Actually, since the last time we looked, and because i have nothing else, to do i’m, gon na take a break from editing my video to look through this and just open up osu laser and play it, but yeah there’s, a new mod that got added, which i Don’T think does anything other than just rotate the playing field, so that should be interesting and a bunch of editor changes as well like stuff, i won’t really be noticing, but there are new menu sounds if you haven’t opened up osu laser recently i’m, just gon na Open it up yeah this weird new menu sounds slightly different than last time, but it’s, like only only a few of the sounds, are actually different, only like the osu logo and then a few of the menu buttons. This is iteration two of the new menu sounds that menu sound is pretty loud though so wait. What is this? Let me see this mod. The bottom of the screen is just covered with osu laser mods transform wiggle spin and grow wind up traceable barrel roll here. Let me move my camera for a moment, so there’s this setting in the bottom right roll speed direction, clockwise or counterclockwise. Well, my cursor’s, oh, my cursor is tiny too wait. I think it shrinks the playfield. You know i feel like this would actually be harder if it was slower like if the spin speed was really really slow just enough for it to be like uncomfortably uncanny i’m surprised that the max spin speed, though it’s not that fast, i feel, like anything, is Still playable quick interruption because osu laser has just gotten another new update which made some changes to the barrel roll mod, and you can now increase the speed by quite a bit and it spins really really fast.

Now, if you wanted to much faster than before, the previous max was four so just wanted to mention that, so that this video isn’t instantly out of date, but with that said let’s get back to the video wait. So what is this .02 0.2 roll speed? Let’S? Go difficulty adjust and let’s go circle size. Three Applause wait a minute. I can see the rotation ever so slight, but there is there’s a little bit of a rotation i feel like. I can put this on and break mine block. Hmm, what i’m really interested in too is what is that, like with other mods like max roll speed with transform, because transform already makes objects rotate. So what happens if i put on rotation with rotation yeah? This is you know if you just focus in it’s, not like it’s, not that hard, oh, except for maybe streams, it’s, weird, the um, the fact that the playfield is smaller, that’s, the main difference that i’m noticing, rather than the fact that it’s rotating, like it shrinks The playfield, pretty significantly your cursor as well, and i don’t really want to like change the cursor size. I’Ll just get used to it. So let’s go barrel. Roll with spinning. Can you put spin in and transform okay yeah? This is just completely unplayable. Actually, if you do this, this is just genuinely unreadable it’s like playing ar 11, except also rotating. This is an easy. This is a four star map hold on i’m surprised that none of those hit this is this is as many levels as spin as you can get transform spin in barrel roll customize, the roll speed to four times.

This is the most spinning you can possibly get spinners the power of osu laser. This is amazing. Look at the rpm look at the cup wow spin counterclockwise for higher speed. Wait actually would it work that way because it’s rotating clockwise god it’s so hard for me to spin the other way. Yeah spinning direction is all preference i can’t spin counterclockwise. I can only spin clockwise. This is my clockwise speed. This is my counterclockwise speed. It’S, all preference, though, does the custom osu laser playfield spin yeah, oh that’s kind of interesting. We need a spinning storyboard, just gon na get motion sickness yeah. This is this in vr. That would be motion sickness well. This goes from actually playable to completely unplayable with the mods on nice. I got some combo there. True measure of skill from now on, everyone’s got to play this with all the spin mods interesting. What else would this be good with barrel roll and, like i mean honestly, it’s spin in, is the most interesting having spin it. I mean i could do something like this, which would just be truly awful and i’m lagging yeah. Just be, i mean it’s, just literally impossible to play the game. Well, like i like this mod, oh yeah, you can change it to counter clockwise too wait. Does the speed of the spin change if you like, put on dt? Oh, it does it’s still not that fast compared to the song, like the song is insane speed, but yeah it’s still not that fast.

What else was in? I mean there’s, so many editor changes just like all of this is the editor but i’m. Assuming that the editor is still like pretty far along, probably from feeling done, most of the gameplay changes are like skinning related. They added the new mod added, follow delay support for flashlight. What does that mean milliseconds until the flashlight reaches the cursor? Oh, oh. I never noticed the delay in stable. No, i mean i don’t play flashlight at all, so i wouldn’t know. But now i know what it’s like, if you have 1200 milliseconds of delay, yeah there’s also blinds except you can’t customize anything blind’s, just like the the forgotten osu laser mod that no one plays with. Can i play big black blinds blind barrel roll customize full speed here, let’s give this a go, who’s, afraid of the big black? Oh, what what yeah that’s that’s not supposed to happen? That’S, not right, don’t, think they have yet tested barrel roll and blinds what? If i put roll speed on default Applause, um um, the problem is it like keeps going to the right all right hold on. I need a storyboard, i haven’t seen a storyboard. Yet, in fact, i think there was a map that just recently got an update. That has an interesting enough storyboard to look at with this. This one Applause, um, okay, i am dying holy, my brain, oh my yeah. I haven’t seen this storyboard before so that was a surprise to me.

I need some water after that. One who thought this was a good idea, this storyboard, who is going to play with the storyboard Music Applause. How long is this song? Oh my god, just keeps going okay, i thought that was gon na, be the type of thing where once i’m done. Looking at that map, spinning and everything that everything was gon na feel like it was spinning, but no everything’s fine. I wonder if this would feel weird at all to play if i just played it normally now i’m not gon na play through the whole thing, because it was super long. It does feel really weird wait. No, it actually does feel really strange and uncomfortable. It feels like it should be spinning. Actually, no, it looks like it’s spinning. The other way it looks like everything is spinning. Counterclockwise wait what okay that’s kind of interesting. Actually, i recommend you guys play this map all the way through with barrel roll mod and then try playing the map. Normally it feels and before i just ruined my reading for the rest of my life unable to play osu from now on. Unless the map is spinning in place, okay hold on let’s look at mayday. I want to see the sliders on this. Mayday is always a good go to to look at osu laser mods with because it always looks so different with every mod. The thing about this map is normally there’s, a bunch of sliders that go out of bounds, but now that the playfield is smaller and it’s rotating, we should be able to see more of them.

Music yeah. This is pretty cool. Actually, you know what i think. The rotation mod with this makes the map better. This is actually more fun to play when everything’s rotating, because it’s no longer super easy mode to play the map, because things are actually moving now, this map actually gets improved from a playability standpoint because of the barrel role mod, none of the other mods, even like Transform and spin in those don’t actually move the hit boxes of the notes, but this does which makes it like a little bit more different than any of the other custom mods it’s, the first one to legitimately change the hitbox wait for bosu with barrel roll yeah. Any of the custom game modes of barrel roll would be kind of shocking cs10. Not that cs10 is even playable in the first place, though here, oh my god, i hit two of the notes holy. Oh my god, actual god mode wait. This is actually really fun. Let me go see a seven yeah batu aim gaming. No, oh, that was so good here. I’Ll go up, one more i’ll go up. Cs8! Okay! Cs8 is hard. What how did i miss that? How did i miss that whole stream? I think cs7 is my cap. I can play up to cs7 with this mod Applause, nice. I really like that stream man, anything imagine hitting a based stream like this made with black 8.8 stars, though, if only all of these mods and all these custom game modes were available.