So what im going to do? First, im just going to unbox this, so what you get in the box here. Youll get a note here like instructions just how to set up the tour box and uh when you put it in youve, got to go to a website to download the version for your computer um. All the instructions are there for you to do that. Um. Also within the box is a quick start guide in different languages. You get another little booklet safety instructions for the tour box. Now just remove this top part here and then this bag here is the actual tour box now its its not really heavy but its a decent wave weights. You know you know its not going to slip off or anything its going to stay in place, so uh yeah, you have all these controllers here and you are able to custom program each key uh to whatever you want to use say if you got the four Points here, um id probably program the exposure there, the highlights there uh the whites there. If so, if you, if you know what i mean and then you can control with this juggle here, um the exposure and all that, rather than using your mouse and youre, probably going to get a more accurate sort of uh reading arent. You then with your hand. Anyway, if you know what i mean so yeah thats a solid little box um, i dont know what its like plastic, but not cheap plastic, its pretty heavy sort of thing um, and you got a plug in the back here for the usb.

That goes straight into your pc, so thats the control box and over here in this little bag. Here youve got the uh, i think its the yeah, its the usb cable um good quality, one as well its not a cheapish one and its got pretty good length on it. So you can run it from your desk down to your computer, its not like a short lead, so uh yeah thats it um thats. What you get in the box uh so go upstairs now and set it into the computer and probably go on to lightroom and uh, see how it works Music right. So what you need to do now is go on to the tour box website um and look for the latest version for your pc. You can also download mac or pc whatever so yeah just uh just go down and look what the latest firmware and download onto your computer when the software is downloaded. Dont forget you need to connect the tour box to the computer via the uh, usb cable supplied once the software is uploaded. You can just go straight onto the tour box panel and within this panel here, youll be able to well set it up the way you want to set it up. Music right, so ive changed. The four keys here. Ive got the exposures there um. The whites are probably changed to a shadow um. If i can see it somewhere exposure contrast, shadows there, im gon na put that there.

Okay, so ive got my exposure. Ive got my shadows. There ive got my contrast. There ill probably change the blacks to see what we got yeah so thats. What you do you just double click on it and then youll come up to the uh. What you want over here so um, okay, detail. I think ill use the sharpening amount there. So what you see there ive programmed the exposure, the shadows, the contrast and the sharpening detail over there. Okay, then so now, im in lightroom and uh. So what ive got here ill press this thats my exposure and uh? You can see there what its doing um. If i press on this one, are you just the shadows there press this one? I can adjust the contrast of the image like so this will show me how i sharpen so so thats, basically it what you do with the toolbox here is on the interface um. If i can go into it now over here, you can change all these bits over here to whatever suits you like i put on this, like i put here in the four points here are the ones that i use a lot like the exposure shadows. Contra contrast the sharpening over there, but you can just adjust it to whatever you like so uh, so yeah so everythings in one hand and works that way so uh it takes a bit of time getting used to, but um youll get the hang of it pretty Quickly, uh, when you know where everything is on the little toolbox here, so my uh final thoughts on the uh tour box, um.

What i like about this uh, something similar to this came out um a couple of years ago, called the loop deck uh, not that i ever had one, but everyone was complaining. It was a a bit big and far too many buttons on it, but i think whats good about this is its so small that all the controls are here in your hand. So there are three assignable dials on it: uh all with a click function. Uh. There are 11 buttons on it in seven different sizes and theyre, all user assignable means you can program each uh button to whatever you want um. So i said, like i said before, really good quality uh its not gon na slip anywhere on the desk. It just stays on the desk now. The price of this is, i think, its only around 150 pounds, maybe a bit more im, not too sure if you are interested ill leave a link below for you to get the tour box. But if youre into video editing, you can use it on the adobe premiere pro uh for photoshop and lightroom and other software packages, you can use the loop, not the loop duck, the tour box for so yeah um. It saves time when editing just because everythings to hand and you dont have to mess about with the mouse at all and another thing if youre, if youre going away a lot – and you do a lot of editing on the laptop um, this would be brilliant for Traveling um just to save some time so there you go thats my little uh review on the tour box.

Um ive got nothing bad to say about it. Actually, its pretty straightforward on the panel, you just tap everything into whatever you want over there and there you go and i think it takes a bit of time to get used to. But once you know where everything is on the little box, um itll just be like using a mouse with your fingers. You know what everything is so yeah like, i said, ill leave the link below if youre, interested and thats it for my uh review of the tour box. Thanks for watching.