You know that it is above side, 90 Jota, that is the master series, but this TV has the same panel with practically the same characteristics, except that it does not have the heat sink of the 90 j. So we are going to do the unboxing. We are going to assemble. We are going to comment on the first impressions that They produce all of them. As always, the one boxing is a bit boring the truth, because they are all the same open the box, mount four legs and little else the recipe do it in the most pleasant way possible as quickly as possible, so that you will see that in a boxing It lasts two three four minutes at the most and then we are not going to go to the prints. Ok, we are going to start in the box. We are going to start taking things I would like to put the camera on top, as you can see, is almost impossible for reasons logistics, but what I am going to do is to take out each of the components the fence will show it to you, so That you can see it, it is worth 4 first, the power cable. This does not need to be taught, it is the typical normal plug. This is what teach closely this is the guarantee, an instruction manual with batteries and the remote control remote control. We will take it out now later. I will teach closely when they put the batteries to believe that it is very well.

It is renewed with the gift of disney plus and Later we will see it in depth a little further on. It has the two legs that are these from here, that the 80 j and the legs making this figure that you see here on the cardboard as a kind of angle. The ends are not worth as if they are in the 90 jy. We will see how they are assembled, that they have a double position: a litter of questions. Quite a lot of people, the potatoes are very elegant, aluminum finishes also to the touch. It is noticeable as soon as you give it. It sounds metallic with two small rubber bands down here so that it does not scratch on the table or it costs them, and it indicates the position here, as you can see the number where they are mounted. According to now, we will see how it is mounted and we are practically finished in a boxing you can see, as always, in all sony, panasonic philips, televisions use this system that It seems to me the best that it is a kind of plastic handles that if We press the little dot that way it frees the box and it can be raised and removed from the television itself and also later to repack it in case. We want to send it somewhere easier that the typical skill that has, for example, lg characters well. This is what the package includes includes the two legs with two unique positions for left: right, warranty, manual, quick and advanced instructions, two panasonic battery packs in the power cable assembly guide and the remote control.

Nothing, like I say, a very simple, but enough package, and here we also have a remote control, as you see renewed, it has the bot on of disney plus this year to invade youtube and netflix four shortcuts. Once we have removed with plastic caps that I have tocinillo, that will help to lift the cardboard upwards, so we are going to put the possibility of the legs according to the manual in three Forms. One would be so that it is more or less three quarters of the panel so that it is a little wider. What is the design of the legs? Another music of positions for the most central is worth two houses in the center and the third position is lifting. He puts the legs in reverse and making it rise about 10, 12 centimeters, so that you can see we can put a sound bar underneath as you watch TV to perform, it does not matter to us. We are going to place it in the way. That is not easier and We do not have ministries. We are two people we remove from here. These are the cardboard 6 to release the TV and well. It is a way of telling how we support the house, the TV on the bag. As you see, leaving angle p So that I can put the leg in the end here, it has a position that is turning it so that the leg remains here. As I said, it is in a simple way to mount the legs.

It is not worth as it is a rubber band at the bottom. I walk a spider, and now It would be mounted on the trunk with the pressure of the television. As you can see, it remains completely stable. We will march they mounted a plastic ball plug in the previous steps, to comment on my impression – and we have already felt the first next week, how they shared with the lg polenta. It is caused when we already have the It has with us. As you can see, I have left the energy label that we always remove because, as you know, this year the European Union launches new energy certifications and what was previously a plus to the base, but they are worth being scared that it is not consumed more. In fact, it consumes less, but, as it will be, a record energy shares have changed and left for now before putting it into operation a lot a lot. A lot thanks to your spain, for giving us one of the first. If the unity of the entire range of sounds 1021 in Spain does not have it, and I think that the European Union, if it does not walk again, which is a real privilege here, many people again for trusting in your passion, we will try to make the Most complete network that we can always, as we say from here as objectively as possible, nothing we go on TV, let’s, see how it leaves us with the taste of gran.

We leave you with your good father. We are with TV, as you can see, I have tried to remove all possible artificial light, leaving only the natural ones so that you can see more or less well, although it will be reflected a little clear. We go with the language, this more or less always takes away a little from the deluxe. I think it is better now we are going with the basic one, because now I am not interested in it configured more. We can the wifi. Ok, we are here in the introduction that so spectacular of bravia, that always seems to me about the backpacks has been commented. The services has added service under d Emanda. I imagine that the new bravia cobra etcetera of sonic the configuration we are going to see how the TV is going to put demos that we are all each first and well. We are an environment of all the darkness. I can comment a little. My first impressions. Well, as you see, googletv already appears, android tree does not appear, but we can configure our taste with the recommendations, etc. We are going to configure google tv, I imagine that you can eat, because our preference netflix accounts, amazon, prime accounts etc. Well then, after about ten minutes more or less a little less, Maybe we are already in the new google tv. As you can see, it moves super well automatically groups all our subscriptions on demand and it is called purchase, minsa, netflix, hd or apple tree, and, as you can see here, it is also compatible and it works quite smoothly without problem.

Some things that I do not. I just liked them a lot back and it ‘s that it’s a bit chaotic at first, but when you get used to it now it’s a lot of space. She does not have to go in and out of the apps, but everything is in the main one and then she is on YouTube. We are here on the passion channel and we are going to start with the demos. We appear right now as a view set in standard mode. That is quickly noticeable, which has a much colder tonality. In fact, if we go to the cinema, those are the problems they had that every time we change our option, we will always step on the issue of consumption and, as you can see now, the color is more neutral. 65 is more thanks of the cinema and the bluish extreme, that has white balance and the standard, mossos and others is removed. And we have a new image mode that, if the image before the few TVs that supports you, along with a new work of accor, that we will try to analyze as well. And we will Now with let’s, see how about. When we go with a demo of sony that less a rise of the channel, our wow so first can also study two and a half meters more or less right. Now, a 55 with which I cannot judge tamp. The scaling is very good because it is smaller, but what we do, which is sharper appears as more detail in the objects than before, for example, the flowers living within the ramification of the flowers.

You could see the small wrinkles let’s say of the leaves, and here Within the fan, also tests of fine touch that on the axis. It does not look the same as the umbrella between the umbrella strips you see, wrinkles again if it looks sharper, so the processor had already read that it is an authentic wonder, as you can see we have on, We are going to adjust the image so that You can see it then we download a piece of the demo. That is also super cool sound, but so you can see that we have the yonhap light sensor well defended if we remove it from the illuminated room. There is not much difference. As you see, the contrast appears at 90 by default, instead of max for theme of d for theme of highlights, so that it does not click and then new demo, and so continues to europe and in preferred brightness met e, a little more brightness in the middle Areas of the curve agree not in the whole area, but only in the middle here. The truth is that it did not vote anything good, another spectacular, sony demo so that you have not seen that it is the pinball. As I say, I have the image mode in cinema of agreements we have created with the brightness as it is explaining this option. We go for the rise of the contrast. If we go up to 100, we explain it better in the review, but it is not appreciated much worse.

It can burn the details in the highlights they are and that’s why the 90 leaves it. Then we have this option. That is explaining that here I know. Absolutely nothing then programs with ultra hd content on blu ray and netflix, but it modifies the curve because it correctly follows the preferred creation curve and the one that If you notice a little bit, what is gradual and the preferred brightness one goes out of height. A little more like the axis does, for example, and gives a greater anti impact, even if it is a little less or less correct in color, as you can see, 50 vivid color of be off. As you see in sony and panasonic, ev is a thing of the Japanese. The image options are very subtle. It is not to activate the vivid color, but not with saturated, but it is very subtle. Everything according to is aggressive, decoration only wants to be in correct bass and the movement that there are people who are explaining what movements they are and this year the axis does it better and such nothing is further from reality. A movement is testing several demos for the camera a moment ago, and it is spectacular, as always, the sony takes 15 easy years has been the best in motion and this year things that I cannot tell you have improved as well, because for me it was already Sublime the topic of the moment, also, the biggest debate was that it is not as fluid as others al maximum because, for example, an allergy to 10 to help and bloom would not put her in life.

That looks like a video game and, as you can see it has nothing else, is the setting as advanced for the probe issue and we no longer have any options v. We are also going to leave it in place so that I can explain the sensations a little bit and I saw quite expensive and without being able to see the comparison with the axis. I cannot say if I read more or less, but it shines enough. What I can say are two things in advance and if It is not bad to have the second radio has enough and not a little. It is much more detail in shadow, but quite enough that I can see behind the balls perfectly detail with the axis one and the color is more natural. The uncalibrated color of the milk is more saturated at least 19 and the cx that was lost. Try also, and in the sony it is much more natural ha. The reds are not saturated at all and very cool. We are going with the last one and we are done and we are going to finish with this demo, which is once again spectacular. I want a hdr if you want, I can leave it in the description and I would say that it shines more or less like milk, maybe a little better, but also keep in mind that the 55 inches – and I am speaking from memory. But what I do see clearly what I have commented to other two videos.

You see much more detail in the highlights. You see more detail also in the blacks. It is very noticeable and it looks sharper. You see the details even in 4k, the details of, for example, the Now the wall below shows the dirt, something that other TVs do not occur, and then it would be more natural in hdr in sdr. That is not testing from afar and the sound from here. You will not be able to appreciate, but very very, very good too. We know that they are and are one of the brands that best take care of the sound, so that you surface that the entire panel itself is out. Gigantic is not a surprise either and I hope to be able to see the max mode in anses in personal mode, the live mode or the standard mode. But As I mentioned, there is nothing. The reason is saturated, but it is not that aberration other brands, but all the changes are quite subtle for you. They seem to me. It reminds me a lot that I changed the option of noise reducer, for example, and I reduced the minimum possible or be they do not alter want both image and other product brands. Philosophy completely different image and why are are so appreciated both brands in the professional world and tell you to get an idea more or less could be around the brightness of the nine, maybe a a bit less because I’m so far away and with demos.

That did not comment on what many skip as more depth of the image as if they were how a tablet is programmed in the dark of the skies in the very dark details of the areas that are glued to The light is like, for example, the streetlight. Yes, you can see detail in that part of the black that the other different brands are like staying in rr. They have taken more care of the shadow size. I do not know if the milk side will be their management, because, Yes really, but I believe that they are advancing in the telethon of the first demo in which I have seen it. It is worth noise reduction movement. What are filters perfectly image in are, and also to live in, electronics is even above panasonic. There are people who put for that and first, but I think I had 2000. I liked it a lot. It seems to me that who comes from a very good people, but I am a little above both the movement and they have escalated as constriction noise, introducers and too much, but it was not new makes it super good good, because we have finished the boxing assembly. First impressions, we commented that the control is not backlit. It has not been commented that it is, but it is not and first impression, very good, very positive, a very clean image, very three dimensional and more than the impact of the highlights that, as I say, would serve us more or less that it moves.

But you have noticed that it has much more detail in shadow both in hdr and especially in hdr, something that another brand had not seen. So the processing Image of sonny promised a lot this year promises a lot. We will spend a week 10 days using the television between doing the review because, as we do analysis, we prefer – u play the television a week 10 days with all kinds of content, with video games, with good quality content, with poor quality, vision, etc. and then do The radio, because if we do the radio the same let’s say we arrived a day later, we have not been able to test the television in depth With which it seems to me an altered way of doing an analysis and, as I say after the network, we Will have a comparison with that of 9? We have a comparison, perhaps with other oled models. I do not know if they will arrive on time and, as I say, we also have a video of settings with better options of the 80 jota and the 90 jota that it is likely that better will come to us after the bridge and little more. I hope you liked these first impressions. The TV is very well built as everything in sound even from the back is very beautiful. A finish with very cool determinations asked many for comments. If it is plastic, it is aluminum, it will be worth. It is plastic, but it imitates brushed aluminum whether it does not touch with your hand.

You do not realize and, as I say, definitive a very beautiful TV in design also with the theme of the legs that you have three positions and, at the moment a very beautiful, very round product. And, as I say, we will do an in depth analysis. The next few days so from here de l’agrupaci. Thank you very much for your support.