The Apollo Lake cell Ron M 3450 that's got a maximum into about 2.2 gigahertz and has Intel HD 500 integrated graphics. Now there is a reason why this is happening and mostly it's down to one thing, and that is BIOS settings from the manufacturer really on the options they decide to go with will depend on what kind of GPU performance we're going to see out of this chipset And let's face it: it's, not a very powerful chipset. It does really need all the help it can get. So most manufacturers have their BIOS settings completely locked out to us, but a lot of these Chinese brands, for example. This one here, which is December 21, will have the BIOS completely unlocked, so you are able to tweak a lot of things in there Detroit let book 12 point 3, which is in the background they're just doing a Windows Update that's taking forever. That has all of these options: disabled to the end user and it's, probably good reasoning, white or you've done this. They firstly don't want you to brick, your laptop and, secondly, probably to stop it from getting too hot. Now, with this one here, for example, under thermals, you can go along and turn things off like the dynamic platform framework. You can also do that on the chewy, but there's a trade off there, that it will get super hot, and this is what this is here. This is to stop the CPU getting too hot it's like a safety measure, and it controls the throttling.

So it will clot down the clocks to stop it from heating up too much now on tablets that have tablets and laptops like this one here that had good thermals on them, they've got a nice copper heat sink in there. Then some of these options could be tweaked a little bit, but do so, of course, at your own risk, but this one out of the box runs a lot faster anyway. Then a lot of the other laptops out there because of options like this, which is the CPU power management. The power limit. One is disabled now on other laptop, like the lat book, for example, that's going to be enabled stopping it from consuming too much power and getting too hot, but of course affecting the GPU performance there, and here you can see that that difference it makes on having The different thermal settings and the power limits is huge, we're talking about 40 to 45 percent difference here. This is the civil top air, otherwise known as the t book here, which is one of the highest performance ones. I have tested so far and you see there that we get a score which is 66 frames per second, almost 67 frames per second average. This is the Chui left book, twelve point three, so the frame rate there, the average we've got. This is 1080p on high setting for the models. The rest of it is kind of low settings, but all of them having tested with the same setting, and it only gets there 36 frames per second, so a lot slower all right.

So now we know the difference between why we're not getting the same equal performance when it comes to the integrated graphics on these models, but the same exact chipset, even though the two on the rear, the Chui let book 12.3 and then the easy book 3 pro Has two gigabytes of additional RAM? It means that the GPU still really isn't, seeing any benefit from that due to different power limits and thermal limits. So if you do plan to do a bit of gaming on the side on these Apollo Lakes, the laptops I have been looking at then try to find one that has these tweaks to the bias, which is the civil top here and then on to shown between T1, now, if you don't intend to game, then the performance on all of these CPU wise is exactly the same. The benefit is only given really to the integrated GPU, and that is ed. So I wouldn't personally be gaming much at all on this, but it would be nice to have at least better gaming performance if you decided to yeah I'm going to play that a counterstrike on 800 times the kind of resolution. It is the difference between having playable frame rates and not playable frame rates. As you've seen in some of my latest videos, you can go from 50 frames per second to down to about 25 on ones that don't have these BIOS tweaks thanks for watching.