True, things have never been said for many people growing up in the 1960s that guilty pleasure was a poorly rated show that was canceled after just two seasons. Before a letter writing if I was able to bring it back for a third season after which it was promptly canceled again and yes not even I like the original series, I like its kind of bad its kind of bad lets, start in the 90s or 1989 1987, when did Star Trek the Next Generation come along the good one. At a time when there was literally only three television channels to choose from this show. Couldnt even finish off in the top 50 shows that it had that season. It was not until it began airing and syndication in the 1970s that it would gain the cult following that it has today. We are, of course, talking about Star Trek. Star Trek is home to all sorts of future technology that we wish. We had like warp drives and food replicated its also into future technology that we probably dont want like teleporters the ultimate death machine, which we addressed in a previous video, its you dont use that dont. If some magical alien comes along and says Ive got a teleporter be like, can I bring down the shuttle Im not getting in that death machine no way? Dr Pulaski was right if you havent, already seen our episodes on how far from a warp drive we are and why you dont, want me to want atom by atom by a transporter, be sure to check out those videos after this video, because Shameless self promotion is What makes my world go round? Look while a lot of the cool gadgets from Star Trek remain totally Out Of Reach.

Look dont worry Transporters, aint covered anytime, soon, youre safe. For now. There are, however, quite a few that have become reality. Today were going to be taking a look at a few things that seemed futuristic when they first appeared on television in 1966, yet a totally commonplace today: Music, removable storage, sometimes the ideas we see in science fiction are pretty straightforward. They take something that already exists and just imagine its a little bit better or imagining a new use for it or just making it really small. Such is the case with Star Trek and their removable storage. The fancy term for floppy disk said USB drives now. This wasnt much of a stretch of the imagination for the creators of the show Magnetic Tape, was used for real to reel audio recordings in the 1930s in the 1950s. People realized that this same medium could be used to storm not only audio but also video information resulting in the invention of the videotape recorder. This was different from the VHS tape that you might be familiar with, and it was only for industry use but its the same principle, and if Magnetic Tape could be used to store both audio and video, then why couldnt it be used to store pure data. We now know that it can and honestly it seems pretty obvious, but this was non existent future Tech. In 1966., the first popping disk drive wouldnt go into r d until 1967 and it wasnt released until 1971.

. One point: fortnite must have been less back in the day. I remember this, but I reckon were 1.44 megabytes of storage, which is a joke. Today, tablets top screen technology was first developed in 1965, so Star Trek isnt going to claim credit for that. However, they do get to claim credit for inventing the original tablet in the form of personal access, Display Devices or pads. Of course, they are never once referred to by that name in any television series or movie, instead being referred to as things like a data slate or even just paper. Thats, not tablet, thats, not an iPad thats. My data slate Im bringing it back the first official reference to the term PAD, seems to have come from a tiny exit. In the fourth edition of the Star Trek encyclopedia released in 2016., whatever the creators felt like calling them at the time. There is no denying that the pads were an accurate prediction of various tablets from Kindles to iPads. These devices were portable, roughly the size of a tablet and were often seen as being interfaced with the ships computer. The way you might connect your tablet to another device via Bluetooth or Wi Fi. Interestingly, there are a couple of things that Star Trek seems to have gotten very wrong with the grants of tablets. First is the timeline predicting the future is hard, so we cant really fold it for this one. However, they were extremely conservative with their estimates.

I predicted that these would not become commonplace until sometime in the 22nd century lets say this is only a hundred years wrong best case. Not only did we develop them faster than expected, but our tablets are far superior to the ones used on Star Trek. Also, it would seem not only did they occasionally refer to their pads as paper, but they seem to treat them as such as well. Our modern templates are essentially full on computers and on the show they seem to serve individual functions. It was not uncommon to see someone with a stack of tablets on their desk each for a different purpose. One may have navigation data on it, while another could just be a novel that the character was reading for pleasure. Amateur tablet use In fairness to the creators. Data storage was pretty at the time when the show began the worlds. First, ever eight inch floppy drives werent even being developed yet so we can forgive them by thinking that a single tablet holding the entire text of War of beasts would be impressive, even if that was the only thing that the tablet could do addictive and predatory mobile Games this entry comes from Star Trek, the Next Generation, my favorite Star, Trek and its a reminder. The not all future Tech is a good thing. The Rises of the show were extremely ahead of their time. With this, one and theyd probably be disappointed to discover just how accurate their prediction was.

The 106th episode of TNG is titled the game, its classicish episode, where Riker returns from vacation on a pleasure planet with a highly addictive, augmented reality game. He gets the rest of the crew of the Enterprise addicted to the game as well classic Riker and is up to everyones least favorite character ever Wesley Crusher classic Wesley to save the day. With the help of his new love interest, Ashley Judd, it seemed like such a strange and Goofy premise for an episode, especially since Star Trek wasnt, the kind of show to go around blaming the evils of society on video games and rock music in the show. The game was able to be so addictive by stimulating the pleasure centers of the brain each time the player completed a level though Howie got right here to spread the game to the rest of the ship is unclear. I can tell you how look at many people playing mobile games and anything they heard about them. Word of Mouth Rikers, just spreading It Word of Mouth. This is exactly the same way that free to play mobile games are designed. Today. Games are specifically designed to create addiction by releasing tiny hits of dopamine and they incentivize players spreading it to their friends with in game, rewards the ultimate goal of the game in Star Trek, wasnt entirely clear, but here in the real world its money baby calls Hard Cash everyones favorite AR game Pokeball grossed nearly a billion dollars in 2020, the fifth year since the games release and its most profitable.

Ever it turns out that engineering, a game specifically for The Burbs of being addictive, is extremely effective to the point that there have been pushes to make the free to play game model illegal, while Star Trek may have accidentally hit the nail on the head with the Gay game: it was society that dropped the ball on this one. You saw a TV show that featured an entire planet dedicated to hedonistic, pleasure, and instead of working towards that, you decided that you should make a free to play monetized game, brilliant work world. Thank you. Video conferencing, technically, the first video call took place at the 1964 Worlds Fair two years before Star Trek premiered. However, it would not become commercially available until 1970 and even then it barely was. It was far from successful and people didnt really know what to do with it. The idea of video calls may have already existed, but Star Trek was the first one to actually show a practical use for it, its all too common in any iteration of the show. For the captain to request an incoming communication to be put on screen, we could watch as characters would talk to another by looking directly at their screens. They probably didnt realize it, but they had solved the problem that would plague video phone or companies for decades to come. The issue with video phones is that no one, including the people, marketing, really had the idea what the hell to do with them.

How do you get someone to stare at a screen on the phone connected to their wall or sitting on their nightstand while they have a conversation? The answer is you just dont? What Star Trek understood was that the key wasnt to put the screen on a phone? It was to make the phone part of the screen that someone was already staring at virtual assistants. Typing can be a bit of a pain in the ass, even though Star Trek was already predicting widespread use of touchscreen technology that still required the use of their hands, which could be better used for other things. Or why waste your time with something so cumbersome when you could just tell the computer what you wanted to do voice recognition? Technology was first being developed in 1971, but when Star Trek premiered, it was still just pure science fiction. Not only could the ships computer except voice commands, but the communication was a two way street. The computer could both take orders and respond to questions, though it didnt really engage in any small tour fast forward to the present, and this technology has become part of Betty peoples. Daily lives, unreliable part of their lives, Im, often yelling at Siri and its its just. Not its like weve said results to your iPhone that are completely around thanks. Siri thanks Siri. What it is good for is turning off all these lights and stuff. All of my Studios, automated and I love that the computers on Star Trek are everything that we wish.

Siri and Alexa were they could understand what people were saying and they gave useful information beyond the top Google result for the question. It thought you asked, but definitely didnt nailed it Kevin who wrote the script. Currently, virtual assistant still leave a lot to be desired, though the majority of that is just the result of the limitations of available voice recognition. Technology quantile devices can actually understand what were saying. Theyll, finally, do what we tell them to, instead of just pulling up reviews for our local Chinese takeout restaurants, when we didnt ask for that in any way whatsoever. Siri. Sadly, no matter how advanced our virtual assistant scared its an uncertainty that well never be able to say, t, oh Gray, hot and have a cup of tea magically appear. This is very sad and now Ill. Do your wonderful, favor Allah Alexa play despacito enjoy the few. The future everybody bluetooth earbuds, as we said earlier, or one of the keys for sci fi future Tech, is to take something that already exists and then make it better. Telephones existed, but holding the receiver either required using one of your hands or holding your neck at an uncomfortable angle and hoping the phone just didnt fall away. This problem had already been solved by the time Star. Trek aired and hands. Free headsets were already common among telephone operators and other professions, but what if the design could be even better? First, that chord has got to go.

Chords are a pain in the ass and nobody likes to be Tethered to a location like that. The earliest devices that were referred to as wireless headphones already existed, but these were just portable battery powered radios that used headphones instead of a speaker. The increased versatility of a wireless headset was a natural inevitability, but well give Star Trek some points for this easy prediction. More importantly, they chose to ditch the headset altogether instead giving a horror the equivalent of a Bluetooth earbud. The only real difference between her earbud and modern day versions is that, instead of wrapping around the ear to be held in place or being extremely small to the point of being nearly invisible, her is earbud jutted straight out from Maria. This is a pretty bizarre design decision, but it was also a prop for a TV show having the earpiece be so small that it couldnt be seen, would force viewers to use their imagination. At that point, we may, as well have been reading books instead of watching TV, like idiots advice that wrapped around the ear would have been visible and made more sense, but perhaps they just didnt think that would look future mobile phones. Finally, the example – you almost certainly already know as apparently any video on this topic is legally required to include it and thats. Of course, mobile phones. The communicators from Star Trek not only predicted mobile phones, they directly inspired them. The original Communicator resembled a flip phone and Motorola engineer.

Martin Cooper had explicitly stated that the show inspired him to design the worlds first. Mobile phone originally demonstrated in 1973.. Early phones were enormously bulky and looked nothing like the Beloved Star Trek communicators, but it was only a matter of time before that changed, while not the first flip phone on the market. When Motorola released the first flip phone in 1996, they named it the Motorola star tag, an obvious but legally distinct, nod to the classic science fiction show that inspired both the original technology and the new design. Now most of these Technologies were not the invention of Star Trek writers. In fact, none of them probably were, though they may have existed in science fiction long before Kirk first boarded the Enterprise it was Star Trek from which they are best known. That or you know, being real things that actually exist now the show may not have been the original source of these ideas, but it is what brought the ideas into the mainstream Consciousness. We spent a lot of time on this channel telling you either how impossible the things you want are well how, at the very least, youll, never see them in your lifetime and were sorry about that, but its nice to take the time now and then to remember That not everything from science fiction remains fiction.