At this point i got one with the purpose of seeing how wildly premium ultrabook like this would hold up in 2021. After four years of use. There is a surprising amount of value to a machine like this and i’m, going to explain exactly what i mean so should you get an older ultrabook, especially in other dell xps 13? Well, let’s go ahead and dive right in Music before we continue. I just wanted to remind you that we have a twitch channel where we stream every friday and saturday from 8 p.m and to 10 p.m. Eastern time. So why not go ahead and drop a follow and also don’t forget to follow us on twitter and instagram, and also make sure to check out the merch store. There’S plenty of black and white sweetness to choose from up there. So go ahead and check that out and then make sure to take a look at the podcast as well as a podcast. Always goes live every wednesday and sunday, and with that said enough, rambling. Let us get straight into the video. The exterior design consists of what is still a fantastic one. Dell xps laptops, usually age, very well when it comes to their design. We’Ve actually got aluminum for the top and bottom and carbon fiber on the inside, which still looks fantastic and is still in great condition. Mind you, the previous owner, did not take the best care of of this laptop as you’re going to see a bunch of scratches everywhere on the aluminum.

But even though you can assume that this wasn’t well taken care of. But with that aside, this laptop is still so beautiful and sleek, with a very portable design on the right you’re going to find the usb a port, a full sd card slot on the left. You you’ve actually got a power connector, a thunderbolt 3 port, a usba port, a headphone, slash microphone port and a button for displaying the battery life indicator, which is something that is always appreciated from this line of laptops. Now the speakers are going to be side firing, as you can tell from here honestly i’ve always been a fan of this design, and that has not changed to this day. This laptop features a 13 inch 1920 by 1080 ips display. This is a matte screen that doesn’t support any kind of touch inputs, and also this design was famous for having the thinnest bezels in the business. It is a beautiful display, even at this resolution, as cell always made sure that the xps line of laptops had fantastic displays. This display is fantastic for doing work, even photoshop work, watching content and even gaming. Well, whichever games it can handle. At least this display is still fantastic and gets very bright, it’s great for outdoor use as well. Thanks to that matte texture to it, the keyboard and trackpad combination here are so great, but probably not as nice, as i remember them being the keyboard still feels good and it’s easy to type on there isn’t a ton of travel on the keys here, but it Is more than serviceable now this used to be one of the best keyboards in the business for ultrabooks, but my tastes have changed over time so i’m, not as big of a fan as i was of it back then, and it’s not a bad keyboard by any Means i just don’t enjoy typing on it as much as i did back then.

However, the track pad is still great and very smooth in my opinion and it’s, certainly spacious enough, but nowadays i do end up preferring bigger track pads for the sake of surface area and gestures, still work fantastically in windows 10, which is always going to be a Plus year, so this is still a fantastic track pad by my estimations now. The speakers on these xps laptops were never really all that good, but here’s what they sound like with just regular content consumption. So have a listen to attack summit 5.0, where we review many different pieces of tech. Like laptops tablets, smartphones pc builds headphones, you name it and we have a much bigger place for recording now just to bring you all higher quality content. This laptop features an intel core i5 7200u, which is a two core cpu with four threads that runs at about 2.5 gigahertz and it’s, going to have intel hd graphics 620, which is an integrated graphics, chip, 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of ssd storage. When it comes to its specs, this laptop clearly has 2017 ultrabook specs, which are nothing exceptional. So when it comes to minor tasks and the usual affair, that people would do on a laptop like this, such as web browsing, excel work, video streaming and more along the lines of basic usage, this laptop performed incredibly well and offered a better experience than the majority Of its competition thanks to its exceptional display, so just using it just doing things on this laptop just felt great, and so for people like students, educators, office workers, etc.

This is a fantastic laptop and i experienced no stuttering on it even to this day when it came to these tasks, and you could even do like photoshop work, which, if you are a graphic design student for example, something like this should be able to take you All through college year, one all the way up to graduation. So honestly, that’s going to be pretty good in my book and when it comes to game performance in particular, don’t expect much. This is certainly more of an indie machine for gaming. If you wanted to do any gaming on it at all now, for example, i played some octopath traveler at high settings at 1080p and got around 30 frames per second on this game now granted. Now this game is technically a 2.5 d game for that matter, and it does feature a lot of pixel art and a game like this. That kind of performance is fine, though i’m, pretty sure that i could manage 60 frames per second. If i drop the resolution down to 720p, however, i really don’t mind this kind of performance on the game like this. This is just like in general, like with games that simply are not very demanding, so don’t expect much out of a dual core cpu, but this isn’t to say that you can’t game on this at all. Just keep your expectations at a reasonable level, and battery life is also pretty good here, it’s, not the 12 hours that it’s rated at, but four years later it does at least deliver on a pretty solid eight hours or so on light usage, which is good enough For me, however, there are still things that haven’t aged all that.

Well, i would say on this machine, for example, that webcam is still in that awkward spot on the bottom left corner that nobody liked. The speakers are mediocre at best, but that’s been improved with more recent models, and it is true that as wonderful as it is to have a full sd card slot, i don’t love that the sd card still sticks out like this. Whenever it is inserted on onto this laptop, however, this machine has aged incredibly well based on all of my testing. It performs just as i was expecting in gaming and still surprised me with very snappy performance and regular task since intel chips, don’t really age, all that well for my experience, but most importantly, the body of this laptop is still doing well after everything is said, and Done especially the carbon fiber, which has remained almost pristine after all this time, this laptop is absolutely worth it for a variety of reasons. One it’s got a thunderbolt 3 port, which means that it can support crazy, high transfer speeds with, like usb c drives or just like external drives, and things like that, and even has external gpu support. If you want that now, the build is so great and it’s, very lightweight suitable for travel and it’s got a display that to me has aged incredibly well, while performance could be better. There are versions of this laptop with more powerful hardware, but if you need this form factor and more power than just look at the more recent xps laptops, however, we’ve got a champion here.

The 2017 dell xps 13 gets a recommendation from me in 2021, though, obviously you’re going to have to buy it used at this point, but still highly recommend it. And if you like, this video then make sure to leave us a like and also make sure to comment your thoughts down below, as i would love to hear those and don’t forget to subscribe for the text on my podcast. It does go, live twice a week. There’S also going to be my twitch channel, where i stream twice a week as well and on days where i tend to do microphone. Reviews on this channel so do expect that make sure to drop a follow down. There also do not forget to follow me on instagram and twitter for that other social media stuff, and we do also have a discord. Links to my discord are going to be down in the in the descriptions it’s going to be comprised of what is essentially a pretty nice community, so do make sure to stop by anything with that said, this has been francisco from tech summit.