Today we are going to be doing a review on the sony veo laptop. As you can see, i bought this brand new from the sony store and is in, and it is in much better condition than the asus laptop last time. So that’s, why we’re reviewing it today rather than destroying it? So as you can see all the keys are here uh the screen is perfectly fine, so is the camera. All of this is fine and it’s got the intel core i5 windows 7 and an nvidia card. So it makes it good for gaming, so let’s let’s boot it up where’s the power button. Oh it’s right here so as you can see guys, it’s running windows, 7 really well um yeah, but now it’s time for the real test. Can it run crisis you can’t run crisis. This thing is useless. Now, hey guys, welcome to another video today we’re going to be destroying the sony veil laptop because it can’t run crisis, so it is deemed trash enjoy Music. Okay, timmy! Are you ready for your birthday tomorrow, yeah mom, okay, timmy here’s, your birthday present? Oh thanks, mom yay, wow wow! This is so gosh all right class. So today we’re going to be reciting the periodic table because it’s something that will definitely help you in your future. So let’s get started. Are you playing games in my extremely important class? No i’m emailing. You homework! No more video games in class.

Dear sony. I adore my veil laptop more than my family. It comes in clutch like me and fortnight when i need it to. For example, one day i was hammering some nails into my plank of wood for no reason, but then stupid mom came out and asked why i was being autistic. I asked her what it means, and she said big and strong, and i had to convince her that i was being reasonable. But my attention to what i was doing drifted and accidentally smashed a nail into my new laptop freaked out, told my mom to shut up and desperately checked. If my laptop would boot up and to my unbelievable surprise, it did even with a nail in the screen. So now i’m going to go, enjoy my reputation as big and strong. Thank you, sony wow. I love this game. It perfectly represents the course of my life. Hmm, i thirsty. Oh no. I spilt water all over mommy’s laptop, oh i’m, scared. Now, Music, Music, hey dude hi, did you bring your 2ds yeah? I did. I think i have the xlxoxl model, see that’s, not a 2ds. You idiot! This is not a 2ds, hey girl. Do you like strong men, hell yeah? Well, look at this weak man. Wait! Wait what what about this Music? Oh my gosh, take me to dinner all right. So how was dinner all right, i’ll just play with card ew yeah you play with card that’s, poor Music.

I need to plug my usb in oh it’s. Finally, in i want to die, i can’t take it anymore, it’s all over, so i still get paid if you die so don’t. Do it my laptop. He wants to die what the Music hey guys today, we’re going to be creative and customize. This sony laptop to represent my feelings so without further ado, let’s begin so because i’m customizing this to represent my feelings. I have to use the correct keys to represent my feeling. That’S, our keys guys have a look at those sick. All right. We just need to glue them on Music wow. It perfectly represents my feelings: ew you smell time for a ball Music like this Music um close your eyes and hold your breath Music. Okay, i just need to wet my sun. Then you can wash these okay. Music Applause – oh: hey! Stop wasting your life on me! Ah, you can talk yes and now stop wasting your life! Well! Okay, hey did you know my laptop’s a piece of trash that’s it? Oh, my god mirror come at me little bit. I love golf four. I love those two four cleanse whoa. Sorry bro there it is here you go man, hey christian! Is this laptop touchscreen yeah? Oh let’s use our styluses. Oh okay, wait! If this laptop is touch screen, that means we can bend it all the way back. Music. Hey guys techrex here today, we’re going to be drop testing the sony, video laptop, my height, close, my height, open higher closed okay, Music, it’s being obliterated Laughter, what’s up guys, jerry reg everything here today, we’re going to be scratch testing the brand new sony, veyo laptop Let’S give it a scratch scratch scratch hitting me with keys scratch.

Music, hey guys, welcome to my kitchen that rules today, we’re going to be making leaf soup so let’s begin. First, we need to harvest some leaves let’s go. Follow me see. These are totally leaves all right. All right, let’s bring this back up. Now we need to cut them up, make sure you cut them up real good all right when it’s done collect them all together. Now now we’re gon na go harvest. Our second part some dirt. There we go all right so now, we’ve got to fill it up with some water, fill it up to the brim or close to the brim, like that. All right now put our leaf powder inside all right once it’s, all in shove it together and give it a good mix. Music go and now it’s time for the taste test. Ah, it tastes, so bad i’ve got to catch them all got ta catch them all. Ah, a wild laptop appeared, i got ta use my limited edition, pokeballs to capture it Music, so Music, Music, um, Music, Applause, Music like and subscribe, and comment what you want to see next. This is the last how to destroy episode, because one it’s messy and two it’s really dangerous so i’d, like to thank you guys for watching the last episode of how to destroy and now we’ve got a ton of stuff to clean up Music, bye, Music, Music.