First, there was boyu and now we have goyu. This is the goyu v5 color. It is a 7.8 inch color e reader. It also has a note taking layer. It doesn’t look like much on the outside, because it’s a black box with two chinese characters on there, michael and his news. Publication team actually saw this and we reached out to the company, and we realized that it looks like this is pretty much. The big me with a smaller shell – or, i guess, it’s following the s3 color, so it looks like this – is a white label of the big me so we’re going to crack it open and see what is inside. They sent us the sample to review. Although we do not know if it’s in english, but here it is – and it is in color so we’re just going to put this off to the side right here and look at the rest of the box now the big me had a really fancy schmancy pen And looks like this: one is not. This is the pen that everyone uses in the industry from boyu to uh, netronix and onyx uses this as well. This is the standard wacom pen it’s, nothing special it’s got the little button on the side, plastic, lapel clip and an eraser on the back with replaceable nibs. Now everyone gives you a pack of five nibs. Everybody i’m wondering if the two little nibs on here the diagram actually corresponds to how many are inside, because that would be really silly if they only gave you two and they give you two.

Just like the big me. This is laid out exactly like the big me so i’m, pretty much expecting to see just a big me through and through what is in here. This is a nice little box, doesn’t say anything except the name of the reader itself, so we have our usbc and our quick start guide now. It does actually say quick start guide in english and if this device wasn’t in english it shouldn’t say that there would be no reason for it to be in english, but it says right there quick, start guide well enough. Mumbo jumbo let’s check out the unit itself. As expected, it is a direct clone of the pygmy s3 color. This is not embossed it’s, not piano, finish, it’s, simply just kind of lasered in there and on the back, nothing and then a smart book, v5 color sticker and it’s an odd shape i’m wondering if it’s to block out all of the uh certification stamps and whatever Is underneath here we’re not going to rip it up? We know it’s, a big me clone button on the top, with an led indicator and usbc with a speaker on the bottom, and i can’t remember what those two are. I think one is a microphone and one might be a hard reset button and we’re gon na boot. It up just to see if there is english on here. We are going to do a separate review on this altogether because it does look like this will be competition for the nova 3 color, because there is no other color note taking device out right now.

Do these manufacturers listen to us? Do they watch our videos? I sure hope so because what you guys are seeing is something that super excites us look it’s in english. It says. No, it says book storage, app user info, wi fi, the top bar is in english screen, mirror cast speed up volume. This thing is bro: it breaks down the barriers when you make a device that is only in one language. It really limits your clientele, but this has opened everything up. This is very refreshing to see that it is fully in english. Now there is one application or three applications here, actually like jd wechat reading, that is only in chinese, because those are the apps names, but for the most part the thing is like 98 english. This is fantastic, so the the beauty about this is that the big me device itself is 300 more than this device, and this is a white label of the big me, but they’ve changed the software they’ve changed all the ui and everything meaning that it’s giving you A more open source experience you can side load in apks. You can change the language. This is really refreshing to see this so it’s around five hundred dollar mark. You can get it from the good e reader store. This is goodyreader.