I think its a really good build its going to range anywhere between 1700 and 1800. Ive got a couple different options for some of the components that you guys can choose between thatll sort of change or make the the pricing fluctuate a bit, but overall youre, looking at around a sub 1800 build today. So stick around for that right. After a word from our sponsor before, we continue special thanks to kyocsia for sponsoring this video kyoksias latest nvme ssds offer improved performance, reliability and capacity like the xg8 series built for gamers and power users, the piece CIA, Gen, 4 m.2, Drive, delivers sequential, read and write Speeds up to 7000 and 5800 megabytes a second with up to a four terabyte capacity to store the ultimate game: Library, kyocsis, 5th generation, bics flash 3D flash memory also makes the xg8 suitable for professional video production and applications requiring high speed access to high cap data. Making it a Prime Choice for workstations and high end PCS, the keoksia cd8 series fulfills rigorous data center needs designed to nvme 1.4 and pcie Gen 5 specifications. The two and a half inch Drive features a single port design, optimized for server attached, hyperscale and general server workloads, while 7th gen flash die failure. Protection maintains full reliability in the event of die, failure, experience leading performance with 7.2 gigabytes, a second of Maximum sequential throughput, while being backed by Fail Safe Technologies like power, loss protection and end to end data protection designed for hyperscale data center environments.

The xd7p series uses the e1.s form factor with breakthrough thermal and performance benefits, meaning the form factor, power and thermal requirements of the ocp data center nvme SSD V 2.0 specification. The pcie Gen 5 Drive sustains Optimal Performance and reliability in demanding 24 7 data center environments and features up to twice the performance of the previous generation for more info on kyoxy ssds check out the links in the description below so the first question. I asked myself when putting together this parts list was: do I go AMD or Intel? I think, if youre building a new system, you want to invest in a new platform in the current gen platform going am4 at this point. Doesnt really make much sense. It would be different if you already had an existing build lets say you already had an am4 build the value proposition of going ryzen 7000 series going. Am5 is not as good because you have to upgrade the motherboard. You probably you have to upgrade the RAM as well going from ddr4 to ddr5, and it just gets a lot more costly, as opposed to, if you were to build a completely new system from scratch. On the flip side, if you already have an LGA 1700 system from Intel, you could upgrade to a 13th gen Raptor like CPU, but then how much longer is that socket going to be available for if youre looking at Intel like the way Intel has done things For a really long time is, they usually have two CPUs per socket.

They swap out their sockets every other generation and right now, like 13th gen, is the second CPU thats been on LGA 1700. So from that logic, by next year, theyre gon na have theyre going to be moving on to a new socket. And if you want to upgrade your processor a couple years from now, youre going to have to upgrade your motherboard and and all that stuff as well and since were looking at this from the standpoint of building a new system. I think it makes the most sense to me, in my opinion, to go with am5, just because AMD has promised that theyre going to continue am5 up until at least 2025., so it could potentially last even longer than that and of course theres. You always have to consider the fact that a manufacturer may not hold true to their word like they could go with am6. You know before 2005 hits, but assuming that that AMD keeps their word and that doesnt happen, you have a lot more longevity on am5 than you do with LGA 1700, most likely. So with that in mind, Ive gone with the ryzen 5 7 600 decks, and this is going to be purely a gaming. Build 7600x is a beast of a gaming CPU. Its competitive with you know. A 7900x is competitive with a core i5 13700k and its a 6 core 12 thread chip. If you are going to be using the system for Content creation, heavy content creation streaming uh, rendering video editing that sort of thing, then youre – probably going to want to bump up to at least a ryzen 7 700x.

I would say this is a really good starting off point for todays build its a 300 CPU at the moment. Of course, these new ryzen 7000 series chips do not include coolers theres, no more theyve done Away With The Wraith coolers for this generation, so were gon na go with an aftermarket one like this Arctic, liquid freezer 2 280 millimeter AIO. These are really great coolers. The Arctic liquid freezer twos are a great value, theyre a lot cheaper than a lot of comparable areas out there, but they perform just as well, if not better than a lot of them. The fans are super quiet, so you can even crank up the fan. Speed. A bit if you want additional cooling without sacrificing much much in the way of noise and theres no RGB on this, so This is actually going to be. I expect this out to be a completely blacked out, build for the most part theres a little bit of you know, theres going to be some RGB on the GPU. We could always turn that off doing away with RGB entirely um. It can save you some money and a fully blacked out build just never goes out of style, its always going to look good, and personally, I think it just looks a bit more mean when its when theres, like no lighting. This is a really great cooler. I went with 280 because its sort of the stop gap between 240 and 360.

. This is plenty of cooling for the 7600x, its probably still going to spike up to what is it 95c under load, but thats. You know normal for this generation thats by Design, and I think this also gives you some some additional thermal Headroom if you were to upgrade your CPU down the line, and that takes us to our motherboard, which is uh kind of a tricky situation. What amds done with this generation uh between all the four different chipsets that youre looking at b650, b650e and x670 and x670e, it gets a little murky Im gon na go with b650e, which is going to support Gen 5 PCI Gen 5 on both the graphics slot. As well as your m.2 slot, and while we dont really have PCA Gen 5 devices, yet this is going to provide that for compatibility so that youre not really leaving any performance on the table. Now its not a huge deal. I think if you went with something like a b650 non eboard thats going to save you what 60 bucks here but youre not going to get that Gen 5 support on the graphics slot, which may not be a big deal for some people, because right now, if You look at you know all the testing thats been done already on gen 3 versus gen 4. in the vast majority of cases, whether youre talking about compute or gaming performance, theres a very little difference, its very marginal practically meaningless, but there are still a lot of People out there who just you know if you want that peace of mind, I dont fault anyone Im actually among this group of just having that peace of mind knowing that youre not leaving any performance on the table.

Even if it is, you know just a couple percentage points, this is actually a good time to pull you guys. Do you think its worth going for the slightly more expensive board to get Gen 5 support, or would you rather save the save the money on um? On one that only has gen 4. assuming that youre going to have this bill. For you know the next four or five years do you feel like youre gon na have like fomo? You know once a Gen, 5 GPU finally comes out um, or is it really kind of more uh a novelty? You guys? Let me know pcie specifications aside, though I think either of these boards would work just fine 14 power stages, a plus four pin uh for your for your EPs, and I believe this is the same yeah thats, eight plus four, as well for memory. I went with a G scale, Trident Z5 Neo Series. This is a 32 gig kit, so two 16 gig sticks thatll, give you expansion options for up to 64 gigs of memory. Should you need it in the future? Ddr5 6000 speed? This was the most affordable. 6000 speed ddr5 kit. I could find between Amazon and Newegg all the uh. The pages that you see all the prices here is the cheapest between the two of those two sites. So this is 185 186 and this kit supports AMD Expo so thats amds latest technology. For am5, that is pretty much their equivalent to Intel XMP.

It allows you to really quickly overclock your memory within the BIOS, with a single click. If you didnt have a Expo thats, not a huge deal, all of the existing XMP memory kits that have been on the market for for ages will still work with am5 youre. Just gon na have to spend a little bit more time in the Bios configuring. Your settings because, as we all know, most of us know by now your memory isnt going to run at the rated speeds thats printed on the box right its like, when you put these sticks in its not going to run at 6000 by default. Which is why you have to manually configure it in the Bios or you know in some cases you can do it in in the operating system, but thats. What AMD Expo helps with here. With that said, moving on to graphics cards, this is a tricky one. This is a tricky one now, obviously Im not going to go with a current gen graphics card because, with our budget of you know, sub eighteen hundred dollars, throwing in a 1200 RTX 4080 or something like that. Wouldnt really leave us much room for anything else, even if you went with like a RX 7900 XT from AMD, which has an MSRP of 8.99, as we all know, by now graphics cards, arent really selling for MSRP when they launch, because I mean yeah like look At 40, 90s right now, 40 90s MSRP is sixteen hundred dollars.

None of them are going for less than 2100 for our budget at hand. Today, it makes a lot more sense. The only viable option is to go with an over generation card. That still leaves the question: do you go AMD or Nvidia? Fortunately, prices have dropped significantly on the last generation of graphics cards for both Brands. So you kind of have your pick of the litter here with the RTX 3080. This is the cheapest 3080 that I could find thats brand new um its this Zotac Trinity OC model and its going for around 733 dollars, but it gets even cheaper if youre willing to go with a second hand card so on eBay. Right now you can get a 3080 for 500, obviously its pre owned, but if youre, okay with that and the associated risks attached to it, you can get a 3080 for what a 30 70 was msrping for at the worst dip of the GPU shortage of the Chip shortage and all the crypto crap, 30 70 wasnt going for less than 800, sometimes 900 and now were getting a 3080 for 500, so you have to be okay with buying second hand, though, I wanted to throw that option out there, though, because youre saving 200 And thirty dollars, if youre willing to make that compromise – and I should probably explain why a 3080 and not a 3080 TI or 3070 3080 TIs and 30 90s are still going for a bit more than what todays budget really allows for.

You could squeeze it in. But then youd have to make some compromises elsewhere, but I also think that 3080 is a really solid card for entry level, 4K, but more specifically, 1440p High refresh gaming, which seems to be the sweet spot for a lot of Gamers right now. On the AMD side, we have the 3080 equivalent, which is the RX 6800 XT, but you can see here for a brand new one. This is the cheapest 6800 XT at the time of filming youre, getting it for around the same price as you would a used. Rtx 3080., so this is another thing Id love to hear your guyss thoughts on in the comments. Would you go with a brand new 6800 XT, or would you rather have a used, RTX 3080, assuming that theyre the same price and the same performance? The reason why I think this is a tough decision is because, obviously I would want the new the new card to have that manufacturers warranty guarantee and the return policy option. But I also kind of like the idea of having having better Ray tracing performance on the Nvidia side and other Technologies from Nvidia like Envy encoder. I think this can be really useful. You guys may have a different opinion so sound off in the comments Id love to hear which of these two options you would choose for storage, WD, black SN. 770. Sorry, my voice is a little scratchy Im getting over a cold um, but this is an nvme Drive PCA Gen 4, and I think this is a really good bang for the buck option.

Its really solid performance sequential reads of 5150 megabytes. A second two terabytes is the minimum. I would, I would personally suggest for a gaming system these days, game files are just getting absurdly large. You know, like youre, seeing game installs go up to 200 250 gigs, its absolutely insane, so one terabyte doesnt really get you. The mileage that it used to one option you could go with if you wanted to save some coin up front, is by buying a one terabyte drive. You just have to be okay with expanding that down the line once you run out of space inevitably run out of space, but moving on to power supply, we have the Asus Rog strix 850 watt. This is a gold rated unit. I think this is good, because, even if you did want to upgrade to lets say 40 90 to three years from now, an 850 watt unit would still suffice. If you really wanted to Future proof – and you wanted that peace of mind – you could go with a thousand watt unit in the unfortunate event that the next generation of graphics cards require. You know a thousand Watts for their for their Flagship designs, but for this particular build, if were not talking about future proofing with the CPU and GPU that we have in here, 850 watts is perfectly adequate and then our case, you know theres so many good case Options, this is just one of many good chassis choices out there right now.

The Corsair 4000d airflow its one of the higher quality cases that Ive come across for this price point of around 100 bucks. Cable management is good. The airflow is fantastic, good, radiator mounting support, and it does include two 120 millimeter fans. Another viable case option that Ill put on your radar that goes for around the same price is the phanteks eclipse g360a. This comes included with three fans and their RGB. This kind of takes away from our blacked out theme, but if you want RGB, you can do 360 at the top or the front, whereas on the 4000d you can only put a 360 at the front. Although for 280mm millimeter radiators, you can only put a 280 rad at the front of this case, whereas you can put a 280 at the front or the top of the 4000d, so they kind of you know, go Tit for Tat in that regard. One thing I do like about the 4000d, though its got a USBC on the front panel, its got one type A and one type c, whereas you only get two type As on the front of the g360a, and I think you know our USBC usage these days Is just in full swing? I have tons of USBC devices you do two, probably and so its just kind of nice to have that on the front. I have to throw this in there just because its a legendary case, but the o11d, if youre, if youre, going to go for a Splurge option.

This is enough case to last you almost a lifetime, I would say, and for what its worth, if you care at all about Aesthetics, its just a beautiful case, but it is about 50, more than the other case options we were looking at, but I just had To throw that out there, so those are all the parts, though I think uh, in total. If you went with a whether you went with like a new 6800 XT or a used RTX 3080 for around 540 550 bucks and and uh, you went with the 4000d airflow youd be looking at a total price of 1769 and thats. Also, assuming that you went with the um, the b650e motherboard with that latest PCI, Gen 5 support on uh the graphics slot, but I hope you guys found this list helpful. I really sort of went into it from the perspective of like okay. If my, if one of my friends or one of you came up to me and asked me like, hey Kyle, like Ive, got this much money to spend on a brand new build, what should I get theres so many options? This is sort of like me sharing my thought process with you in terms of like what I think makes sense right now, um and obviously its personal preference. If you want to go with an Intel, CPU Raptor lake is fantastic, whether you go AMD or Nvidia pros and cons to both theyre, both great cards um.

So this was really just sort of you know. One one guys opinion on uh on putting together a parts list here in late 2022 and sorry to anyone, whos salty, that I didnt use current gen graphics cards in this list. If I did, I mean that would Skyrocket the the budget to twenty five hundred dollars. Three thousand dollars, plus, which really alienates a lot more people because its just way out of most peoples budgets. I just wanted this to be sensible and and somewhat affordable. But if you guys would like to see me, do a parts list thats just balls to the wall, crazy with the latest generation of graphics cards. Please let me know in the comments Id be happy to do that as well. Thank you guys so much for watching this one. If you enjoyed it, please toss like on it before you go.