The story is Star Wars. Well, you play both the Republic and the empire. In alternating scenarios. The Republic apparently has plans to build a very giant secret weapon, and the Empire, of course wants to stop them, and you actually get to play The Republic and the empire in alternating scenarios. The single player campaigns last of seven to maybe 10 hours, depending on how you play and the difficulty setting you use, stretched over 14 different chapters and then theres a multiplayer. That is equally big. Even though there are two only two mods and that is five versus five uh dockfights, which is basically a team that match where you kill each other and then theres a Monumental Fleet battles. That is a bit more deep because you destroyed Fleet defenses and then the flagship, and hopefully sooner than the other team, will do the same so its big battles, not only with real players but could be combined with AI ships as well. We should also mention that this game plays very well in VR. We dont talk about VR very much on our Channel, but this seems like the perfect example of a VR game, because youre not walking around in full VR youre, actually steering the ship around. We havent been able to try it from what weve heard it is a really thrilling experience, so you might be wondering what is the difference between Star Wars Squadron and Star Wars, Battlefront 2, which offers both multiplayer dogfights and underground as well.

One of the big differences is how you can change the Power Balance in your ships in Star Wars. Squadrons you can, with the push of a button, adjust more power towards your lasers or towards your Shields and certain ships or your speed, which makes the dog fights really interesting to emphasize, maybe speeding away and then spinning around and quickly putting all power towards lasers. To be able to blast your enemies away, this is once you master it quite satisfying. Another difference is definitely the fleet battles mode, more Riot of locations or customizing your ships to your needs. This should give you a sense of what the game has to offer, and that brings us to should you play it, but first you should know that this game is going to be completely free to claim and keep forever from the epic game store the week starting November 24th. 2022. Add it to your library, keep it forever, and that is what we do on this channel. We play and review every free game from the epic game store, so you never have to be bored with bad games ever again. So I really like how you can easily pick up the game and start playing it. It is a simulated as well. It is rkd enough, so its not too hard to control. We, we tried it on both mouse and keyboard for Caleb and me for Gamepad. It worked well for both and I really enjoyed my time in there and I would really recommend it to people who, like space simulators, because I felt a Nostalgia about the first X Wing and T fighting.

It is very similar, only better graphic, Great Sound and everything that you like about Star Wars and Ive always been hesitant about trying this game, because I really like Battlefront 2 much more than I expected. I played much more than I expected. My least favorite part of that game was the ship fighting, and this game is entirely that and because Im never been a big fan of dog fighting or flight combat games. That kind of thing now, what you said is is correct, is its very easy to control and its very easy to start, and I think this mechanic of being able to quickly change the balance of power adds a really interesting element to the gameplay that did make It more user friendly and easy to start right away. I really appreciated that. I think mainly because Im a fan of Star Wars and the universe that this made it interesting to play through the single player story, but I wouldnt spend a lot of time on the multiplayer version. So if youre, not a big fan of dog fighting games, youre – probably not going to get a lot out of it, but since its free, it is definitely still worth it to play the single player campaign. Its short, the visuals, are great. The care characters are not very deep, but its interesting and it plays really smoothly and is just kind of entertaining not really frustrating and challenging, like I was afraid of so since its free, especially Im going to give it a thumbs up that.

Yes, you should try. It – and I definitely agree that, for some people Star Wars, Battlefront 2 might be a lot better since its more Rarity more content.