Really i love using squarespace its one of the easiest websites to use its just super intuitive and theres nothing complicated about using squarespace, which is one of the reasons. Obviously i i dont code and thats why i like using squarespace. It makes everything super uh, easy to just kind of modify and whatnot ill, be getting into that. Of course, im going to be looking into the editor, the features, the templates and commerce e commerce, as well as pricing, well get through all of that. But if youre interested by the way in getting a little discount uh for squarespace make sure to check the link in the description below uh. Hopefully, you guys can save a little bit more cash than just going to the regular website without any uh special discounts or links all right now, squarespace just so that you guys know. This is not going to be for everybody, but it will be suited for most people, because squarespace is not for huge websites. You know like university websites or hospital websites or government websites, where theres just a lets, say huge load of information, its best suited for small businesses, portfolios, blogs, podcasts, restaurant menus and whatnot, and just uh you know so on and so forth. You get the idea and lets start with the editor and uh. This is just an example here of a website, one of the websites. Now i have not renewed my subscriptions so its just going to i cant really edit this, but this is um simply expired.

So i cant really edit it uh, so lets just move on here now, of course, the first thing youre gon na do is pick a template, and this is probably one of squarespaces strongest features is just theyre, really cool templates and the variety of templates available at Your disposal here is just great um, you know whatever it is that youre looking for you have a bunch of examples here and you can just click anything so lets say you click one of these and uh. You can just preview. You know you can preview uh. The tablet kind of view, the mobile view and the desktop view just to see how everything looks and its just very easy and lets say you pick a design you all you have to do is just click start this design and um. I picked this, for example, and when it comes to customizing, you know you have your thing here, its very easy. You have your website and everything and you can its really as simple as just you know, customizing whatever it is like um. I i dont know. Instead of on antoine lets, just say: um something like john right, uh, sorya and john or whatever it is its super easy to just change everything around lets say you know. Well, stick with that. You can edit the site header. You can edit everything you can edit photos. Um lets just go to. You can even add new pages.

You know, add a new page lets say uh blank page and you can just kind of add whatever it is that you want to this page. You already have the template kind of ready here. All you need to do is just add images and whatnot. So lets say our story. Travel stay lets just go with our story and lets say you want to edit just click edit and you have site styles. You have fonts colors animations, spacing buttons image blocks. Um lets say you want to change colors. It is as easy as just um lets say the like two here and you could just switch it up. Uh the site title, all the colors. You can just change all the colors. You want to change um depending on the template. You pick, you will notice certain changes. Uh, so lets say this one right here. You could change different elements uh, but you could also just pick one of these presets and, as you can tell here, everythings changing you can go with more something more colorful whatever it is, depending on your vision and what youre trying to sell. So this is, for example, this is a wedding, so maybe you want to go for something, a little more classy, a little more subtle colors that are not as bright and just very relaxing colors, and you want to customize it. You know, however, you want you can do all of that uh you can just customize it.

However, you want okay uh from image. For example, you can drop an image, just simply drop it or you can uh change whatever images there theres a great gallery by the way, uh so images here. This is the image gallery where you can pick images. You can obviously add your own images, but they have a great gallery of images and uh. Just editing everything is as intuitive as it gets. Really so lets say you want to change fonts, okay, so you have also a bunch of fonts and by the way you can create this site for free and you will be able to keep your site for 14 days and you can still keep it in your Account, but you wont be able to edit it after 14 days uh unless you subscribe, so its very nice that you can kind of um lets, say dip your toes here into the website builder and see if you like it and if you do like it and You like what you created, you can keep it by subscribing so yeah editing. Your website has never been easier, honestly, its really easy – and this is part of the reason why i recommend uh squarespace for most people that would just want to start up a website. A blog, a portfolio whatever it is that theyre trying to do is just really. You know one day, one day of just spending uh time. You know just a few hours kind of focusing on building your website and you can get it done in a single day.

It really is as easy as that and squarespace. Being simple does not mean that you cant really customize much. If you go to image blocks, for example, you have so many options here. You know you can just mess around with alignment and width and just so many things to kind of customize, so you can get a little more lets say nuanced, in particular, in your um styling here. But if you would like to keep it simple uh, as you can tell here, we you can see the uh changes here, uh, but yeah. If you would like to keep it simple, you can keep it simple, but if you lets just say you wan na maybe get a little bit more particular you are able to do that. Just customizing things generally here customizing your website with squarespace is super easy and it really is as intuitive as it gets. And again there are many templates to kind of pick from. If we just go. Where was it uh templates templates templates there we go so lets. Go back so again, yeah you dont have to go with this lets say you have a restaurant um. You can go with something that is uh kind of more made for restaurants. So you know you can just pick this or or this one or whatever it is that youre trying to sell uh. You do have templates that can just cater to that. Really so, and all these templates can really work for almost anything, and you can tell with each of these templates theres plenty of room for uh images, so uh image blocks and you can make these blocks again, as i showed you can make them as big as You want, or as little as you want, but generally you know its kind of made in this really artsy way.

I guess very modern, very easy on the eyes and its just one of the biggest selling points honestly uh when it comes to using squarespace and with regards to features uh, you have first of all again, you have a great image or gallery section here, and there Are so many pictures that you can pick from beautiful artistic pictures landscapes whatever it is that youre looking for, depending on what youre selling? Obviously, if you have lets say a menu, if you have a food menu, you want to use your own food and not fake food, so yeah at the end of the day, its up to you. But if you, if youre just lets, say starting a blog or something um, then this gallery will definitely come in handy uh and speaking of blogs. Obviously, there are great uh blogging kind of uh tools here its perfect for blogs. Honestly, squarespace is definitely the one you want to go with blogs here, as you can tell with squarespaces built in blog page, you can create blog posts and excerpts tag and categorize posts. Enable comments, push your posts to social media and more. You can update your blog on the computer or through the squarespace app on the phone, so thats great too, so you can just edit your blog on the go using the squarespace application, be it android or uh iphone. You also have uh the ability to schedule just set up online scheduling, whether youre, a therapist or a yoga teacher or whatever it is, and obviously you can create members only sections.

So only those members that lets say um pay the membership. They can get access exclusive access to certain features in your website. You can create podcasts its perfect for podcasts, as you can see here, publish to apple podcasts and other podcast services. While your website can help listeners find archived episodes, show notes and more information about the podcast, and there are plenty of guides by the way, the information, the amount of faqs and information and video guides available on squarespace really thats. All you need to get you going. You dont even have to contact their support in order to get you going, but if you do need support, it is available there uh, as you can see here, just click the question mark right here and you will be connected to the live chat support. It is super easy and obviously you can, as i said, you can edit your site on the go so lets say: youre a restaurant owner and you um youre youre, not at home youre, not near your laptop or pc or whatever. It is, and you want to add, a quick item to the menu or change the prices or whatever it is. You can do that on the go, super easy and it will be updated. You can also they have a great management donation management system uh. They have extensions plenty of extensions, not too many, but quite a few of them will make your life easier. I believe the total number here is 24 and you can select categories.

You know, depending on what youre looking for uh, they got great email marketing system and especially when lets say, you sell something right for e commerce and whatnot lets say once a client purchases, something you can have, these automated emails that are beautiful and, of course, with E commerce, its definitely the best, but with regards to e commerce, i mean yeah, you can design it. However, you want, you can customize the emails that uh clients receive after they make a purchase and its perfect for small stores and businesses. And, of course, this plays into squarespaces role of being very user friendly, and it just makes things super simple by not requiring users to edit uh any code, um, so yeah great stuff overall now lets get into the pricing, and i like that. Squarespace is very upfront about their pricing. You know theyre not trying to kind of do any underhanded ways of like hey. You know this is the price and then, when you kind of get billed it turns out, there are other things that youre also being built for theyre very upfront. This is the monthly fee, and this is the annual fee, of course, because youre going to be paying upfront, you will get the benefit of first of all, cheaper pricing. Second of all, free custom domain. You get all of that with all, even if you just go with the personal one, and i know a lot of you guys that are starting a small business will probably go with the personal one, but the business one i mean yeah, you could you could you Could manage with the personal one but depending on what youre looking for i mean, as you can tell, if you go with the business one youre gon na get a whole lot more benefits and that could really uh suit.

You very well, depending obviously on your business and how big it is so thatll, be it for this video. Hopefully you guys learned a thing or two about squarespace. If you guys are interested in squarespace, youll find links to special deals and discounts in the description down below comment below. If you have any questions, ill be happy to answer all of them like and subscribe.