With that said, here we go with roots ingrained as deep into gaming as resident. Evil has. It was an oddity for me as a longtime fan, to see them make the jump the first person with resident evil 7.. I wouldn’t call myself a die hard fan. I never played through the first or third as a kid, but i remember distinctly the nightmares that came from playing the second on nintendo 64. resident evil village is the follow up to resident evil 7, which i didn’t personally love. Village has broken the mold and fixed some of the things i didn’t like so much about seven with more varied enemy types and plenty of exploration, not to mention the obvious or maybe not so obvious. Tributes to series legend resident, evil. 4. village has won my heart over for this new style of resident evil game. With that said, let’s get on to my four points that i usually go over in a review. Audio is a pretty key aspect for me in most games. It generates emotion and mood and nothing can add tension like a good soundtrack or audio design. So, to be honest, i didn’t experience this in the village, as i got around eight or so hours into my play through kind of wondering why the surround sound wasn’t. So great just to realize that i didn’t have 3d audio activated in the menus, so my bad there. If you plan on playing while wearing a headset yeah, you should activate that as soon as possible.

Other than that, i actually have a few gripes about the audio in village near the end of the game. I had audio issues where it would cut in and out randomly. I don’t know if this was my headset or the game. However, up until this point, i hadn’t experienced any issues with my headset, so i can’t be sure, and since nothing told me that i needed to turn on the surround sound, i kind of experienced the majority of the game with a very flat weird sound. However, musical design, voiceover and acting enemy sounds etc. You name it it’s all top quality and made even better. Once you turn on 3d sound design again, my bad sound design is good me dumb. So that brings us to. I still don’t have a fancy 4k tv with hdr, so i can only comment on what i experienced with this game. My first true experience with ray tracing and well. I don’t get it but don’t get me wrong. The game is absolutely gorgeous in that it’s. Absolutely hideous, which is definitely trying to be textures and details of plenty, but i don’t get ray tracing, maybe village isn’t the strongest example, except for when you see light and such shining off wet or watery surfaces, then yeah i get never have i seen any game Liquid look so nice character and enemy designs, look fantastic, but i got ta ask: does anyone else get the uncanny valley effect with the re engine resident, evil games? For me personally, it’s something about the mouth.

Tell us a story. Tell us the story! Okay! Well, it was last friday night i was walking home from the bar. This woman started coming towards me, she’s staggering. You know so i figured she was drunk other than that for me yeah. It looks amazing so on to my next point. Well, if you’ve played resident evil 7, then you’ve got a pretty good idea of how village is going to feel in its gameplay aspects. There are some new additions and callbacks again to resident evil 4.. The gun play and pace of movement is fairly slow. Just like resident evil 7, which, by the way, if you haven’t, played yeah, you need to go, do that the story is integral to village puzzles and such never felt overbearing or anything. Even if i did find myself caught with a few hangups here and there, i never had to look up a guide, so i would say: gameplay is solid and certainly tense, which is a word i really like to use about survival. Horror, games apparently, but i think it all feels good and with that said on to my final point, well to spoil or not to spoil. That is the question i think is this. I think, as new as this game is, i should go not to spoil so let’s once again. Keep this point fairly brief, it’s good. The story is good, it’s, emotional and strange and well it’s, just a really fun trip.

Characters are good and interesting. Enemies are good and interesting. The plot is good and interesting. So yeah go play. Village. If you can. How would i put a neat little bow on build? What would be the tagline the headline of my review better than seven doesn’t really say much. Does it? There are aspects i’m, still not sure where i stand on with village, but all in all it was a solid experience, except for the audio hiccups. I had towards the end of the game, so i would maybe give it a numerical value, but i feel like that’s cheaping out, i don’t know really don’t have a tagline. This would suggest for you to go play the game. It’S good thanks for watching.