Sony WH-CH700N Review – They're A Lot Better Than I Expected

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Sony WH-CH700N: https://amzn.to/2jfeiNe
Sony 1000XM3: https://amzn.to/2Fc3hdn
Sony 1000XM2: https://amzn.to/2qBT0NB

Watch These:
Sony WH-CH700N Vs Sony XB700: https://youtu.be/_9S0roP7mD0
Sony 1000XM3 Vs Sony XB900N: https://youtu.be/YWniT99eYSI

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I like the Sony 1000XM2 explanation for their ANC Efficiency. However dropping $350 on a pair of headphones could be lots for some individuals. So we will take a look at the Sony WH-CH700N, Sony’s loveliest ANC headphones. Extra importantly, lets see how the Energetic Noise Cancellation compares to the ANC on the Sony 1000XM2.

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  1. If You're Watching This On Black Friday Or Prime Day Then You Should Watch My Sony WH-CH700N Vs Sony XB700 Video: https://youtu.be/_9S0roP7mD0 Both Headphones Go On Sale For Less Than $100 And Also That Video Is MUCH Better Produced

  2. Should I get the 700N or H.ear on 2?

  3. Hi Gymcaddy. Thanks for the brilliant review. As an owner i'd like to know your opinion about the build quality of these pair of headphones because ,according to me , there are a lot of odd creakings wearing or stress them (compared for instance with the Sennheiser HD 4.50)

  4. i think sometimes people who review headphones are too critical of what they're reviewing and only occasionally mention good things. My point is, this is a Sony product. That should be enough to let you know that they are the bomb diggity. Granted, it is not AN ABSOLUTELY PERFECT product, but it's Sony. You wont be disappointed (so long as you don't analyze every small detail of the headphones and just listen to stuff). Just watch how much you spend.

  5. These sonys or The Sennheiser HD 4.40BT

  6. Hello GYMCADDY. How can I do to change the earpad of this headphones ?

  7. They are 120 dollars stock price in Sweden now lol:)

  8. I bought them 230 dollars canadin

  9. ANC is not as good as the Bose QC25 just returned these and bought a new QC25.

  10. Ch700n are $90 the battery, sound, and comfort are the same honestly with the m3. The NC isn’t that far off each other when it comes down to it. You get the m3 for the added features but you are just wasting money. The ch700n are the way to go.

  11. bought this a month ago, replace the earpad with a custom one. equally comfortable as bose qc35. definitely worth it for low budget user

  12. The reason why I am buying the 700n headphones is because of how they sit on my ears I like headphones that cover my ears not sit on top

  13. I bought this in offer and for the price that i bought there are okay, the sound is good, there are comfortm the NC is 💩 but ,for this price I know they dont hace a good nc, I bought sennheiser 4.40 bluetooth for more price are good in everything Excel in the mist importante they are uncomfortable ,i used the two in the work and for star at home i used a bose that are the best

  14. PSSST….these are on sale for $89 on Amazon Prime Day. RIGHT NOW. ^_^

  15. $90 Amazon prime day right now. Trying to decide between these and Bose Soundlink 2

  16. Is there a particular hard shell case you recommend?

  17. Best ! Best !! The Best !!! With 22 Ohms are great for mobile,ipad and mac. The equalizer app is awesome ! Deep Bass Mid Highs🔊🎶🎶

    They are very confortable 🎧…love them!

    Higly recommended.

  18. The CH700N is not the cheapest. It is more of a mid-range pair of headphones. The cheapest ANC headphones from Sony is the Sony MDR-ZX110NC.

  19. Got the ch700n is it worth getting the xm3's for sound quality is there much difference?

  20. @GYMNCADDY. I've been hesitant to purchase active noise cancel headphones for quite a while, after I had 2 episodes of nausea and vommiting from a pair last fall. I at least suspect the nausea was from the ANC. However, I was wondering, do the Sony units like 100X3 and these 700M units have an wierd feelings caused by ANC. Besides the nausea, I loved ANC,it blocked out lots more Boise than passive cancel ever could, and I was really able to be in my own world. Besides the variable ANC, I also think the app is cool to be able to adjust the EQ and such. I seen these 700s are on sale for quite a discount right now.

  21. Every single other review: they sound amazing
    You: they sound "good enough"
    I'm sensing some bs here.


  23. Are these good for watching movies, series and YouTube?

  24. Can you add durability to the Poll list please and add a mark there for me lol

  25. I originally bought a pair of Bose Soundlink, out the door that were 250 bucks with NO noice cancelling. They are good, but wasn't impressed considering the cost and returned them. Best Buy had these Sony 700's on sale for 129 so I picked a pair up. These Sony are as good or even better then the Bose. I am very impressed with the Sony and something else, Bose never goes on sale, ever!! The Sony were 70 bucks off and more if you shop online. Also they have Noise cancelling where the Soundlink did not that can be turned on or off on the Sony. Also the Sony has 35 hour battery life, Bose had 15 hour. They are as comfortable as they get, you can wear the Sony all day long and hardly feel them on your head. The Sony 700s are something in a store one might not notice or even try, but they are great headphones.

  26. Great review! At the moment they're selling for $127 at Best Buy.

  27. Great review mate. Thank you for your time making it.

  28. My heads like a melon…a big melon

  29. So this dont fold up????

    Total deal breaker for me. I have a small bag crossbody bag and my current headsets need to fold up to fit. So of these cant fold up.. Then its a deal breaker big time.

  30. Thanks brother, you just saved me $200.00 I'll just wait till I can afford the real deal

  31. Thanks

    Love the detailed review !

  32. is the microphone compatible with a pc?

  33. Are the earpads replaceable? Plz reply… I already got them 🙁

  34. I'm literally watching this video with my 700Ns on

  35. Got it store closing $19.98 😱

  36. which is best about ur experience ?? what shou i have toh buy??

  37. WH-CH700N havin mike?? can use for pubg amd talk with squad??and can can use on phone call?? reply me as soon as possible

  38. I found the soundstage on these are way better than any other bluetooth headphone I've used, probably due to the ear-cup design. The ANC is superior on the other two by fear but I feel that ability for better imaging and width of instruments makes this headphone SUPERIOR to the higher-end Sony headphones if you ignore LDAC.

    I think if you are more into your soundstage/immersion/imaging/comfort, I'd honestly argue these are the best.

    If you want headphones with LDAC support, better tech (touch controls), best-in-class ANC, then the more expensive headphones are the better buy.

  39. Pretty much the best headphone review I’ve come across. Most videos just show you the headphone and talk about the features but you went beyond that and showed the mic and ANC tests, which is really useful.

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