5 millimeter office headphone with comfortable fit ear, pads yeah the listing says it can be used as a pc headset for skype, webinar cell phone calls and work At home i mean it’s a huge topic these days, and so many people have to do home office or school from home. You need a decent headset with also good microphone and yeah it’s, currently listed for only around 33 dollars on amazon. So the question is: is this really a good value? I have already seen so many things in a similar price range which totally failed, and so i didn’t have much of expectations and i’ve been using this thing here with the 3.5 millimeter check. By the way we have four pins, so you can also use this to record with the microphone and it has this connector cable here. So you can use this plug it in and then use it with the usb on your pc, and then you have even additional control, so i have plugged it in when you want to use it just plug it in into your computer. Wait for a couple of seconds and then it will give you confirmation that everything is installed. It will be done automatically on windows. 10. You don’t have to be worried. It has a plus and a minus for the audio level when you are listening to something and it can mute the audio i mean whatever you are listening. If you don’t want to go down slowly, you can just hit this button and it will be absolutely quiet and you have also a mute button for the microphone that’s everything what you need decent size good.

So the question is: how good is it really? I mean here’s the box, it comes in a nice box here everything nicely described, it also came with this bubble, wrap so nicely protected. We get also these instructions manual, which i’m going to show you really quickly. If you want to make a better buy decision or if you bought used or you just lost the instructions, maybe can help but it’s not rocket science it’s rather really easy to use. So back to the question: how good is it really? It is rather a small thing when it arrives. You think okay, that’s gon na be difficult to use for larger heads, but you can expand it on both sides but it’s still not a super large headset. I have an extra large head size and i have been a little bit struggling, especially at the beginning, but over time i got really used to that. You can see you can open this to a really large head size. The only thing is it’s a little bit limited how far it can go down, but still it has fit for me pretty nicely, definitely better than other things, which came from really famous brand names like logitech or black wire. I have already bought similar things uh in the price range of 100 to 150 dollars and i’ve always been struggling with the size. So when we compare this price here to the really expensive ones, so it’s definitely not an advantage and it even fits for large head size.

If you really have xxl head size, maybe that’s not going to work, but apart from that really good and it’s even comfortable. It has this soft caution here on both sides, of course, and even on the top and it’s very lightweight, and also the very good thing is. You can turn the microphone to the left side, so you can use it like this and you can also turn it to the other side. So you can use the microphone on the right side. This is rather rare and the really good thing here. The headphones. I mean the speakers are not so large that your ears will fit into that it’s not going to happen, so they sit a little bit on top of your ears, but i’ve been using them for about an hour, and there was not too much pressure. So if you’re attending, like an online conference or online meeting for an hour or two it’s, definitely not going to be a problem, no pain and the quality that’s. The best thing of the whole thing here: the quality of the audio and also the quality of the microphone. They are really really really good, so i’ve been testing this and after i’ve been listening also to the microphone test. If somebody had asked me how much this headset cost, i would say, it’s in a price range between 100 and 150 dollars, at least because the quality is so good i’m, not kidding and i’m going to show you that i’m going to play now.

The first microphone recording test, which i have done with the 3.5 millimeter cable in my phone and after that, the second one has been done with the usb plug so i’m, going to play that now for you microphone test for the souls and wired computer headset with The 3.5 millimeter plug one two, three, four, five, one: two, three, four: five microphone test with the souls and wired computer headset with the usb plug one, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four five, so i hope you have been able to hear everything and i Would say: it’s, it’s, really, amazing. I mean i had even a hard time to distinguish this microphone recording from my normal uh microphone, which i’m using for youtube or from this camera here, it’s crazy. How good this is, and what really surprised me how good this 3.5 millimeter to usb adapter is when you buy such microphones. Sometimes these things are super cheap and then they destroy everything. So here almost no loss. This is really good quality. This is amazing how good this thing really works with very few or very low background noise or interference. This is crazy. I haven’t seen that, and i really didn’t expect that i mean it looked good. It had good reviews, but you never know. I just wanted to test this and show this for you and what’s, even more crazy. I mean at the beginning. I thought okay it’s nice to have these speakers on both sides because some of the headsets for offices – they just have the speaker on one side – and here you have nothing so i thought yeah.

Okay, maybe i can use this for a little bit of uh listening or watching youtube and and then i found out that the voice – everything was super clear, so i thought yeah. Maybe we can even use this to listen to music and i was going to youtube there’s. This uh sample sounds of ultra deep bass. Sound and i’ve been listening with this headset and i was super surprised how much deep bass sound we can get with this 30. Millimeter driver it’s, not a 50 millimeter drive it’s only a 30 millimeter drivers, but we get a huge amount of deep bass sound already. With this thing: yeah it’s, amazing, yeah, here’s, the box again souls and wired computer headset. Here we have the model number yeah that’s the thing to go. I would say i have tested many of these things or similar things and there’s, not anything anywhere close to this value for the price and this quality and very sensitive microphone, which is definitely really important. If you need to use something like that, and i can tell you – it’s really difficult to find something good on the market. So for me, that’s the thing to go and i’ll put down the link to the amazon listing down into the description. So you can check it out or the drive from there if you like it and i hope i’ve been able to help you a little bit with this video.