Each of these phones is powered by a different flagship processor, so each one of these has a current top of the range processor from their respective manufacturers. So starting on the left here we have the umidigi z pro and that is powered by the helio X. Twenty seven made by MediaTek in the middle here we have the Samsung Galaxy s8 and this is the Exynos 8895 powered version. Now, if you get one from the states that will be powered by the Snapdragon 835, but the rest of the world will get this vision here and on the right here we have the Xiaomi mi 6 and that is powered by this Snapdragon 835. So we're going to put these in a head to head and see how they fear so I've already run a whole bunch of the benchmarks and we're just going to go straight into the results. Now the reason I've already run. These benchmarks is because many of these can take ten minutes or longer to run so. I'Ve already run them and we're just now going to go and have a look at the results, so starting off with Geekbench, which is testing the raw cpu performance – and we can see here here that the Exynos 8895 and the snapdragon 835 score is pretty much roughly Around the same slight win here to the Exynos, so single core performance around the two thousand and multi course performance around six thousand seven hundred it's, quite a bit better than the Helio x27.

The results here are similar to what you would see on a Snapdragon 821 powered device, so not not a bad score here, but definitely not as good as these two newer generation processors here. So the next test that we're going to get into is antutu. Now I do know that antutu has quite a few issues, and companies can cheat on this benchmark, but I still like to use it as it does still show a reasonably good indication of overall performance. Now this is not simply based on the processor performance. It also takes into consideration things like the RAM and other things like that, so starting off with the z pro scoring just under 100000 points, which is a very good score. The Samsung 175000 points and the the Snapdragon 835 beating out the other two here scoring just under 181000. Now the big difference now, these two are fairly close to the big difference here in the performance or in the score. Sorry comes down to the 3d graphics performance, so the Helio x27 built in the graphics chip, nowhere near as good as these other two phones here. So if you into a lot of 3d gaming, if you can afford it, go for one of these. Obviously, this chip is found on a lot more affordable phones, so going on to the next benchmark. We have GFX bench so let's load that one up now, because the Samsung here has a different screen resolution to the other.

Two phones we're going to look at the off screen performance. So looking at the car chase off screen, we've got six and a half frames per second here on the helio X 27, the Samsung one we get 25 frames per second, and over here we get 26 frames per second on the snapdragon looking at Manhattan off screen. We have 43 frames per second 41 frames per second and 11 frames per second and then. Lastly, looking at the t, rex off screen 40 frames per second over here, 121 frames per second and finally, 119 frames per second. So these two phones definitely much more powerful when it comes to 3d graphics. This one here lagging significantly behind OK and the last benchmark that I've run is PCMark. Now this one here really does test these phones in situations that they wouldn't normally be used for. So it's testing them and things like photo editing and video editing also test them in web browsing. So that is something that you would do regularly on these phones. But here 4700 points on the Helio X, 27 powered umidigi Z, Pro 5200 here, but then massively ahead is the Snapdragon 835, with six thousand seven hundred and forty points so anyway, guys. That is a very quick comparison between these three phones and just take these with a grain of salt.