This is the originals bar graph junior. Using these little gears here and markers. We can make some really cool designs, so this is an all in one it’s a carry along desk with built in storage trays. Over here it says it comes with jumbo gears and washable markers and it’s for ages. Three and up here on the back, we can see everything that this comes with, and here are some of the cool designs that you can make using this bar graph let’s go ahead and open it up all right, so we have our five markers. We have purple green, blue, yellow and red, and here is our little spiral. Spirograph set okay, so here we have a bunch of gears. We have a large purple one. We have an orange and green one that’s medium sized, and we have a small yellow one open. This up and here’s a large blue one, okay, there’s a second layer and oh, take a look. There is a space for all the parts, so we have the blue one here, purple one small one goes in here. This one is the next medium one and the orange one and all the markers go in this little cavity right here and of course, you can put your instructions in your paper just like that. Oh this is super cool. I love how you can put everything away once you’re done all right, let’s, take everything back out again, because i really want make some artwork here.

Are the instructions – and some paper here we go okay here – are the instructions inside are some ideas for what you can do with some of the different sized gears and here’s some art ideas. Look at that bunny! Oh, my goodness! Oh i like that crab and we also got a whole bunch of paper. Okay, let’s do something let’s take a sheet of paper. Put it right in the middle, then we’re going to close the lid on top, and we can right away and start to use this. So we can take a little gear here and take a look i’ll just kind of rotate as it goes along the teeth here we can pick a number, so you can just put the gear down: stick your pen in one and then just rotate it that looks Cool huh add a small gear and use a different color marker. So in the beginning it doesn’t really look like anything, but as you keep going, you can go faster, it’s hard to see a shape. Take a different number here’s number isn’t that cool! Look at that! Okay, let’s see let’s go with the orange one. Are you ready to see your masterpiece and we flip this up and here’s our masterpiece? Look at that. Oh that’s. Super cool let’s do another one Music do Music there. You go just look at that isn’t! This neat! Okay, so let’s take a little paper and here’s the two pieces of artwork.

We did so which one do you like better? Do you like this one, or do you like this one? I think i think i like this one better, alright everyone, so this was really fun. I really like this paragraph. You can do so much with it and i love that you can just put it all away underneath when you’re all done so that you don’t lose any pieces.