge up and you can go and get yourself a quick snack or if you have a long enough, USBC, cable or if your setup allows it. Then you can always still use this headset wireless charging and you can continue to use it wirelessly, while youre connected to your console or a PC, but now its about connectivity now, first off whether youre going to be using this headset with an Xbox PlayStation or a Pc youre gon na have to plug in this transmitter, and, like I mentioned at the top of this video for maximum compatibility, you want to get the Xbox version, because the PlayStation and PC version arent going to work with Xbox.

Now, once you plug in this transmitter into your console or a PC, its simply Plug and Play theres, no additional software that you have to to install and if youre going to switch from one console to another or switch from your console to your PC. Its as simple as simply just unplugging, the transmitter from one device and plugging the transmitter into the other device and connectivity wise. This headset does a really good job of always connecting to its transmitter. Whenever I power it on, latency is never an issue and the connection never gets choppy. But the neat thing about this headset is that you can also connect to it with Bluetooth, so you can always connect your phone to it and you can also have your phones, audio and your games audio going at the same time, and this is very useful because If lets say, for example, youre playing an RPG and youre simply grinding it out to get extra XP points, then you can always have a podcast or video playing in the background or if youre playing a battle, royale or some FPS game, then you can always have A video playing in the background when youre in the matchmaking Lobby – and you can do all of this and actually listen to whatevers on your phone without having to remove the headset. But now lets talk about the Sound Performance of this Hudson. Now, as somebody thats upgrading from the arctis 1 2, the arctis Nova 7.

, I can say that this headset sounds notably more open than the arctis one, and the bass does resonate harder. Overall, the Nova 7s does have better SMS operation than the arctis one, and thanks to the improved instrument Separation on this headset, you are going to get better immersiveness out of it. Whenever youre playing your games now out of the box, this headset has a very Dynamic Sound signal to it. They have a strong base and the mid Highs are a little Amplified. Overall, they sound good, but as someone that likes to play a lot of Apex, I do have to go into their customizable EQ and I do have to lower their highs a little bit so that this headset doesnt get ear piercing. When I fire my weapon, but something that is missing on this headset from the the arctis 1 – is being able to adjust how much dynamic range compression you want now, the Nova 7s have a volume limiter, but with the arctic ones, you can dial how much dynamic Range compression you want and with dynamic range compression is, is that it basically makes quieter, sounds as in footsteps louder and makes loud sounds as in bangs or explosions less loud. So you can use your headset at a higher volume to listen for those footsteps, but youre not going to go def if you start hearing those big bangs or explosions and personally I do miss having this option on the Nova 7s as a console gamer.

However, my main complaint about this headset is that if you want to adjust its EQ or customize any of its options, really you have to do that from your computer. As in, if youre a console, gamer youre gon na have to get your transmitter and plug it into your computer and youre gon na have to download the steelseries GGI app and then from there youll be able to customize your EQ. Unfortunately, You Cant customize the EQ of this headset directly on your console, like you can, with the stock Xbox headset or the stock PlayStation headset, or how you can with razers headsets, and unfortunately, this headset also doesnt have an app for your phone. Now, whether you have a PC or a Mac, youre going to be able to somewhat customize this headset through the steelseries GG app and from here youre going to be able to customize your EQ adjust the mic, gain and side tone, and you can have different presets For different games, but again in order for you to change between these presets youre, going to have to connect this headset to your computer. So if youre a console gamer like I am then youre gon na have to find an EQ setting that you really like and youre going to want to use it most of the time. But finally heres the microphone test. Now. Im gon na have to say that, while in a quiet room, this microphone sounds very impressive.

My voice sounds very clear. Now my voice does sound a little bright, but personally I do like that, while Im playing a game, because I feel that a brighter sound signature is going to help cut through all of your games audio but for comparisons sake here is a microphone test with the Stock, Microsoft, Xbox headset. Now personally, I feel that my voice still sounds really good with this microphone, but the clarity isnt as good as with the arctis Nova, 7. and heres the microphone test with the Razer Cairo Pro. I feel that this microphone has a warmer sound signature to it and it just doesnt sound as clear as the arctis, but now heres, a second microphone touched with the Razer cover Pro. But this time we are running a low frequency, sound in the background to simulate either an AC unit or having a fan in the room with you. Now this microphone is doing a decent job of blocking out this noise pollution. But this time around my voice does sound a little warmer than before, whereas with the Xbox headset. This microphone is doing a really good job of blocking out this low frequency sound all while still keeping my voice front and center, but then theres the arctis Nova 7.. Now this microphone continues to sound amazing, but in this simulation, this microphone is picking up a good amount of a low frequency, sound that we have in the background thats simulating either an AC or a fan.

So if you do plan on using this mic, this headset with your console either an Xbox or a PlayStation. You are going to want to be mindful of your surrounding noise pollution and youre, also going to want to lower the gain through your steel series, GG app. So with all that being said from the perspective of a console gamer, I think the steel series arctis Nova 7 – are a pair of very well built headphones, but its software for a console gamer needs improvements. This headset feels very premium in your hands and this this headset is very durable, which is great for those rage induced moments for when youre gaming. The compromise for the durable construction of this headset Dome is that they are a little on the heavy side, but this headset does a great job of combating its extra weight by having that headband suspension system, which does a great job of evenly dispersing its weight and Plus it also has those super breathable ear pads from a tech spec standpoint. This headset has a really solid battery life with a really good fast charging. But if your headset were to die on you in the middle of a game, you can always use them while theyre charging or you can use them passively with a wired connection. Compatibility wise, if you were to get the Xbox version, youll be able to use them with an Xbox PlayStation PC switch, and you can also connect them with your phone or tablet by just using Bluetooth overall theres a lot to like here, but as a console gamer.

I dont like that, any customization that you want to do to this headset. You have to connect them to your computer. I think steel series really needs to make software for consoles and phones so that you can more easily adjust the EQ on this headset. Among many other things, if you made it this far, I guess you enjoyed the video so hit the like button and get subscribed. If you want to pick any of the products up, theyll be linked down below, and if you want to further support the channel check out the merch. I made some shirts and hoodies that look and feel great, and you know I can be very particular so Ill.