Only this model that's affected, which is this, is the model that has four gigabytes of RAM and the faster Atom processor, but right now, I'm running on balanced, which would be how would be from stock. You'D only have access to these power options, but in the video here I will should give you a link. They will allow you to enable that. So if I turn this on to balanced, I will show you what I mean. If you have a look here, I will go into the PC. There'S PC now see how slow that was now. If I change this to high performance run it again, it's almost instant, the same applies to any benchmarks. Right now I will run super P, o mod and just doing the small ones here, a 32 K, because that took nine seconds like you know, if I change this back to balanced, which is when you fed buy stock, calculate that again, 32. That took four. Second, sorry before it was, I read that wrong. It was one second under one second, so point nine: it took 4.2 seconds. You can see how much slower is now. The fix is rather simple program that I have included, and the description here of the video is performance on and off, and what a basically does is a registry edit, the it is doing, is basically that's here. It'S disabling CS enable zero within the registry, but this will do it all.

For you see. All you need to do is run this bat file run that as administrator and here you have options, and if you select this arrow, you can activate it once you reboot the system, you will then have access to Diane's, high performance and my power so setting that To high performance, you will now have the full performance you deserve to have on battery on the battery, and it doesn't really seem to affect the battery life too much either. I constantly keep it locked to high performance, so the machine is very quick and opening and loading and everything so that's. What you need to do to to fix that issue, which, hopefully is this – will be fixing with a bicep update, and they really do need to address that, because the performance on the battery of this model anyway is appalling. On the battery very slow like on the AC, cable – and you don't have that issue, but is he fix thanks for watching? If you do have any comments, please post them and I'll try to answer you and subscribe to my videos, as I will have more videos on the users.