What it looks like and why would you like that paper or not all right, then Im gon na, do Im planning to do a video about the printers uh, not that Im an expert but Im being asked a lot. What is the printer model that I use and how come I get so good colors on my papers, so I think its related to the ink and maybe the brand of the printer anyway Ill – do a printer, a video and then Ill do like a printing video. The settings when you try to print from a tablet or a computer, so these videos are coming. They will be all together in a playlist when youre on my um YouTube channel theres tabs at the top of the channel and theres a playlist tab. And so, if youre new to or youre, not really aware of how YouTube works, I suggest you go see that and under playlist I tend to group my videos into categories. So if youre looking for lets, say my embroidery series, all the videos are under that its kind of a play, its a playlist like they call it so Im gon na do like a printing playlist all right. So what Ive done is these are papers that I bought and that I would buy again. So I thought I could show you what they are. These are this paper Im, starting with this one, because its just regular paper and then Ill its kind of a regular paper, its 100 cotton but business paper and by the way Ill put the link to Amazon down in the description below.

So you can just click on the link and youll find the exact product Ill, do a list for Canada and a list for amazon.com. These two page are exactly the same design printed on. This is on a 24 pound paper um, and this one is on that cotton paper and I dont know if we can see on camera no, but we can see that it doesnt affect the colors or anything. What I can tell you its a texture thing. This one is really really smooth and it feels like cotton just on one side, though the other side it feels like photocopy paper, but on this side it feels like a little soft cotton and we can see I dont know. I see it really well here, Im trying to grab, we can see theres a little bit of texture, so that paper is still quite more expensive compared to regular paper were talking about 20 some cents, each paper so depending on Canadian or American, its somewhere close to The 20 cents for us and closer to the 30 cents for Canadian dollars, because we have a big difference. Then the other paper that I love to print on its though those doodle pads and they say its newsprint paper, which is hard to find – and I dont have one that is really like the letter size paper, so its nine by twelve. You dont really want to buy that the newspaper newsprint paper in a roll or bigger bigger sheets where theyve been folded for your packaging, because then youre gon na have a hard time with your printer.

So what Im doing is theyre big and I trim them to size for a letter size paper with my trimmer and then, if I print on them, you can see it says printed. I printed two just to show you how it feels like, first its a really thin paper, its a little bit grayish, so it feels like its old. So when you print an old document on, I will need to cut the sides here, because the document is not the full page, but it feels like its really thin. It makes a difference um. It makes a different noise for the paper. I love it like look at this one, its kind of a litter already foldable in two. So when you look at it when Im gon na add some ink, it will just look real. So if you love to reproduce documents, I suggest I love that one. Actually, I suggest that you look for newsprint paper and its the doodle pads for kids. Then the other cheap paper is from this brand um this one, though its eight by ten, so its a little bit smaller than the letter size paper, which is eight and a half by 11. So you cannot, if you print on it, youre gon na need to select the 8 by 10 format on your print for your print settings, but then you can print on it and its really. It comes as a writing pad and if you remove one page, let me show you its a thin paper that makes the perfect noise you see through a little bit its really like um, thinner than photocopy paper, and I love to use it for coffee stained paper.

The noise the size of the paper is already smaller, so when you do an insert with that its a little bit smaller than your litter size pages, so I love to do the coffee stain on it for the noise all right, but you can print on it. I should have print on to give you an example, but it is one of those thin paper that I love to use. Now. The last papers oh hold on Im gon na move to another paper, those continuous papers, printer paper, so its called continuous paper for printers. You have some that are just white, but you have some for invoices that they have like three papers together: the white, the yellow and the pink one theyre, all theyre, all really really thin um just be careful, though some are AF a page, so they are a Five by five and a half by eight and a half, or they would say five by nine, because the the calculate their little holes there on the side but be careful that you order the full page, the the good format you have. Some on Amazon on Staples um and most of them they come by boxes of like a thousand, so you might prefer to have smaller packages in this case, Ive been given those papers, and we can see this one is really older than this one right. This one is more white and this one is really yellowish because it got really old, but I printed on the same the same letter this one on the white and this one on the yellowish, and they both look great still.

I prefer the yellowish, of course, so if you can find those on Marketplace or thrift stores just run to it, so, but even the white you know we see through it, makes the noise of a really thin paper. They are perfect to reproduce old document vintage documents. I recommend this. Of course you have to detach them because theyre all you know, theyre all attached together. So if you want to print you, you separate them and you definitively remove the side, and then it becomes the letter size format that, like the photocopy paper, I suggest if your printer tends to jam or grab two three paper. At the same time, maybe you can put just one at a time you print and then you put another one thats my trick because sometimes with the thinner paper, the the printer grabs too at the same time, but it grabs two not really a line. So you kind of scrap two papers: okay, this pile its tracing paper, kind of effect to print on or to do coffee stain on and Ive started with the cheaper. So this cheaper one um its about in Canadian, its about 10 cent, 10 cents per page. Look at that, you can print on it and it doesnt leak at all and the effect is really really neat um. I love it. I just love it. I took one of those sheets there and I just did that and then I unfolded and its so lovely.

Okay, so it is my go to paper because its the cheapest it does the job its perfect for printing on it and perfect for coffee staining the second one, its almost the same price, its about 15 cents in each dough, but its a bigger page. So this one its uh uh its in centimeters, but I would say its more than a oh look at that. Let me show you a regular letter. Size format is that so if that is eight and a half that means its a nine 9 by 12 paper. I guess or 12 and a half so its good for when you want a little bit bigger for coffee stains, so Im, not printing on those. I mostly use them as coffee stained papers makes the perfect noise easy to coffee stain and I can cut them into two and it creates a good insert. So I love that paper too. You know sometimes we need to order some paper and if they dont have this one available well, I would go with this one and the last one, its an onion skin pad its not like tracing paper, but it acts the same way. The only difference is like in Canadian its about 50 cents per paper, so its a luxury paper and I dont find its worth it like look. It really looks like uh tracing paper makes the same noise its a little bit thicker though um, but for five times the price of the other one Im, not sure its worth it um yeah.

I love that one but uh not for the price, but it prints really well on it no leaking and nothing compare what I found to vellum paper, which is leaking a lot. The ink is leaking a lot to my own experience. So here is my review. My best to buy is the tracing paper, my second best to buy for trip for a special, cheap paper. Um for coffee stain is these writing tablets. But if you love to reproduce old documents – and you want thin paper – grab those continuous paper thats my best suggestion and then if you want that Doodle Pad, if you can have a good price on, because I find on Amazon theyre, not that cheap. I recommend as well the other thing I wanted to share with you is which pen to use when you want to do journaling and if you you want like a black one and not a pencil, so I want to show you. This is the one you need to buy its a Sharpie, but its a special one. Compared to this one and Ill show you the difference. If you write on a thin like photocopy paper that has been coffee, stained lets say: thats our main paper for Junk journals, and if I write down my name, we can see that it doesnt leak through if Im using this Sharpie, which is a Sharpie too and Im writing down my name same pressure, everything it leaks through a little bit more a little bit um.

We can see like really pots of ink as well, compared to the other one so Ill put the link of this product. This kind of pen in the description below Ive been told which one to to to use so Im sharing with you all thanks for watching and leave a message um below. If you have any other papers that you really love ideally put a link, not just the name of the paper, put the link to Amazon or something. So I can follow the link and see exactly what youre talking about Im, always open to suggestions and to find new papers because we love papers.