com. The Anker Soundcore Motion Boom is a 30W portable speaker with enough volume for use outdoors up to 24 hours of battery life and an IPX7 waterproof rating.. It costs around 90 or 90. A third of the price of the JBL Xtreme 3 Ill, be comparing it to in a sound test together with several other speakers.. How does it sound and does it have all the features you need Lets find out Overview Inside the box? You get the speaker itself, an Anker branded USB C charging cable and a quick start. Guide. Picking up the speaker by its large carry handle. I was expecting it to be a lot heavier than it is.. It weighs 1546g only 500g heavier than its significantly smaller Motion sibling and lighter than the JBL Xtreme 3 and budget W King D8., Its similar in size to the JBL and W King. Although the carry handle makes it a fair bit taller. It measures 300mm x 115mm and is 170mm tall.. The build quality is ok, but it doesnt feel particularly rugged. Despite its IPX7 waterproof rating., The casing is made from a slightly mottled hard black plastic, with a metal grille covering the mid range drivers.. The sides of the speaker have two unprotected Soundcore branded passive radiators. Around the back is a rubber flap, revealing the USB C charging port and a standard USB A port to charge your gadgets. Theres, no 3.5mm audio in port. So you can only use the speaker wirelessly.

. This is something all the speakers Im comparing it to have so its an odd omission.. The top of the speaker has the partially rubberised carry handle and rubberised buttons to control the speaker. Theres. No NFC sensor like on the W King.. The bottom of the speaker has two rubber feet.. The sizeable 10000mAh battery takes up to 4 hours to charge at up to 2.1A via its USB C port and supports both single and double ended. Usb C charging cables. The power button lights, a steady red when charging and turns white when fully charged. The button flashes red when the battery is low. But theres no way to see the current battery level without using your phone, which is disappointing. The USB. A charging port only has a 1A or 5W output, which I confirmed with a USB load. Tester. Thats not enough to charge a tablet. I would have liked to have seen at least 2A output that even the W King has., But itll still charge an iPhone in around 3 hours up to 3 times.. The speaker has to be turned on for this to work, but it will work even if the speaker is being charged at the same time.. This charging port only works when the battery has over 20 of charge. Remaining. Hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the speaker and initiate Bluetooth pairing. The Bluetooth button, flashes. Tap on Soundcore Motion Boom in your Bluetooth settings.

, The Bluetooth light goes steady.. You can disable all the accompanying sound prompts in the Soundcore app.. Unlike the Motion, you can only pair to one device at a time which is inconvenient. To switch to another device press, the Bluetooth, button., The LED will again flash and you can again tap on the speaker in Bluetooth settings.. I hope they might improve this functionality via a firmware update. To reset the speaker and clear any paired devices with the speaker on press and hold the Bluetooth and Volume up buttons for around 5 seconds until all the buttons light. Up. Then turn it back on.. If you have two Motion Boom speakers, you can set them up as a stereo pair. Press, the TWS buttons on both speakers and wait until both their buttons stop flashing. A 2 second press of the TWS button exits this mode.. I only have one speaker so cant test this, but I would have liked to have seen a party mode feature to connect multiple speakers in Soundcores range, like the Motion, JBL LG and many other manufacturers support this feature on many of their speakers.. The Soundcore button has multiple functions, which Im never hugely keen on. A single press will play or pause your music or answer or end a phone call.. A double press will play the next track, a triple press, the previous track and a 2 second press will activate your voice. Assistant. Theres plenty of space to have separate buttons for at least some of these functions, especially since theres the TWS button that most people will never use.

At least theres a separate Bluetooth, pairing, button. Theres. Also, the bass boost BassUP button, which is on and lit by default. Sound quality and performance. The two 15W 2.5 full range woofers with titanium diaphragms, together with the passive radiators, deliver a pleasing sound for a lot of the music. I listened to.. The Motion Boom is missing the tweeters of the smaller Motion, but still has a good range and a well rounded sound., Despite its name, its not massively boomy, even with the BassUp turned on, which offers a noticeable but subtle boost to the lower frequencies.. I mostly left this default setting on when playing music, since it doesnt overpower the midtones and treble which maintain their clarity. And theres impressively little distortion, even at high volumes. I preferred its sound over the Motion at higher volumes when the smaller speaker can sound quite harsh.. Using a sound level meter, one metre from the speaker grille, I measured the Motion Boom at maximum and 75 volume.. You can see how it compares to the other speakers in the test each tested in their loudest mode.. The W King had outdoor mode turned on the Soundcore. Speakers were a little louder with BassUp off., Its not quite as loud as the W King D8, but itll fill a medium sized room and, as advertised makes a decent outdoor speaker. Indoors its uncomfortably loud at maximum volume. If youre, within a couple of meters of it. Using the Soundcore app, which is getting more and more slick with each update, you can easily adjust EQ settings which are remembered on the unit itself.

. The interface is much clearer with the Motion Boom compared to the Motion. There arent loads of EQ presets, but you can hear the difference between them and you can see how they affect the frequency curve, with the extra bass on and off or you can create your own custom preset configured to your particular tastes.. The app also lets you turn off. The audio prompts adjust the auto power off from the default 30 minutes and update the firmware.. You can hear for yourself how the speaker sounds with BassUP on and off and compared to the JBL Xtreme 3 W King D8 Minirig 3 Soundcore Motion and the LG PL7.. Let me know down below in the comments which is your favourite.. I also have full reviews of some of these speakers playing various tracks, so take a look at the links below or the on screen cards. If youre interested. Ive recorded the sound test with binaural microphones that capture stereo sound to try and provide the closest representation of what Im hearing., Please listen with headphones for the best experience. Use the video chapters in the timeline or the timestamps below to skip ahead. If you like., All the speakers, sound pretty good and. The Motion Boom actually sounds better to my ear than the far more expensive, JBL Xtreme 3, not just with this track, but with a lot of music. I listened to., But the JBL does have the typically bright JBL sound and is a little louder than the Soundcore.

. The Minirig 3 speaker deserves a mention. With only a single driver. It doesnt have the soundstage of the other speakers, but its impressive. Just how good it sounds for such a small speaker. And how loud it is.. I hope to have a full review of this speaker. Soon.. There was barely any audio delay watching YouTube on iOS, which is an welcome improvement over the Motion. The built in microphone is good enough for phone calls and improves the closer you get to the speaker.. The Motion Boom uses Bluetooth, 5.0 and the connection was reliable and the range was good reaching the far end of the next room of my house over 10 metres. Away. But theres no support for any higher quality, Bluetooth, codecs like aptX, that the Motion supports or even AAC. And with no 3.5mm output, theres no option for a wired connection for better sound quality., But with most of the portable speakers, Ive tested around this price point. Its difficult to hear any differences between these higher quality, codecs and SBC anyway. Battery life is quoted at an impressive 24 hours, but theres no details specifying what volume this is at and whether BassUp is enabled. But playing at between 60 80 volume with BassUp on. I got at least a full days, usage. Conclusions, The Anker Soundcore Motion Boom sounds very good for the price and the supporting Soundcore App makes it easy to adjust EQ to your tastes. And its pretty loud too, with plenty of battery life.

. But it is a fairly large speaker and although the carry handle is useful for moving it around with one hand, its not all together necessary, considering its relatively light weight and it does make it more bulky.. And although the build quality is fine, it feels less premium than all the other speakers. I compared it against except the W King D8., And I really would expect a speaker like this to support at least two simultaneous Bluetooth connections., But it does have an IPX7 waterproof rating and it can charge your phone with its hefty 10000mAh battery.. If you dont need something quite as loud and have a little more to spend, consider the far more portable Soundcore Motion, If you have even more money to spend and want a loud and very portable speaker, look no further than the Minirig 3.. And if you want even louder at a similar price, take a look at the W King D8, but the Soundcore Motion Boom is a little more refined. But Id love to know what you think. How do you think the Motion Boom compares to the other speakers in the sound tests? Let me know down below And as always, if you have any questions, please ask I read every comment and will do my best to respond.. I do hope you found this video useful., Please like the video, if you did., Im, releasing videos every week on the latest technology and how to get the most out of it.

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