F, 1.2 g master lens. Now this is a brand new offering from sony 2000 us dollars or a hair under that 1998 like it makes any difference, and this is sony’s fastest and possibly sharpest piece of glass they have ever made now. This came to me on loan. Of course it’s going back to the manufacturer, along with the a1 and for anyone that’s getting freaked out, because the sensor is exposed i’ll do this right now. You should feel better about that. But of course, that’s always easily rectified with one of these guys, but back to this lens, is it a winner at two thousand dollars? The answer is yes um. I can easily say that this is a is about as perfect. A 50 ml lens that has ever been made now. Is it something that i personally plan on purchasing, not necessarily because for what i like to shoot? I don’t, i don’t see myself using it as much as someone who is doing portraiture i feel like this is perfect for in the studio and outside, if you’re looking for something that really is excellent at separating subject from background handling focus quickly and efficiently. It does a little bit of focus breathing, but that’s not unusual. What is unusual is that this is the lightest lens of its kind. I mean if you look at every other competing manufacturer. No one gets this sort of performance, at least to my knowledge, uh, in even close to the same form factor i mean this is a little over a pound and a half, whereas all the other competing uh full frame lenses again 50 mil with roughly the same Aperture, if not the same, are all coming in heavier and part of that is because, of course, the e mount is a fairly small amount, that’s, nothing new, that’s, incredibly old news, but what sony has done here is pretty amazing.

I mean shooting in just about every condition. I have gotten fantastic stills, very good video uh, the the breathing is an issue depending on what you plan on doing with it. So i would say, on the video side, that’s going to be more of an issue um and remember: this is a lens that has the ability to turn the click on and off from moving through the steps in the aperture so that’s, something that i really appreciate. Some people don’t care about it, but ever since the very first camera slash lens that i used with sony integrating that in it was kind of like you know, if it’s, not there, i’m i’m going to be disappointed, i’ll feel like something is missing. So i really appreciate that it’s there, the g master build quality, as always is stellar and there’s really not a lot of negative things. To say about this, you know uh. Every time uh, any manufacturer canon icon breaks out a 50 mil with as fast an aperture as this it’s really a matter of saying. Can we beat the competition and i feel, like sony likely, has done that now i haven’t tested the competing glass, so that’s full disclosure, as always, but what i can say here is that this is sharper than anything that i own and granted. I don’t have that many in this range i mean the 55 little ditty that i use is this old oldie, but goodie uh, which is tiny and really gives you scale of how far we’ve come since sony launched the very first a7 to today with the a1 And granted this was a 55 mil lens, but the technology is so different.

Of course, zeiss branding was dropped and there have been other options beyond this, but this when it came out for those of you that remember was really tough to beat and it still stands up today, but where it does not stand up, is resolving all of the Resolution that new bodies from sony have to offer with their high megapixel counts, so part of why i bring that up. Is that yes, this is a really affordable. You know average person normal person non pro lens. To pick up that, i highly recommend and i think, it’s a great option: it’s affordable compact. I mean on body basically just no better footprint, but this gives you another class of capability, but another thing to be aware of and i’m going out on a limb here, not that i have anything to lose, but it seems like because this is so sharp. I have a feeling this is a lens, not necessarily really all about the a1, even though they launched together, basically, but more so about the next a7r, because when we see glass like this, which i anticipate can higher or rather handle not higher, handle more megapixels than Clearly, what the a1 is capable of at 50, or even more than my a7r, which is 61., it leads me to believe we’re, probably going to see a new body from sony again, probably the a7r5 or yet another class of camera. If sony’s really gon na. You know throw things out there.

I don’t know if they’re gon na somehow come out with an a1r. I doubt that, but i just have a feeling that this is leading to a higher megapixel count than what we’re accustomed to right now with the a7r iv. Being of course, the highest megapixel count on any uh sony full frame camera, so i could be wrong. I may be right, but generally the lens map. The road map gives you guidance for where bodies are going, sometimes they come out before. Sometimes they come out. After generally speaking it’s before and for good reason, it’s not like this isn’t going to work incredibly well on the a7r iv iii, or even my good old a7r ii, and it works incredibly well uh with the a1 uh. You know fit and finish on this. It it’s a big it’s, a big carry there’s, no question about it, but comparing it to canon or nikon. As i said already, this is giving you performance that is as good, if not better, based on everything that i’ve read and what i’ve experienced on my own. With the 50 mil gm here that you just can’t achieve, especially at its weight remember, this is a little over one and a half pounds most of the competing glass with you know, 50 mil profile and an aperture similar again f102 you’re coming in at roughly two Pounds, if not two and a half, i think the nikon’s two and a half pounds so sony deserves credit here for pulling off.

I think what most would think or perceive as inconceivable impossible and in doing so, yeah it’s not perfect this piece of glass, but i can tell you that for the first i think, four or five days that i had the a1. I shot exclusively with this because i knew i was gon na have to review it. I knew that. How else was i going to give anyone here? You know subscribers or the drifters that uh do hit and runs on my channel here. A good idea of whether or not this 50 mil g master was worth the price point and i have to say it is now again. I stated at the top of the video for me personally. This is not a lens i’m running out and buying because it’s not what i shoot and i already have glass that satisfies my needs when it comes to portrait photography and if i ever do cross the bridge. Where i feel like, i have to have something that is this fast: is this sharp it’s going to likely be because i have another body, not the ones? I have right now, because i just again i have a sneaking suspicion that this is a you know. A sign of what is to come again uh for sony’s next a7r flagship – i mean the a1 – is an amazing pairing with this. The a7r4 also works incredibly well. Both have competent autofocus. Of course, the autofocus here is superior, but this lens still can’t fully leverage the autofocus system packed into the a1 it’s really good.

I don’t want anyone to misinterpret that, but it’s just one of those things where i mention breathing, because it happens and that’s not unusual. In fact it’s really common and for some people it will make them nuts. For me, it’s, i think very much a necessary evil. In the world of digital imaging, but again the stills, the separation, the ability to leverage dynamic range with this piece of glass, and it be so fast and yet still so, sharp sony has hit a home run with this lens so i’m saying that as someone who Isn’T sold on spending two thousand dollars on a 50 mil uh lens, but god knows there are so many of you that are looking for the perfect nifty 50 that even if this one’s a little bit expensive, this is going to fit the bill. So, if you’re looking for something that optically is as good as it gets again sharper and really able to resolve, i think more resolution than what sony even has for sale today in 2021, so that’s, some nice future proofing uh, you know the f 1.250 gm is Where it’s at i don’t think you can go wrong with this uh. You know what you’re getting yourself into with the 2 000 50 ml lens, and it was just a matter of time before sony launched something that again prove that they can compete with everybody else and do it with an even smaller form factor but very similar.

If not, you know more in terms of price point, but not necessarily i mean i don’t. Think two thousand dollars is a ransom at all for this lens, but again for me personally, i don’t see there are other pieces of glass. I would pick up for two thousand dollars over this, but that’s because i’m, not looking to replace my my little old 55 f18 now uh. If i was planning on doing a lot of work professionally at 50 millimeters. This would absolutely be my go to option. I mean handling is good it’s weather sealed, just like the a1 itself. You know, locking onto subjects generally is seamless the breathing is there, but again i i don’t know where you’ll find that breathing doesn’t exist and it’s just it performs really well and again. The fact that you have the ability to turn the click uh actuation on and off is critical. If you do plan on doing any sort of video work with it, which it is excellent for video as well uh. So highly recommend this lens again. If you’ve been waiting for sony’s best 50 millimeter, you know fastest sharpest and somehow the lightest of any 50 mil prime on earth to arrive well, it’s it’s here folks, so easy to recommend it is expensive. But i think if this is what you’re after then, the price is easy to swallow as well and it, as i stated as a gem with the a1, obviously a little bit better.

I actually think with the a7r iv, because you know you just have more resolution and, as i stated, this is definitely capable of resolving more so a 7r 5 i guess is coming sooner than later – is what it seems like to me. Sony’S doing really well with their di business and no reason to not keep cranking out gems uh, as often as they can it’s like printing money. This is no exception. I mean this pairing there’s, a reason it was sent together, it’s because it’s phenomenal, but uh. I actually, as i’ve stated, i think that this this lens leverages uh my good old a7r iv, even more i’m rhyming i don’t intend to, but it happens sometimes so uh moral of the story is this is as close to perfect as a 50 mil can get And it’s the lightest and its pricing is definitely palatable and the weather sealing and build quality are all excellent, so recapped recouped sony has a 50ml to knock the rest off the block, any questions or comments. Oh one other thing: the lens hood um almost forgot, so it’s all plastic. I think this is purely for weight purposes. I miss the days of metal lens hoods, especially on a 2 000 lens. I don’t think any part of this is metal. I think it’s all a polycarbonate, but i don’t really care, but some of you might so that’s why i’m bringing it up but again, this is as good as it gets here in 2021, with a 50 mil lens, no question about it.